Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thirds time the charm?

Today was my first day in a couple of days where I didn't have to jump out of bed and hit the ground running. It's weird that with the vast expanse of free time I have, the two social obligations I have manage to fall back to back like that.
Anyway, I spent my morning looking up era appropriate fashions over on Etsy hoping to stumble onto something that would inspire me to dress one of the dolls over on the sewing cabinet. Now that it's December the dressed doll counter is back to zero. I did find several pictures that I saved to my computer, but nothing that really jumped out to me saying, "Make me for ____!". I did sketch out a couple outfits to help me visualize how they would appear on certain dolls, but nothing ended up going beyond that point. I didn't manage to find anything that really inspired me to sew something right then and now. So no luck in getting anyone dressed from what I found online today. It actually went in the opposite direction. I had an idea for one of the dolls a while back but held off making it. Today I decided it wasn't going to work, so back to the drawing board for that doll. I'm trying to keep remembering that it's for the best. If I didn't like it mentally, I doubt I'd like it after I made it. At least I saved myself all that time working on it.
But even without any sewing for the undressed dolls planned, there is still sewing to do. Since it's December and Christmas is coming, that means I've got to get working on my Christmas sewing. Time is ticking! Since I was able to get Midge done last week, that means I have only four dolls left to dress, which breaks down to one doll a week. Not sure if that's how that will actually play out, but I can at least try.
Since I don't have any idea what to do for Charlotte or that Ponytail, and I'm still avoiding working on that the pattern for Cindy Sad Eyes, that leaves Joe. Like I said earlier, I was going to be making him a Santa suit. Not the most original, but whatever. You all heard about my first attempt with those stockings and how terrible that ended up. I actually had another option already in my fabric drawers. It was that stretch velvet I bought last year, but never ended up using. (I didn't like how cheap it looked when it was stretched, which sort of defeats the purpose.) I was just hesitant about using it since for this project I didn't need it to stretch so when sewing I was going to have to fight it's habit in doing so. But since my first attempt didn't work out, it was either this, or give up.
I won't lie, this stuff is terrible to sew, even if I was was using normally. It kept shifting, and was impossible to work with. I ended up messing up the first pair and having to start over. I do not understand how two things cut at the exact same time could end up so vastly different. I threw that pair into the unfinished project box. I never will finish them, at best I'll reuse the material for something else. But I didn't give up, taking what I learned from that I tried again. This one was another nightmare, but it ended up coming out better. I still have a TON of finishing work to do with these pants, but at least something is actually going to come from this one.
But I will say, I am SOOOOOOOOOO not looking forward to making the jacket, that's going to be terrible!

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