Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To be Continued... eventually...

So... another early day today. But I will say that it wasn't because of the cat. This time I was the problem. I woke up this morning with some... general discomfort. I tried ignoring it, but just couldn't. By the time I realized it wasn't going away I noticed that it was getting a lot lighter outside, so I might as well just start my day. But even with the early morning I haven't been super exhausted today or anything, so I guess what sleep I did get was restful enough.
Today I started working on that dress again. I made some progress, but not as much as I would have liked. I'm still having trouble with the skirt. I thought that I had it all worked out, but now I realize I'm going to have to raise it up about 1/8 of an inch. I didn't start that today since I didn't figure that out until after I had reinforced the seam on one side so I wasn't pleased. So I walked away from it.
I didn't mention it yesterday, but the doll wearing this dress will be my Fashion Queen. When I was working with her I noticed that she was looking a little dirty, so I took some soap, some water, and some q-tips and gave her a bath.
I'm almost embarrassed how much dirt came off her. I am 99 percent sure that she didn't get that dirt here. I usually clean dolls when they show up, but I think I didn't do a great job on her. I think she got washed, but today I really gave her a scrubbing. I was able to get all the ground in dirt off her legs. She looks so much better from her bath. I guess I should look over the other dolls in case some of them need more in depth baths too.
I also did some organizing of all my spare Barbie clothes and accessories. I organized two shelves of clothes so that the ones I use the least are on the bottom shelf, and the ones I use more are higher up. I also moved the purses and bags across the room to where the Ken clothes live so there's more room the drawers. And I cleaned out the accessories drawer and shuffled some things around to make it more organized. It's still a bit crowded and I can't shut it, but at least it's more organized that how it was before I started.
And that was the end of my doll stuff for the day. The rest of today was spent finalizing what food to serve and get for when my sister is here (next week!). She has a unique diet and we want to have everything purchased for when they're here so I have been compiling a list of meals to make. Today I came up with the final meals I hadn't planned yet, then broke it down into individual ingredients. I still have to take the list a double check everything since I think we already have a couple things I wrote down, but I wanted to cover everything at the start.
Then we get to go shopping for it all, not much time left until the big day!

Oh! And the present I bought for my sister's Husband arrived today. It's funny, I bought it on Sunday, and it got here today, meanwhile, things I bought at the start of last week I'm still waiting for and have no idea if they've even shipped. You better believe that seller got a positive feedback out of me, if only the other people were half as good.  

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