Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ugh, I hate the word "Redo".

It was a quiet day around here. The kind of day that are slowly coming to an end as December starts picking up speed and my "to-do" list can no longer be ignored. So I decided to make the most of it.
I started off with working on the sheath dress I started the other day. I was mostly done with the machine sewing, but hadn't started on any of the hand finishing. And even though I'm still thinking about how to decorate it, I figured I could at least finish it and have the actual dress done. I made pretty decent progress, but put the first snap in wrong. I was going to have to take the entire thing out and redo it. It was then I took a break. I hate sewing snaps. I only use them in my sewing since I really dislike Velcro in general, but I hate sewing snaps. I don't even want to think about the number of them I've sewn since I started sewing. I bet it's obscenely high, especially of you count the ones I've had to redo. 
After I stopped working on that, I started working on a Francie dress that I've been thinking about for a while. It's the one that I bought that white with black dots fabric for. I held off making it for a while, but I still hope (however unrealistically) to dress two dolls this month. I had the idea for which patterns to use, but did need to do some adapting. This actually came out pretty easily. I made one mock up of the dress and one of the sleeves, and it worked out well enough for me to start cutting it out from the actual fabric. I made the entire dress today, but I have since decided that I'm going to need to remake it all over again. The sleeves are a bit too tight and the doll has a hard time getting her hands through them, and I found out that the fabric, which has been becoming too common, is so thin that the doll's skin tone is easily seen though it. I'm going to have to add another layer to the dress. So I'm not totally happy with having to remake this dress, but at least I've learned something from this attempt.
And that is: Always check Hobby Lobby's white fabrics because no matter how expensive they are, they're always practically sheer.
But even after I decided that the dress I made was unsuitable for my needs I wasn't done sewing. I went back to the green dress and finished it! So now I've (sort of) made two of my Christmas outfits! The next time I'm in Hobby Lobby I'm going to look at their Christmas decorations to see if they have something to add to this dress. But as is, it's still wearable. I even totally hand stitched the hem.
No pictures of it today since the camera's batteries are dead.
You'll just have to take my word it's under designed.

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