Monday, December 3, 2012

Well this goes here, and that goes... Now, where does that go???

No sewing today. Instead I spent my morning working on the disaster zone I call a room. I've been really, really, really bad about putting things away and finding homes for new things, and it's gotten too bad. I didn't mention it yesterday but when I was sewing those pants for Joe, I was working out of a space that was one foot by one foot, which is really unnecessary. So I started cleaning. I started small, putting away a few things here and there. Then I had the bright idea to clean the vintage shelf. I mean I might as well focus my energy on one spot and get that totally cleaned off, right? Well it made sense at the time. So I cleared all the dolls off that shelf, and dusted. I also gave a couple of the dolls a dusting with baby powder if they were greasy. That really didn't take too much time. But that did leave me with about four homeless dolls that were just hanging out on that shelf that I needed to find a new home for. They are currently hanging out on my desk... talk about counter productive.
But alas even thought my main goal should have been cleaning off my desk, it wasn't meant to be today. When I was putting away some stuff into my second closet, I saw how disorganized it was. I ended up pulling out all my non-sewing craft stuff and my stored boxes for shipping. I did some packing and shifting, and some (much needed) tossing, and managed to get it much more organized. I was able to get a pile of boxes and packing material that started taller than myself to about waist high, kind of proud of that. The only problem is I have no idea where to store my boxes of cheap too large for Barbie beads. I never use them, but don't want to get rid of them in case I need them. What is it about cleaning that keeps me from actually making any progress in actually making things cleaner???
I never did figure out a solution for my bead storage issue. Again they ended up my my desk, which is looking more and more like just a random pile of stuff... Gross. But instead of thinking about that I ended up going out.
I know, again counter productive, but I needed to go out. I've been trying to get to Hobby Lobby for a while and keep passing on going when I'm out for one reason or another. But this time I was determined to actually go. But you know I just had to go to the thrift stores while out. I really didn't find too much while out. At the Salvation Army I found an ornament for my sister, at the Goodwill I found a package of small beads made in Japan (perfect for Barbie!), and a couple of books for my Mother, and at the Christian Second Hand store I found a vintage flocked Santa and Mrs. Clause ornament. That's for me, it's so cute! It also ended up being free. It was unpriced at the store so the person checking us out, just gave it to us. This is going on our tree this year for sure.
I also made it into Hobby Lobby. I was hoping to get some cute Christmas fabric, but wow were my options limited. I guess they're no longer stocking Christmas fabric so whatever is left is what you get to pick from. I think there were like ten spools still there, and most of those were way too big for Barbie. There were about two fabrics that would work for her. I ended up picking the least offensive of the two. I'm not in love with it, but it's just for a Christmas dress, so it's not like she'll be wearing it forever. I got a half yard of it, since that usually goes a long way. I also ended up picking up a half yard of this white calico with black dots. This will be perfect for a Francie dress that I wanted to make for a while, but needed to get the supplies before I actually could make. But now that I have that, I can start making it! I also picked up some matching green thread for the Christmas fabric, used the coupon for that. It's always nice having more green thread. For some reason I find that the color green is less forgiving when using the wrong color thread, it really shows.
Anyway, here's a picture of everything I bought (minus the presents, since they're... well presents):

I didn't get around to doing any sewing today, but I did decide what I was going to make with that Christmas fabric (but more about that tomorrow). Instead I wrapped the presents I bought today and a couple of stragglers that I hadn't gotten around to yet. I'm trying to stay on top of that so I don't have a ton of presents to wrap when Christmas is closer.
I have plenty of other things to do the closer it gets! Only 22 days until real Christmas and 25 until our faux one! 

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