Sunday, June 30, 2013

Section Two, Item Five

Today's item is something different, it's vintage... G.I. Joe! I literally just looked this up and found it out. (I did have a sneaking suspicion of it). It's a life jacket from a 1960's G.I. Joe Navy play set. It's made from a orange cotton fabric, with white bias tape ties and details. It's rather bulky with several areas that are stuffed. I know it's just a toy, but it's nothing like the real thing. If someone was wearing this in the water, they'd sink! No bathtub play for you, Joe! Overall it's in good shape. It doesn't have any stains or holes, there is some fraying to the front ties and overall it's a little dingy. I plan on washing it and keeping it, don't think I'll ever use it, but I do think it's a bit cool. And the ties preserve Barbie's modesty!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Section Two, Item Four

For today we have an item I'm not totally sure what it's supposed to be. It's a florescent orange play suit
looking item made out of a thick nylon? material (I think it's nylon). If I had to make an educated guess what it could be, I'd say it's a scuba swimsuit? I do know that it's for a female since it has bust darts. It has a simple bodice with an elastic waist, full length puffy sleeves with elastic at the cuffs, and attached shorts with rolled cuffs. And it closes in the back with a single snap. Like I said, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. It does have it's fair share of wear. Like a lot of the items, the elastic in it is shot. It also has a hem coming undone at the back with some fraying going on. It also has a pretty amateurish repair to the front. It looks like it was starting to come undone at the front (and showing off a lot more cleavage) and someone repaired it with some white thread, which is also coming undone. I did take out the white thread after taking the picture, but I don't plan on repairing it any. This piece will get washed, then stored away for a long, long time. I really could never see myself using this item, ever.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Section Two, Item Three

Today's item is another Ken item. We actually have a couple Ken pieces from the lot despite there not being an actual Ken doll in the lot. Yesterday we talked about a pair of pants, today is a shirt. Again, it's being modeled by Barbie, but I think it's for Mod Ken, just like with the pants. Although I hope they were not originally paired together, that would be hideous! The shirt is a button up short sleeved shirt with cuffed sleeves. It's made from a pink-orange cotton. The cotton is really soft and pretty luxurious. It closes in the front with two snaps and has four fake teeny tiny clear plastic buttons on the front. Just like with the pants, I'm on the fence if this is an actual Mattel made item. It looks to be incredibly well made. It also has the opening at the back of the collar like I've seen with Mattel made clothing (I think for a tie?). Just like with the pants, I haven't been able to find them identified online, so I'm not sure. The shirt looks to be in great shape, other than being incredibly wrinkled it looks like it didn't get much play at all. It's due for a bath, just like the pants. And just like the pants I'll put it with the clothes I might end up using, just not at the same time, like I said that would be hideous!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Section Two, Item Two

For today's item we have a pair of pants. I know they are on a Barbie doll in the picture, but they are actually Ken sized. I was just too lazy to grab a Ken for the pictures. I did eventually end up trying it on a vintage Ken, but the pants were way too big on him, so I believe they're for a Mod Ken body. I did not try them on a Mod Ken however, I didn't feel like wrestling with them over his rubber legs. So I just assume they're for a Mod Ken doll. Anyway, back to the pants. The pants are made from a thin red and black checked cotton material. They are rather simple slacks (featuring no pockets real or fake), but do have a real working fly (including a YKK zipper), and close at the top with a hook and a thread loop. They look to be in really great shape without any holes, tears, or popped stitches. I don't think they got played with much at all since the material is so thin I think that play time would really show wear to the material. It does have a couple of threads at the bottom from the hem on the inside, but they could easily be trimmed off. It's merely a cosmetic issue. I would say that with these pants, I'm not sure if they're clone or Mattel. It could go either way. I did try to find them online, but haven't been able to identify them. I plan to continue searching for their identification (unless someone knows them and tells me in the comments). Right now they will get washed and stored. They however, unlike a lot of the other clothing from this lot, will be stored with clothes I could use. I actually like these pants.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Starting Over

Yay! We finally made it through the home made pieces and now it's time to move onto our next section! This one is machine made clothing that I have no idea who made it (and for several pieces, what doll should be wearing it). Let me just say, this section could have Mattel made pieces or home made pieces, but if I couldn't identify them, they ended up here. As usual, if you recognize something I don't, please let me know in the comments.  

I seem to like doing one clothing piece per day, so I'm going to continue that with the hopes it'll actually keep me making progress with this lot.
So let's get to it!

Out first piece from the lot is a pair of jersey knit... pants? They might be pantaloons. If it were me, I'd use them as pantaloons. They're made from a white jersey knit with an elastic waist, and have pink elastic trim at the bottom. Or at least I think it was elastic once. Like a lot of pieces from the lot, the elastic is shot. The elastic at the waist is gone too. The pants are in fair condition, other than the elastic there's also a couple holes in the pants as well. Just like with a lot of the last group, I'm not going to use these pants. They are due for a wash, then into the bag with the rest of the unusable items. It may never get used again, but at least it will be clean. I looked for tags, but they don't have any, or evidence there was one ever.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almost done! (For this part)

Did you know we have only one more home made piece to talk about? I thought I had a couple more, but on closer inspection it turns out one of them has a tag, and the other one is Mod Era Mattel, so they'll get talked about at a later date when I'm talking about those sections.

So for today's solo item of discussion we have a dress. It's a simple dress, it has a fitted bodice with a full
skirt. The short sleeves are part of the bodice. (Sort of like how the vintage outfit "Let's Dance" was constructed). It's made of a somewhat thin cotton material and features the images of butterflies in both gray and pink. It is fully open in the back and closes with one snap at the neck. I assume there were more snaps in this dress at one time but were removed. I actually like this dress. It has a decent fit (But somewhat big in the back), and I think the butterflies are both whimsical and scale appropriate. What I do not care for is the red blanket stitch at the neck and sleeves, and the noticeable red stitches at the waist and hem. I looked and those stitches are all decorative (but incredibly tacky). The dress was fully constructed before they were added. I did think about actually using this dress in the collection (after I removed the red stitching), but after looking at it, I see that the underarm seams are starting to tear in spots, so I can't use it as is. I still really really like this fabric, so I'm thinking about taking it apart and seeing if I can salvage the material to turn it into a sleeveless sundress. That may or may not happen. I know that it will get washed however, it is a little dingy. I did see one small stain on it, but it's not terribly noticeable. How cute is that fabric???

Stay tuned for the possible clone clothing section starting tomorrow!

Doll hair should not be so impossilbe to get!

Unlike our usual new doll posts (which I'm still working on several) this post is going to be one where I do some complaining.

As you all should know for my birthday I was planning on getting some doll hair for re-roots and some repair kits in order to fix several 70's dolls that have melting problems. I was planning on getting them from because I like their product the best and they had good customer service.

Well apparently that's not the case anymore, at least about the customer service part. While deciding what I wanted to get for my birthday I had some questions I needed to ask. I sent Kathy an e-mail with three questions on Monday, June 10th. She replied back on the 11th. Out of the three questions I asked, she answered two and totally ignored the third one. On that same day I sent back another e-mail asking a follow up question to something the answered and repeated my third question. I waited an entire week to hear back from her and got nothing. So on the 18th I sent her another e-mail saying I sent one on the 11th and hadn't heard back so I was wondering if it got lost somewhere along the internet. I figured that would give her an easy out in case she just hadn't gotten time to e-mail be back and was embarrassed. It's been a week today since that e-mail and I haven't been given a reply from her.

But you know what I did get from Kathy? Two e-mails from her regarding her seconds sales she's having. So clearly she's still working on her business. And I really do not know what to say. She is literally my last place for hair, and the only place that sells that repair kit that I need. I have no other options. And it infuriates me to no end her ignoring me like that. I would much rather prefer her e-mailing me back she was unable to answer my questions than this flat our silent treatment I'm getting! Unbelievable! I mean, I was planning on spending 60 dollars with her, which is a lot to me. But apparently she does not want my money or business. And this is after I've talked to her up to people who were trying to decide on companies to buy doll hair from!

And of course when I went today to get the screen capture I found out something I wanted is no longer available, so thanks to her incredibly terrible customer service I am out of something I was planning on buying.

Is that something in the doll hair that makes the companies that sell it so incredibly bad at customer service???

Monday, June 24, 2013


No need for a long introduction for this post since I'm still talking about the (most likely) Mommy made pieces from that large lot I bought recently.

Our first clothing piece for today is something a little bit different, it's something knitted! (I believe our only
knitted item from the lot). It's a sports shirt, made from white yarn with sky blue trim at the sleeves and the collar. This style of shirt is somewhat familiar in the vintage Barbie world since Ken had some that were very similar to this one. His were just knit material, not actually knitted. Now I'm not totally sure if this is supposed to be for Ken or Barbie. It is the style of clothing he would wear, but it looks rather small for him. It fits the Barbie sized dress form decently. Either way it's not a huge issue, I don't care for knitted things, so I don't think I'll ever actually use in in the collection. It will just get cleaned (how do you clean something like that?), and stored. It does look to be in good shape. Funny story, just now when I was writing this post, I realized it was inside out. So it's inside out in the pictures, and who knows for how long before I got it. It might have been like that since the late 1960's!

Moving on from that we have an apron. This apron is actually way too big to fit Barbie. I actually couldn't think of a doll I have that fits it. I ended up putting it on a larger than Barbie dress form I have, but the apron is actually still too big for it too. When the straps are pulled tightly, the two ends up the apron meet in the back. It's too bad that it's so big, it's actually a cute apron. It's made from a slightly faded robin's egg blue cotton material. The fabric isn't the best, it feels like broadcloth or bed sheet material. But the fabric isn't the interesting part of the apron, it's the trim on the apron. The trim is made of a blue floral fabric ribbon, with a medium blue backing. The trim itself is actually sewn (I believe on machine) to give it a scalloped edge. The waistband, the pocket, and the apron bottom all utilize this trim. I like the trim a lot more than the apron itself. If I did anything with it, it would be to steal the trim for another application. I really doubt I'll do that, but I will keep in in mind. It's just so pretty!

After that we have a a jacket, or it could be a mock sweater. In my opinion it could go either way. It's made
from a yellow and white woven knit. It's hard to see from the front, but on the back you can see the white is in a paisley design. (Can you have one color and still consider it paisley?). It is finished at the neck, front, and bottom hem with some white bias tape, and closes in the front with two snaps. It does have three buttons (and missing the fourth) in the front, but they are just for decoration. The top is mainly unfitted, but does feature bust darts at the sides. The top is in fair condition. Like the majority of the pieces it will need to be cleaned, but there are also at least two spots where there's a run in the material and will need repair. Also the sleeves are hemmed with just a simple hem, they do not use bias tape like the rest of the hems, and the unfinished hem on the inside has started to fray and be very visible, this too will need to be fixed. I however have no intention of fixing it. I'm not in love with the style and material of the dress. It will get washed, then put into a bag of random things I have no use for. (Like the majority of clothing pieces from the bag).

Next is a ... unusual bit of clothing. It's a bell bottom jumpsuit! It's made from an unusual fabric too. I have no idea what this material is, it feels like a step above paper towels. It does fray, so it's a woven of some sort. It feels more like something you'd made a tablecloth out of than doll clothes though. It's mainly yellow, but does feature brown and orange as well in a large floral pattern. (And yes, it is as pretty as it sounds). The jumpsuit is pretty huge on Barbie, although they did add some bust darts to it, but the rest of it is left totally unfitted. To give you an example of how much bigger it is than Barbie, I just tried it on Joe, the crotch was too high for him, but otherwise the fit was pretty decent. I was even able to get the first snap to close, so when I say Barbie was swimming it, I mean it. Condition wise it needs some help. It does have a tear at the front at the neckline. There's also a couple spots where the hem has frayed and come undone, and the back was never really hemmed, so it's fraying too. In all honesty, I have no plans to fix this. I'll just wash it and put it away, I'm not even sure if this material will absorb water.

Our next item is have a skirt. This item I was actually on the fence if it was home made or clone, but after
looking at it up close, it's obvious it's made by someone and not by someone in a factory. It's a simple full skirt, made of an orange calico material. It's pretty simple, but it does have two pockets made of a white with orange dot material to make it a bit different. I actually have thought about making an outfit with a very similar color scheme a while back. The pockets are extremely over sized, and seems to slightly stained pink. It closes in the back with a snap, but one half is missing and the material is extremely threadbare in that spot. It is also a different style of snaps, in the kind you have to pound into the fabric instead of sew on. (I forget the name of them right now). The skirt looks to be in okay shape. Like I said the snap was is partially missing and the fabric is worn. It's also fraying at the hem, needs to have the back rem re-sewn, and ironed like there's no tomorrow. While I do like this skirt, I think it would be quicker, easier, and with better end results to just make my own. So like the other items it'll get washed and put away. Interesting fact about this, while I was examine the skirt for this write up, I found something in one of the pockets. It was a tiny hand made paper pack of cigarettes. Made from white paper and drawn on with pencil Barbie apparently smokes Salems. Inside the pack were 11 tiny cigarettes made from rolled paper. I don't like smoking, but I think it was so cute! I peeled off the decaying tape from the package and stuck it all in a little plastic bag. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I feel like I should save it for historical sake. But don't worry, I talked to all the dolls, they told me they were willing to give up smoking. Good thing too, rolled up paper's expensive. It doesn't grow on trees!

And finally for today, we have a dress. It's a formal dress that features a strapless bodice made from a yellow nylon feeling material. It features a slim skirt of the same material, but with a yellow floral lace overlay. At the waist is has, or I assume had, a fabric flower. The flower is not holding up well, so it just looks like a jumbled mess of fabric and wires. It closes in the back with snaps. Interesting note about the snaps, the bottom one was sewn on at the wrong spot. One side is actually much lower than the other, and you have to warp the dress to get it to fit. The dress is made fine, but one side of the snap just throws off the fit. It's also a bit large for Barbie, again I wonder if it was made from a bigger doll, but she just ended up with it. The dress seems to be in good shape. Other than the flower falling apart, everything else seems to be fine. I don't see any holes, tears, or problems like that. While it is an interesting dress, I don't have plans for it. I'm not totally in love with it either. It will also also get washed and stored.

And that's the second part, we still have a couple things for the next part and then this section will be finished! (and we can move on to the next section!)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The First Bit of Clothes

Like I said in my original post, the doll lot also came with clothes, a lot of clothes. It's an odd mix of Mattel, home made, and clone. I'm going to split up the clothes into sections and talk about each group over several days. I'm going to be starting with the handmade pieces (or what I believe is handmade). If you recognize something I don't, feel free to let me know in the comments. I'm always ready to learn!
Let's get to it!

Our first item of discussion is a skirt. It's made from a pretty blue colored cotton fabric. I would assume a
calico type material. It's a nice thick weight for fabric, but still thin enough to work on the scale. It's actually a rather short skirt, it only reaches Barbie's mid-thigh. The skirt is made from a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing. The hem looks to be entirely hand sewn with a hidden stitch, but the elastic casing at the waist was clearly done on a machine. Speaking of the waist, it's a very unusual design. It has your typical elastic at the waist which gathers the fabric, but instead of using the top hem as the top of the elastic casing the casing is started 1/8th of an inch lower. It's a bit unusual and really makes the skirt look really bulky. So much extra fabric at the waist. And they way they did it, almost makes it look like they wanted to show off that design feature. Weird. It looks to be in decent shape. I checked it over and seems to be free from holes or tears. The elastic is still holding, but seems to have relaxed considerably. It does have a variety of stains on it though. I haven't tried washing it yet, so I'm not sure if they will come out or not. I won't be too upset if they won't, I really don't have much plans for this skirt. If I did anything with it, it would be to take it apart and use the fabric for something else. Depending how much is hiding in the seam allowance they might make a cute pair of shorts for Joe. (Assuming the stains come out).

After that we have another skirt! This one is the exact same style and construction as the the first one. It is however a lot longer, this one is maxi length. It's also a different fabric. This is made from a patterned cotton material of white and blue checks. It's a pretty pattern, but a little large for the scale. It has the same hand sewn hem, and the machine sewed elastic casing with the large amounts of fabric at the waist just like the skirt above. This skirt is in better shape than the first one. I did see one small stain on the front, and one tiny pinprick hole in the back. I do plan on washing it, but after that don't have any plans for it. I don't like this fabric as much as I liked the first skirt, so I don't plan on reusing it (assuming that I actually do that with the first skirt.)

Moving on, we have out first dress of the lot. One of the dolls was actually wearing this when I got the lot. I
believe it's made from broadcloth, or at least it feels like broadcloth. It's a deep chocolate brown color. It's a rather simple dress, the top is all one piece (but fully lined), and the skirt is a simple full skirt. The only bit of decoration is the cream colored ribbon with embroidered yellow roses. I won't lie, I think that's a stunning ribbon, really pretty. I might end up harvesting it from this dress if I can think of a good use for it. The fit of this dress doesn't really work for Barbie. It's actually a little bit bigger than she is. Now that I'm thinking about it, it might actually be for Tammy. If it wasn't such a hassle to dig her out I'd try it on her. Oh well, she and this dress aren't going anywhere. It looks to be in good shape. I didn't see any stains or tears on it. I'm sure it needs a washing just like everything else. One last thing, it closes in the back with one snap.     

Next we have a pair of pants. I think our only pair of pants in this section. They are made from a cream on cream seersucker type material (don't quote me on that). They are completely machine sewn. They are carpi length, and use elastic at the waist. The elastic however is completely shot. I could actually hear it snapping as I put it on the doll for the photos. Besides the broken elastic the pants look to be in pretty good shape, other than being a little dirty. I know I could repair the elastic, but I don't have plans to. I can easily make my own pants, and I don't really care for the material these pants are made out of. I think they'll just be washed and stored away.

After that we have something I do like, I believe it's a nightgown.... or a hospital gown. It's a simple polka
dot print cotton shift with raglan sleeves. They actually got fancy with the stitching at the sleeves and the hem and used one of the decorative stitches on the machine. It almost looks like the reading of a heart beat monitor.... I probably wouldn't have done that, it's a bit distracting. I also would had added more snaps, right now it just has one at the neck leaving the rest totally open. It's a little... immodest. The shift looks to be in good shape. I didn't notice any holes in the fabric. I did see some red stains on it though, also the elastic at the armholes are totally shot. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. I do like it, but in all honestly, it might be easier to make my own than fix this one. I do plan on washing it, I hope that more staining doesn't occur.    

For our final clothing piece for this post we have a robe. I don't think it's the companion piece to the nightgown, but I could be wrong. It's made from an extremely pale (could be faded) blue/green fabric. I think the material is tricot, but don't quote me on that. It could be any number of things. It looks to be sewn completely on a machine, with maybe a few detailed pieces added by hand. It features lace at the majority of the hems. The lace is actually really cute, and really nice for the scale. It also has two tiny pieces of embroided flowers at the front near the buttonholes. Speaking of buttonholes it has two bound buttonholes at the front. I assume at one time the other side has buttons, but they are no longer there. Instead there's a couple holes where they should be. The robe also has a couple other holes on it, and one spot where a seam has come undone. I'm really not a huge fan of this clothing item, so I have no intention of repairing it. The fabric isn't that nice (feeling or looking), so I don't plan on reusing it either. The most I would ever use on it would be the lace, but that might be too much trouble to take apart than it's worth.

So that's part one, stay tuned for part two! (Hopefully coming soon).

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Three little heads are we!

I'm start off this post with a picture of the three dolls that came in the lot.

Did you see???

Starting on the left, up first we have Growing Pretty Hair Barbie. When I got her she was on the TNT's body. Her original body was nowhere to be seen in the lot. I'm not shocked since her body was kind that broke really easily, so I bet it broke and got thrown out. For the most part she is in good shape (and in better shape than the other heads). Her makeup looks perfect (her lips are actually a really bright orangy-pink, very vibrant). She also has the most stunning eyelashes, they're all there and so full and long. They are just gorgeous. And interesting thing to note is that she has a really wide jaw. Not sure what happened there, maybe she was on the Midge/Barbie body before and it stretched out? It's not a bad look, it's just her jaw is a lot fuller than my other one. But she is also the second version of Growing Pretty Hair Barbie, maybe their jaws are supposed to be different. I do not know. Even though she is in the best shape of all three heads, she does have an issue, her hair's been cut. She does have some hair, but she's had a lot cut off. I guess that means she's going to get a re-root eventually. I'm just going to have to be super careful about her eyelashes since I would literally die if I disturbed them.
Moving on to the center doll, we have a Brunette Bubblecut. She actually came on her correct body, but due to her issues I took her off it and gave it to another doll (more about that later). She is one of the later bubbles with the fuller hair and thinner lips (I do not like those lips). I'll start with the worst issue, her obvious nose nip. It's not a huge nose nip (I do have a doll missing more), but it's pretty obvious. She also had a neck split, which I've since repaired. I've never attempted to repair a nose nip before, but this might be the doll that pushes me to try. She also has some wear to her make up. She has a couple spots of wear to her lips and eyes, mainly her eyelash ridges. Her worst paint wear is to her eyebrows, they're mostly missing and the few spots that are left they are extremely faint. Luckily her hair covers most of it. Speaking of hair, her's is in pretty good shape. She does have that bald spot in the back that Bubblecuts usually get, and I think someone actually trimmed her hair back there. I'm really not sure what to do with her, she may end up in storage for a long, long time. Luckily I already have plenty of other Bubblecuts in the collection.
And finally, moving on to our final doll head on the far right we have Talking Barbie. When I got her she was on that Barbie only transitional body. Just like the other two she has her problem. The worst being her nose, she doesn't have it missing like the Bubblecut, but it does have a couple slices in it. It's not a cute look. Which is a shame, since she has a really pretty face. Her lips are prefect, doesn't even have that bottom lip rub TNT faced dolls are prone to getting. Her eyes are really nice, but she does have very sparse eyelashes. She does have most of her eyebrows, but they are somewhat faint, luckily her hair covers that up. But her hair has been cut, it should be lower than her shoulders, right now it barely touches her shoulders (you know, if she had a body). Just like the other three she's going to be put away for a while, she's got more problems than I know how to fix.

So that's the three head that came in the lot. Sadly two of the three have problems that are beyond my repair abilities. So who knows when they'll be seen again. Funny story, I actually have all three of these doll types in the collection, what are the odds of that?
Up next we start the clothes! (and there's going to be a looooooooooooooooooot of them.)     

Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's talk about bodies!

Yesterday you all met the three dolls from the lot that still had their original bodies. The remaining three dolls were a mishmash of heads and bodies. And you know me and how I like having the correct heads on the correct bodies. So I took apart all the dolls that were on the wrong bodies, put the correct ones together, and plan on putting the solo parts away until I get the correct pieces I need to complete each doll. Not sure when that will be though. I have quite a pile of heads and bodies and none that match.

Today's post is going to be all about the bodies that came from the lot. It's actually going to be a shorter post since I'm only talking about two bodies. I did get three bodies in the lot, but one of them has found a new head, so I'm saving talking about that body when that doll gets her introduction (which will be after this current lot has been shared).

All the bodies from the lot were Barbie bodies. Up first we have a straight leg Midge/Barbie body. When I got it, the TNT head was on it. She has since returned to her correct TNT body. If you remember her introduction post I talked about the body she was on had a very wide neck knob and it stretched out her jaw, this is that body. This body is basically the same as every other Midge and Barbie body I've ever had, but the neck knob is longer for some reason. The base is a little bit taller, and I guess that much difference affects the head when placed on it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, I really don't want a head with a huge lower jaw. I did think about replacing it with a different neck knob, but I'd hate breaking it just to do that. I'm sure I'll think of something. For the most part the body is in pretty good shape. The torso does have some minor play wear, but really nothing that extreme. Just a few nicks and scrapes here and there. The hands are in mostly good shape. The right one has a bit of a pinch at the fingers (small but noticeable). The left hand looks fine, that arm is rather swingy though. They both have nail polish, but it's very worn for the most part. The legs are also in pretty good shape. They too have some play wear, the worst being some scrapes at the back of the right ankle (very minor). They're really not that bad. They don't have any remaining toe nail polish, and they do have a bit of a wide stance. I'm not sure if I've tried fixing that before, but I can always try it again until she stands like a lady.

After that we have our second (and final) Barbie body. This one is a bit different from our last body. First off
it's a Barbie only body, but more unusual. It's what I believe is a transitional body. Transitional dolls were made from a combination of parts when they were phasing out one doll and bringing in another. I believe this one is a number 4 and number 5 transitional. Like I said she is a Barbie only body. She is on a hollow mold Barbie only body, so she was made after they phased out the solid torso. But unlike the rest of the hollowed torso dolls I have, her torso is a lot tanner than normal. Her skin tone is a lot closer to the tanned skin tone of the number 4 dolls. It's really evident when compared to a Midge/Barbie body. Normally this type of color change could be explained by aging, but from all I've seen the torso plastic doesn't change color like the rest of the dolls sometimes do (number one, two, and three Barbies excluded). The majority of the dolls (Barbie friends and family included) all have the same colored torsos as when they were brand new. Also going back to that earlier point about the few torsos that do discolor over time, all those get lighter not darker. So I really don't think that her coloring can be blamed on aging.
But her torso color isn't the only thing she has in common with the number four ponytail dolls. The majority of her limbs are made from the same material as the number four doll. Both legs and her right hand are made from the tanner more malleable plastic. Her left hand however while still a darker tan, is made from the harder less flexible plastic. Both hands retail a lot of their original deep red nail polish that the number fours have. I have had someone mention that she might be a doll made from parts at home by a child. I think she has too many things that support she's a transitional doll to believe that theory. I think she's a doll that was made after they stopped doing the solid torso, but before they ran out of all the parts. I'm not sure what type of head she originally came with. It's a shame that it didn't survive in the lot. I think that I'm going to try and get a number four head for her. Other than the hollow torso, it's practically a number four body.     
Condition wise, the body is in pretty good shape. The torso does have it's fair amount of play wear, including a wear line that goes through the Barbie logo on the back. The arms are in good shape, she has all her fingers and most of her fingernail polish. Her legs are in good shape for the most part. She does have a few bits of play wear here and there, the worst being a small nip at the front of her left ankle. It's still very small and not that noticeable. Overall it's a really nice body and I can't wait to get a head for it. She'll be a really nice (and unusual) addition to the collection!

So that was the bodies, coming up next, the heads! (All three of them!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two new additions... plus another!

My sharing of this lot is going to be a little bit different than normal. This time I'm going to be sharing the dolls first. This post is going to be about the dolls that are on the correct body. Out of the six dolls I ended up getting, only three have their original bodies.

Up first we have the one doll from the lot that isn't something I collect, a Dawn doll. I've read about Dawn before, but never owned one before. As you'll see from most of the lot, she's an odd mix of great condition and terrible condition. She is the regular Dawn doll, according to her head she's the K11A version and is marked Hong Kong on her backside. She has beautiful uncut great condition hair and absolutely flawless makeup. Unfortunately she has a nose nip and some minor green spots on her head. It's a shame though, without those issues, her head would be really nice.
Her body has it's problems too. Her torso and arms are nice, although I think she has a little melting at one hip joint and I believe her fingers have been nibbled a bit. Her biggest issue with her body are her legs. They have spots, splits, and someone has nibbled her feet to heck. Her right knee clicks once, but the left one doesn't click at all. Interesting note, her right leg moves smoothly, but her left leg sort of clicks into place. I'm not sure what to do with her. I believe she is wearing her original panties, I plan on swiping them to see if they fit my Tutti doll.
Moving on from that we have a straight leg Skooter doll. I know I said I'd never get another Skooter doll, yet here we are. She ended up being less than a dollar, okay??? This doll is different because she's a blonde, my other two are titans. Skooter is actually in pretty good shape. I think that she may have had a little bit of a hair trim, but nothing that extreme. I'm not totally sure if she did, I still need to finish styling her hair to determine if she has had a hair cut or not. Her face paint is nice, although faint. Her lips are mostly white, but still have a little bit of color. It may be hard to see, but she does have her eyebrows, they're just really light. Her body is in pretty good shape. Other than some scratches on her back, her body looks to be free from other problems. She's actually a really nice doll. I'm saying that now, but I'm sure I'll be singing another tune when I'm stressing out over dressing her.
After Skooter we have out last doll from the lot. A TNT Barbie! When I first got her Barbie was on a SL body with the biggest neck knob I've ever seen that gave her the biggest jaw. Luckily a boiling water soak helped ease her neck back into shape. It does seem a little fuller than average, but it looks a lot better than it did before. It does look like she's had a bit of a hair cut. To me it seems that someone wanted her bangs to be fuller, so they cut some of her hair to do that. It doesn't look terrible, just some spots her hair are a little thinner than it should be. Her makeup is stunning though. It's perfect. She even has nice eyelashes! They look a little thin, but seem to be all there. For the most part her body is in nice shape. Her torso is nice, and her hands are beautiful. They're free from bites and have great nail polish. Her legs on the other hand (no pun intended), are another story. For the most part they are in really great shape. No green spots, knees click and hold position, no splits or cuts, but... someone her feet are a mess. There's bites all up and down her ankles and her toes have been chewed off (just like with Dawn). Poor girl's been subjected to some real harsh treatment during her play years. Don't worry TNT, those days are over!

So that's the full dolls from the lot, stay tuned for the bodies! They're coming up next!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yes, I needed this too!

As you know lately I've been on a bit of a Craigslist kick, checking my entire state for good buys, then dragging my father all over (within reason) to purchase them (if possible). I've been trying to be better about not checking the site as often (I.E. not as obsessive) since I'm currently 99 bucks in the red right now, and I really don't need to be adding more debt. (Or adding other dolls, truth be told).
I had been doing well for a couple days, but ended up getting bored and found myself checking out the new listings. For the most part I didn't see much of anything I wanted, but under the Greensboro section I found someone selling 5 dolls, an odd mix of vintage and mod for 5 dollars. I kid you not, five dollars. Only four of the five dolls were something I collected but for the price I would be willing to take an extra one. They also said there were some clothing including that wasn't pictured. There was only one picture on the ad and it was just of the dolls. I could see that the dolls were wearing a mix of vintage Mattel and home made outfits. I assumed that whatever clothing came with the dolls would be a similar mixed lot.
There was a problem though, the ad had been listed a couple days before I had found it. I had no idea if the dolls were still available. This was a really good deal, so they might have been snatched up quickly. So I sent them an e-mail from my main account, and waited. I didn't hear back from them for a few days, but the dolls were still listed online. So I sent them a new e-mail from a different account. They replied to that one... (no comment). The dolls were still available, and I could get them the next day in the evening. Sold!
The next day my father and I headed out to Greensboro. We had directions, but of course we managed to get lost. We did pretty well for the most part, but there was a turn that was poorly marked and that got us all mixed up. The GPS was no help, so we ended up having to call my mother to have her help us get back on the right path. It was a very tense time for me and I admit I got a bit snippy over the phone. I really shouldn't have, but it's so annoying getting lost anytime we go out.
I did have to call the seller and say I was going to be about a half hour later than I planned, but eventually we found the place. I called them to let them know I was there, met them in the parking lot, they gave me a smaller than a copy paper box full of stuff and even gave me another vintage doll, I gave them their five dollars, and we both went our separate ways. It was over and done with in like five minutes, and I couldn't be more pleased. I was really worried that something would happen to mess up. I was practically expecting the price to be a typo and they really wanted 50, but they accepted my 5!
I made myself wait until I got home to pour through the box. It's an odd mix of homemade, almost mint Mattel pieces, and played to heck Mattel pieces. The dolls are an odd hodgepodge mix too. Out of the six I got, only half of their original bodies are there, and they were all jumbled up. The heads are for the most part in extremely played with shape, bodies are mostly nice though.

Now, there's a lot that came in that box. So much that I'm not going to bother listing it all in one post. Instead I'm going to share one per day until I'm all caught up. I think that will be for the best since I'm so far behind in my posts.

So stay tuned for that!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Add another one to the pile...

As you already know I'm planning (hoping at this point) to work on some re-rooting soon. I have several dolls that need new hair and I decided to spend my Birthday money from my parents on some hair so I could place a large order. While I don't plan on getting to all the dolls at one time, at least then I'll have the supplies on hand for when I do decide to work on each doll.
But the meant I had to decide what doll was going to end up with what hair color. Some of them have been easy, some of them not so much. Out of all the dolls I have for re-rooting only one of them was a vintage Barbie. She had been a bubblecut head I bought a while ago, re-rooted her into a swirl that I decided I hated the style and the color, then stuck her in a drawer and ignored her. Since then I got an actual swirl, so I decided to go another route with her, making a Color Magic doll. Color Magic is the sole hold out for all of the vintage Barbie hair styles in the collection. As of writing this, I have the Ponytail, Bubblecut, Swirl, and American Girl. And since they usually sell for way more than what I able to pay, I decided to make my own.
This was well in good except, I decided that the head I had just wouldn't work for a Color Magic doll in the end. Color Magic dolls have rather noticeable jaws. I guess they use the larger neck knob? Anyway, the doll I was using for my base was the first issue bubblecut with the thin neck knob, so her jaw was a lot thinner. And I couldn't just upgrade her to a larger knob body since she has repaired neck splits and I didn't want to make them any worse. So ultimately I decided to change gears and do something different for her, but more about that later. Believe it or not, this post isn't actually about her!

After I decided against making her into a Color Magic I had an issue. I still wanted to make a Color Magic stand in doll, but didn't have the right doll for it. I thought about sacrificing one of the dolls already in the collection, but really didn't feel like that was right. So I decided to keep looking for a Bubblecut to use, preferably that had already had a hair cut. That way I wouldn't feel bad removing her original hair.

It didn't take me long to find one. The only problem is, I didn't have any money (as usual). Throwing caution
to the wind I contacted the seller asking them if they were interested in a trade. As usual they were not (doesn't hurt to try). They did however offer to put it on hold for me for two weeks so I could attempt to raise up the funds. It was 21 dollars, including shipping, but I was still worried about such a short window to raise the cash. But it was either say yes and try, or say no and pretty likely lose out. So I agreed to the transaction, then got my rear in gear. I hustled and listed, and sold, sold. I actually raised the money several days earlier than the two week deadline. But I almost had a panic attack when I went to find the doll to buy her and couldn't find her. You wouldn't not believe how fast my heart sank dear readers. Luckily I was able to find the doll in a roundabout way. I was terrified the doll had sold, but it turns out the seller just put their shop on vacation for the weekend. *Phew* I had to wait until the next morning when they came back from vacation mode to actually purchase it. I bought that doll so fast!
She shipped quickly, and by the end of the week she was here with me in North Carolina. And you want to know something hilarious??? She was another Barbie only Bubblecut, who uses the small neck knob and wouldn't work for a Color Magic doll. Hilarious, right? I did have a sinking suspicion she might be, but the seller's pictures weren't that clear, and since she was so cheap I decided to take the gamble. I'm actually not too upset over it because I love this doll. She has a beautiful face, just absolutely stunning.  She has the reddest lips I've seen on a bubblecut doll, with dark blue eyes. Her face paint is also flawless, she doesn't have any rubs or wear to it at all. She has one set of earring holes in each ear, and is free from any neck splits.
Her body however has some damage. Her torso has some play wear including some scraping at the rear end area (actually marring her markings), and some wear to her bust area. It's really not that bad, but not that good either. She is missing one finger, her right pointer finger. Sad thing is, that's the only problem with both hands. They both have nice fingernail polish and are free from bites and other damage. Her right arm is also a little swingy, I guess in time I'll have to just get a replacement. Her feet and legs are in good shape, she's missing most of her toe nail polish, but that's such a minor issue it doesn't really bother me. For the price of 21 dollars, I'm more than willing to overlook that issue.
I already mentioned that she was a bubblecut when I got her. She started out as a brunette bubblecut that had her front bangs cut short, which was exactly what I wanted. That way I can remove the hair without any guilt. That's one of the first things I did when she got here, removed all her original hair. That's when I truly discovered how beautiful her face is. Without her short bubblecut her face really shines. I'm having a hard time explaining it, but when I look at her I'm reminded of a number three Ponytail. I've been playing around with the few Barbie wigs I own, and I think I found a style for her that I really like. I'm just going to have to get the hair before I can actually do anything... which is being more difficult than it really should be.

But more about that later!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank you Chad, I adore her!!!!!!

I believe this post will be a short one (at least shorter than normal).

As you know a while back I bought that White Ginger head. I already had the correct Barbie only body that it needed. The only problem was... that body belonged to another doll (that needs a re-root) leaving me with one too many heads and one too few bodies. I was bemoaning that fact to my Flickr friend, and he offered to send me a TLC Barbie only body. Of course I jumped at the chance. The body did have the hands chewed off and some damage to the toes, but I've done limb swaps before. The important thing would be the correct small neck knob that wouldn't stretch out the doll's jaw. Both dolls have neck splits so the smaller knob is ideal.  

But that's not all he sent me!

He also sent me a birthday present!

An awesome birthday present!

A wig wardrobe Midge head!

Which is awesome!

I've always wanted a wig wardrobe Midge, but they're incredibly hard to find. I've only seen one in person, and that was in someone's collection at one of the doll meetings. They rarely show up online too, and when they do they have high price tags. But now I don't have to look anymore, I have one! And she's a beautiful doll. Her face paint is flawless! I learned something interesting, her head mold is very different than the original Midge's. I thought they just changed the mold to have molded on hair, but things are drastically different, especially the eyes. She's practically a different doll!
I absolutely love her, she's been my doll buddy for the past couple of days traveling with me around the room just so I can have her close. For the time being I stuck her on the Barbie body he sent me. I like how she looks on it, eventually she'll get one of her own. 

So I've already told him in private but I wanted to share it on the blog too. Thank you so much Chad for the
body and Midge head, it is seriously my favorite Birthday present and a jewel in my collection. This may sound corny, but I've never had someone gift me a doll like that before, so she means so much more to me than just a Midge doll. I will always treasure her and if I ever reach the point where I downsize my collection she'll never be on the chopping block.

She'll be with me forever!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

So I did it again...

I over-extended my finances and have another deadline hanging over my head.

Luckily it's a small amount, but I only have two weeks to raise it, my shortest due by date. This prompted me to work on my online shops, and so far I've manged to get three things listed today and I'm already working on the stuff for tomorrow. The item's total is 24 dollars, right now I have 8. They clock is ticking, I really hope I'll be able to raise the remaining 16 quickly. I'd hate to lose out on this doll!


I also had a birthday.

As of yesterday, I'm officially 27. Weird, right?

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Our story starts on June 4th, a Tuesday (Gosh I'm so behind on blogging). That upcoming weekend there were two big events. On Saturday it was the 4th Anniversary of the Swell Doll Shop and on Sunday it was my birthday. This story mainly deals with Saturday.
I had been hoping to visit the Swell Doll Shop on Saturday for their 5th Anniversary celebration sale. My family was also planning on having my Birthday Party on Saturday since that's when my sister could come, but she wasn't going to get here until the late afternoon. I even asked to borrow some money from my parents for the Swell Doll Shop. I'm really starting to wrack up the debt with them. I'm going to have to really put my nose to the grindstone and pay them off.
I was given the okay and things seemed to be all set... but then I checked my e-mail. In there was an e-mail from Joe Blitman regarding the newest additions to his site. Apparently Joe had gotten a variety of vintage Japanese exclusive dolls in and had just listed them. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I covet the Japanese exclusive dolls. I was poking around his site and just seeing what everything was listed for. Like usual I played the game where I guess the price before actually seeing it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices were lower than my guesses. (These are rare dolls so they usually go for $$$). One of the most surprising values were the prices of the seven Japanese Skippers that he had listed. They had some damage but the heads ranged from 99 dollars to 59 dollars. I was expecting them to be going for a lot more than that. I walked away for a little but, but Skipper kept calling me back. I knew the higher priced ones were way out of my price range, but there was one at 59 and that was very close to the amount I was borrowing for the Swell Doll Shop visit. I do like shopping at the Swell Doll Shop, but getting a Japanese Skipper would be a lifelong dream come true. So I asked my parents if I could borrow a little more and they agreed. I quickly e-mailed Joe and asked him how much the cheapest shipping would be and if she was still available. He quickly replied saying she was and that shipping would be five dollars.


After checking with him and setting it all up, I sent him a money order for 64 dollars the very next day. I thought about contacting him again to tell him I sent the money order, but didn't want to be a pest. I had already e-mailed him several times just setting the transaction up. I noticed the next day that the seven Japanese Skipper head had been whittled down to four. Mine was among the dolls removed from the site. By Saturday all of the Skippers had been removed and the text "Sorry all the Japanese Skippers had been sold" were now in their place. Good thing I hadn't waited, or else I would have been out of luck. At the start of the new week, I began to get a little worried. I had not heard anything about my Money Order arriving, and I knew that Joe's policy was to only kept things on hold for a week. I would be devastated if my money order did not arrive in time and the head was re-listed and sold out from under me.

My fears were stifled considerably when she arrived on Tuesday the 11th. 


Sorry, I've been trying to not doing that for the entire time I've been writing this, and I just couldn't keep it quiet any more.
Anyway, Japanese Skipper arrived. And I just love, love, love her. I was so excited to rip open her box and finally have her in hand. I knew that according to the write up on them, they were all unused vintage stock
from Mattel, so they never had any bodies. They were originally mint, but over time their heads discolored and they got green in their vinyl from their brass headbands that had been kept on them. Other than that they were in mint condition, with amazing hair and flawless face paint. And she did not disappoint (although I had seen her picture from several angles, so I knew what I was getting). Her hair and face paint are wonderful. She has the Japanese exclusive large black "pie in the eye" style eyes and beautiful butter cream lips. Her face paint is just gorgeous. Her hair is great too, I had heard people say the Japanese exclusive dolls have silkier hair than the U.S. dolls, but it really is true. It's not that different, but comparing the two types of dolls the Japanese one's hair just feels smoother. I already mentioned that all the dolls suffered from some green on their scalps from where their brass headband caused corroding on their head. Luckily the majority of the green stains are hidden under her hair. When I got her she had a lot of green gunk around her hairline, and in her hair plugs. She didn't have any play dirt on her, but she did need a bath when she arrived to get some of the green off. I was surprised with how much green came off her head with the initial washing. Her head is still noticeably green at her hairline, but it's now considerably lighter than when I got her. Her hair took longer to get clean since the green was imbedded in her hair plugs. Eventually I used dish soap and a toothbrush to brush it all out. It took several applications, but I think I managed to get it all out. The inside of her head also got washed in an effort to remove any green gunk that was inside her head as well. While for the most part I'm fine ignoring green ear, I do have a major problem with leaving it as is and possibly allowing it to spread.
The green ear was not her only problem, as you can see she is a very sallow yellow color. She should be an extremely pink color, pinker than the mod dolls are. I guess she was made from the same vinyl as the mod dolls, and they too are prone to discoloring. She does retain a few spots where she's still pink, one at her right
temple and one at the back of her head.. I wouldn't be too shocked if over time these too faded to the yellow color the rest of her is. I wouldn't mind if it did, right now the few odd spots look weird themselves. But overall they're really not that noticeable and I can easily live with them.
As I already mentioned I bought the cheapest of the Japanese Skipper heads. Mine was the 59 dollar one, a couple were 69, several were 89, and at least one was 99. In all honesty I didn't see much difference in condition between the one I purchased and the ones that were more expensive. The only difference I could see between those was that the one I bought has a line of green above her right eye. I assume that's some discoloration from from her
headband that traveled, but I could be wrong. I think that it really doesn't look that bad, just like she has a line of eyeshadow above on eye. I don't even mind that it's only over one eye. If it really did, I could just get the other side repainted, or get both eyes painted in a more... traditional color. (But like I said I don't mind it).

You can see that Skipper found a body already, she actually stole one. She's using the body that belongs to that Skipper I bought on Craigslist. I had her head off because her body was outside getting sun in an effort to clear up her red stains (which are still there somewhat). Since her head was already off and I'm still on the fence about giving her a re-root I decided she could loan her body to Skipper. I've already looked up the prices for getting a replacement one, and they're relatively cheap.
But that's going to have to wait, I'm currently 99 bucks in the hole to my parents. (But it was so worth it).

Japanese Skipper AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's like Murphy's Doll Law

Murphy's Doll Law is; the moment you spend all your money on a doll you want you'll find a doll you've been coveting for a decent price.

                          It's true, it happened to me.


As you already know I bought that Bubbecut off of Etsy. I spent all my available money on that doll, which means I had to start working on saving up more, because I clearly need more dolls. I mean it's not like I've already bought 1,356,592 dolls so far this year. (That's a rough estimate). So I was working on getting more things listed for sale in an effort to earn some money and to clear out some of the stuff that's cluttering up my bureau. I was on Etsy adding stuff to my store when of course I just had to check out what was newly listed... and of course I found something. Something I wanted desperately.

And, weirdly enough, it wasn't a Barbie doll.

But it was a doll. I had found a Miss Suzette doll. As you know the majority of my collection is Barbie and her friends and family. Although I do have a few other dolls too, Joe for example is from Hasbro and the Momoko dolls are from Petworks. There are a couple other examples but I won't bore you with listing them all. But while I do allow other dolls in the collection the vintage section was strictly Mattel. We did have one non-Mattel doll join that section way back when, Tuesday Taylor. She used to live on the Miscellaneous shelf and when that was disbanded and the majority of the dolls moved elsewhere (into other homes) she upgraded to the vintage shelf. I won't lie, I agonized over the decision of adding a non-Mattel to the vintage shelf. In the end she seemed to fit in well with the group. She currently living on the media bookcase near my Walk Lively Miss America (one of the first 70's dolls to join the collection). They seem to work well together. I figured that she would be the only non-Mattel doll in the vintage collection, and I was fine with that.

And then Flickr happened....

There I found out that people not only liked vintage Barbie clones, people collected them. Some of them had collections of just clones where Barbie was the minority. And while for the most part I was able to resist their charms, I wasn't able to avoid them all. Out of all the clones dolls I've seen online there's five that I want to add to the collection. I already had one of them, Ideal's Mitzi that I bought at the Swell Doll Shop last October, but there were still four others I wanted. For the most part I haven't been actively searching for them. I figured I'd find them when I found them, except for Miss Suzette. She's the top clone doll I wanted to add to the collection, I just adore her round face with incredibly snooty look. I don't normally go for dolls with such attitude, but her I absolutely loved and had to own. Sadly Miss Suzette is not that easy to find, she was not produced that long and has been garnering a fan base of her own that makes her have very high prices on E-bay. Honestly I never thought I'd ever find one at a price I was willing to pay. While I like these clone dolls, I'm not willing to pay more for then than I would for their more collectable competitor Barbie. The doll I had found, while not exactly cheap, was certainly within a price I'd be willing to pay.

The only problem is, I didn't have any money. It was physically painful to see this doll knowing she wasn't
going to be mine. So I did the most logical thing, asked my parents for a small loan to get her. They agreed but there was a small snag, neither of us had any money in our Paypal accounts. We could easily get a money order, but the seller didn't accept that as a form of payment. So I contacted the seller asking them if they'd be willing to accept a USPS money order for the doll, casually mentioning that I had bought from them before (the best kind of reference). They contacted me back saying they would accept a money order and changed the listing to allow that. I bought her on the spot (in the evening) and quickly mailed out the money order (the next morning).
It felt like the money order took forever getting to the seller, but eventually made it. The next mailing day Miss Suzette got into the mail herself and on her way to me! It actually took her less time to get to me than the letter with the money order did to the seller. But eventually she was here! I was really eager to examine her since the ad did mention she was played with, and while I could learn some of those things from the written ad and pictures, there's some things you have to learn from having the doll in person.
Before I start talking about her issues, I will say that I just adore her. I didn't think she's be a doll that didn't live up to my personal hype, but she ended up being so much more than I thought she would be. Her face has so much personality. With just the tilt of her head she can convey so many different expressions. I won't lie, while I love Barbie, in 1962 if I was a child, Miss Suzette would have given her a run for her money. I just keep playing with her and posing her. She's so much fun! (But don't tell her I said that, if she asks tell her I said she was aloof and worldly).
Now onto her issues. Starting from the top and working our way down. Up first is her hair. Her hair is in rough shape, it's really fried. I think this is a pretty common issue for Miss Suzette dolls. Out of all the ones I've seen, I think on average two out of three have been re-rooted. Mine has just enough hair to go into a small ponytail. Interesting fact, her hair is rooted like the original ponytail Barbie dolls, meaning she just has a row of hair plugs around her head with the inside of her scalp is totally bald. I am planning on re-rooting her. While I like the style and color on her, but I don't care for the length or condition. She'll be one of the dolls I'll be buying hair for (eventually). I really don't think it will take long to re-root her since she doesn't have many holes in her head, but those are famous last words. I also said that about Sweet Sixteen and that took FOREVER. I should mention that I'm not going too crazy with her hair length. I think that just down to her shoulders would be a nice length, and would give some options for different hairstyles.
Moving on, her makeup is in okay shape. She does have a few wear spots but they're pretty minor. She has a couple of minor chips to her eyelash ridge paint and some wear to her lips. The lips are the worst of the two and even they don't look so bad since they fall on her lower lip and almost looks like a light reflection on her lips. But even if she had worse paint loss I could live with it, I have plenty of dolls that have lots of paint missing, some of them their entire lips are gone. She's really not bad at all in comparison. She does have something that does bug me regarding her face, her nose. It seems to be that one nostril wasn't formed correctly so there's some rough plastic in it. I thought it was dirt but wasn't able to get it to come out. It's not super noticeable but it looks like she's got... stuff up her nose. It's the kind of thing that once you see it you can't unsee it. I'm trying to ignore it, but it's bugging me! I wish I knew how to fix that, but I'm terrified of trying something and ruining her.
Miss Suzette's body is in decent shape. It does have some minor play wear, but is free from bites, breaks, or
pricks. I thought that her left had hand another molding issue, but in doing research for this post I found out that Miss Suzette dolls actually have a molded on engagement ring. (But to me it looks like a big old wart on her hand) I wonder if painting it would make it look less bizarre. I guess they did that to make her seem a little more wholesome. Unlike that tramp Barbie with her boyfriend Ken.  
Speaking of Barbie, I learned an interesting thing about Miss Suzette from having her in hand, she's considerably smaller than Barbie. In both height and general proportions. She's an inch shorter than Barbie with smaller bust and waist (but not that much smaller bust). The only thing she has in common with Barbie is her hip size, although she has a larger rear than Barbie (and a more defined one). Mine actually has an uneven posterior with one cheek noticeably bigger than the other one. (I guess someone does more squats on that side). In my pictures of her she is wearing a dress I made for Charlotte. It fits rather well although the top snap is a little difficult to close. It is nice to know that while she is a different size and shape than Barbie, I can use patterns I already have to sew for her with minimal adapting.
Not only does Miss Suzette have a different shape, her body design is also very different than Barbie's. I already pointed out she had a swivel neck, Barbie wouldn't get that ability until the late 60's. Miss Suzette's neck is also a lot thicker than Barbie's. I assume to allow the swivel neck hardware. She does have a hole at the top of her scalp, and if you peer thru it you can she that she has a spring and other hardware keeping her head on. Uneeda was not messing around with keeping her head on! Her arms are very similar to Barbies, they're attached at the shoulder and only allow front and back movement. Unlike Barbie she doesn't have any separate fingers, other than her thumb all her fingers are attached to each other. Her left hand is posed similar to Barbie's, but her right hand is a little more angled out (think of like the Shani arms). I'm not sure if that's intentional or mine just warped over time, but it looks fine and I don't plan on messing with it.
The biggest difference between her and Barbie's body is the hip joint. Miss Suzette has an extremely unique hip joint, one that I believe only a few select Uneeda dolls from around 1962 have. Barbie's hips are made up of
mostly of her torso, where her legs snap onto. Miss Suzette's hips are mostly made up of her legs, and are attached to her torso by a very small strip of plastic. It's a very unusual design feature, and not very secure one. When I got Miss Suzette her legs were extremely swingy. So swingy that she was practically unable to sit up on her own. If you even attempted she'd flop back. I'm dealing with that problem by putting some clear elastics between her legs and torso. It's not an ideal situation, but she can now stand up and not need to be supported at the waist. I don't think this type of joint is the most durable. I'm not sure how many of them
break, but mine does have some splitting of the plastic where the torso meets the hip joint. I don't think it's going to break on me, but it's certainly has the potential to break if someone wasn't being too careful with it. I'm not sure if it's my rubber band repair or just how the body was designed, but Miss Suzette is currently a little pigeon toed. It's not a huge issue, just something to mention. Her feet also need to be rewashed, there's still some dirt on her toes. But I can take care of that easily! 
 As you can see from the seller's pictures, Miss Suzette didn't arrive nude. She's much too classy for that. Instead she came wearing a green shamrock print play suit. I don't know much about it. It is rather cute though. I'm not sure if it's made by a company or some home sewer. It really could go either way. It does need a couple spots tightened up, but it is nicely made. It closes in the back and neck with snaps. While it is cute on Miss Suzette, it fits Barbie much better, although it's not as fitted as I would like in the bottom, but if you know me I like my clothes extremely fitted.

So that's Miss Suzette, my newest non-Barbie. Despite her issues, I really do love her.

And I just can't stop playing with her! She's going to look divine after her re-root (whenever that may be)!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm a Winner!

I didn't mention it at the time, but several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be the winner of a drawing from a fellow blogger "Dolls and Pretty Things". She was hosting the drawing to celebrate her 100th blog follower. I'm a new follower to her blog, I think I was number 98 or something. I really recommend checking her blog out, she has the most amazing Chrissy doll collection, both original and custom dolls. She also sews for them! She makes really great era appropriate clothes for them. I've been pouring over her posts for inspiration for my 70's era dolls. So you might see some similar outfits coming from me too!

What did I win you ask? Why a 25.00 dollar gift certificate for Etsy!

Now you all should know by now I don't need any excuse to spend money. I am constantly spending money when I shouldn't be. But wouldn't you know the second I had some money I needed to spend somewhere, I just couldn't find anything I wanted. I believed I searched the entire site trying to find the perfect item to buy with my gift card. I found several things I thought were okay, but nothing I really was in love with. As silly as it sounds, I didn't want to just buy anything with this gift card. I wanted something special that would mean something to me. I'm having a hard time explaining why I'm feeling that way. It's just the gift card was to celebrate a momentous occasion and I wanted to respect the occasion. Does that make sense?
So I was still constantly checking Etsy trying to find what I wanted to buy. It took a couple days, but eventually I did find the perfect thing to purchase with it. A vintage Barbie! (Who here is shocked?... Nobody?) She was a little more expensive than the gift card amount, but I'd rather spend some more money for something I'd love instead of something I just liked. Learned something interesting though. Did you know if you use a gift card and need to add more to the balance you can't use Paypal? You are only allowed to use a credit card to pay off the remaining amount. A credit card which I did not have. I was eventually able to get it all worked out with the seller (although where it was a tense couple of days where I was praying the doll was not bought out under me). Ultimately, she was mine.

Interesting fact: She came from Frederick, Maryland. My Grandmother lived in Frederick for many years when she was younger. I have lots of extended family in the area, and in fact both of my father's parents are buried there. Small world, huh?

Anyway, I was hoping she was another White Ginger, but sadly she was not. The seller's pictures were a little hard to clearly identify her, but in person compared to my other doll it's obvious she's not a White Ginger. From what I read online, I believe she's a 1962 platinum bubble. Her hair color was most likely oxidized to the honey yellow color like the White Ginger. Despite her being not who I thought she was, I still adore her. She is actually one of the earliest Bubblecuts in the collection. While I do have an assortment of them (ten at last count including her), the majority of them are on Midge/Barbie bodies. She and the White Ginger are the only two that use the earlier Barbie only bodies. They're technically the same head molds, but dolls that use the Midge/Barbie body tend to have wider jaws due to the larger neck knob, so they look drastically different. 
She's also one of the best conditioned bubblecuts in the collection. It's not that the majority of mine are in bad shape, she's just in really good shape. You want to know her flaws? Some paint loss to her eyelash ridge and lips, and several earring holes in and around her ear. That's it. She was pretty dirty when I got her, but she cleaned up amazingly well. Other than that those minor issues she's practically a mint doll. I really don't think she was played with much at all. She has all her fingers, and her nail polish on both her feet and hands are perfect. She's really a stunning example of an early bubblecut. Just gorgeous.
She did come with part of her original outfit. She came with her red swimsuit and one red shoe. The swimsuit is your standard red Helencia swimsuit that came with a million similar dolls. It's in relatively good shape, I added it already to the pile that I already have. In hindsight, it should have been a glaring sign she wasn't a White Ginger. White Gingers were still wearing the original black and white swimsuit. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Her shoe is in okay shape. The strap is broken on it. I think the seller did that by putting it on the doll before shipping it, it didn't look broken in the ad pictures and the seller didn't mention it in the ad itself. I thought about mentioning it to the seller, but decided against it. I wasn't going to return the doll over the broken shoe, and it didn't look like the seller sold many vintage dolls so enlightening them really wouldn't do anything. I tried gluing the shoe, but the glue didn't take. It's not that big of a deal since I don't use vintage shoes for that very reason, but it is sad it survived that long only to break so close to a collector who knew how to take care of it. One of those things I guess.

So that's my most recent purchase, another bubblecut. My third of the year. So that makes three Bubblecuts, two American Girls, and one Swirl for this year so far.
Gosh, that's a lot of dolls, and that's not including Mod, or friends and family. I'm a doll buying machine lately!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"I have juuuuuuuust enough."

This story starts with something different, me not going into detail.
I had a Barbie deal going on, and I got screwed. Plain and simple. It put me in such a terrible mood that I thought about packing up all the dolls. Every single one of them, Charlotte included. I don't like dwelling on that experience because even though it was weeks ago I'm still plenty livid over it and how messed over I got.


As usual I solved my problems with some retail therapy. I know it's not the most logical way of getting over disappointment, but it's what I do. You should all know by now I'm anything but logical. I have several personal doll selling sites saved under my favorites. From time to time I check and see what they have listed. Traditionally they want more than what I can pay since they know what they have and what it's worth, but still I keep looking. You never know what you'll find.
I was on one of those sites when I found a doll I really liked. The problem is, she was super expensive. Much more expensive than any doll I've bought before. But it seems this is the year of expensive dolls, so I didn't rule her out. I did check to see if the seller offered layaway, but I would still have to save up enough for the down payment. I was close to that amount, but still had a little more to go to have the full down payment. It was a tense couple of weeks until I squared away the down payment hoping she wouldn't sell. I did try to keep myself getting too attached to this doll, since there was a chance she might sell before I could buy her. It was on a Sunday when I had enough money and I e-mailed the seller asking him if the doll was still available, and if he'd be willing to accept two payments for the doll. I also asked if he would be willing to offer 60 days for the second payment instead of the traditional 30. I assured him that I would hope to get it paid off before then, but preferred having a larger payment window just in case. He agreed to that and I sent him my down payment. Shipping ended up being more than I was expecting (almost ten dollars, including insurance, from Washington D.C.), but I had just enough to pay half of the doll.
After that it was time to get my rear in gear. I only had 60 days to pay off the remaining balance or else I forfeited my down payment. Which would be terrible, that was a lot of money!
This debt was a good push to getting me to work on listing things to both my Dollpage and Etsy. I still have a ton to get around to listing, but I managed for several days in a row to get things listed on both sites. And I was actually rewarded pretty quickly for my due diligence. Due to some hard work (including making a dress for resale) I was able to raise the remaining balance well before my due date. I think I met my goal in like two weeks, which was pretty awesome. So lucky me!
I was able to send them the money on a Saturday, meaning I had to wait all Sunday for her to even get into the mail. The seller was very quick on getting her shipped. I was given a tracking number so I wouldn't have to stalk the mailman. It arrived on a Wednesday (if I remember correctly). It didn't take that long since it was just coming from Washington D.C. to North Carolina.  
            W hat was my newest purchase you ask?
                                                               Why another American Girl Barbie!
You may remember how I talked about my desire for adding another American Girl to the collection when I introduced my last one. I didn't mention how the desire didn't go away in spite of my getting a second one, I still wanted more! I won't say I got rid of the desire completely with this new one, but I did manage to quell it considerably.

And let me introduce my third American Girl! 

(That's the seller's picture, since I can't be bothered to take my own right now)

Out of the three American Girls I own (I can't believe I own three), she's the best conditioned. She does have some issues, just not as many. I'll start from the top and work my way down as I describe her. She a Brunette just like my last one. Like my other one she has the coarser hair fiber, which I believe means she's from 1964. Her hair is full and uncut, really beautiful. Her face paint is really nice. Her only issues with her face paint is that one of her eyebrows is a sightly lighter shade than the other one, and that she has a tiny black spot on her head, but that's hidden by her hairline. Her lips are mostly the butter cream color these doll's lips oxidize to, but she does retain some of the original color. In time that will fade and they will be totally butter cream colored. If you look at her eyes her pupils are painted a little lower than usual giving her a more intense look. That's not a flaw or anything, just makes her different than the rest of them. She is free from neck splits, and has no earring holes in either ears.
Her body is in decent shape, that's what the majority of her issues lie. The biggest issue is her right arm. Her arm scythe is chipping. This actually has gotten worse since I've gotten her. I just noticed that looking at her when writing this post. Some of the underarm has chipped off worse than before. I have no idea how that happened since I've been super careful with her. That does worry me. Other than that her torso is in good shape. Interesting thing to note, her body is different than my other American Girl body. She has practically the same markings as the other one except she is missing the "Made in Japan" part. She's actually totally unmarked for her country of origin on her body. (It should be marked on her neck rim, but I'm not taking off her head to check). Her hands are in good shape. She has all her fingers and is free from any damage. Her nail polish is very nice too.
Her legs are in nice shape too. Her hips are a bit loose, someone spread this girl's legs and caused them to break. They're not too bad, they just open more than they should and I'll need to be careful with them, especially when moving them. When she's standing up she has a bit wider stance than she should. They're not as bad as that Bend Leg Allen's leg, his feels a lot less secure than hers. Her knees both bend and hold position very nicely. Like with the last one I didn't want to bend them to check how many each one clicks, but they both seem to work like they should. Her feet are in good shape, except she has a minor nibble to one toe. It's extremely minor, and with shoes on I won't be able to tell. Even now it's hard to tell since it's so minor. 
Overall she's a really wonderful doll. And I'm really glad to have her. I'm thinking that this will be my last American Girl for a while, they certainly know how to break the bank!