Tuesday, January 8, 2013


26, twenty six. 
That's the number of nude dolls cluttering up the sewing cabinet until I get around to dressing them. We've had quite the explosion in the past couple months of new dolls, and quite the non-explosion of creativity. I had six dolls join the collection in December alone, with absolutely no dolls getting dressed. So you can understand that the sewing cabinet is getting pretty crowded. Here's a picture of it to illustrate what I mean:
And the sad thing is, that's not even showing everyone. There's still a couple of dolls scattered here and there, and I'm not even counting the couple dolls who need to be re-rooted (I'm not including them in the grand total until that's finished.) So you can see I have quite the pile collected up. A pile that would wear at me every time I looked over there and seeing all those dolls I should be sewing for, if only I could think of something. Then I'd rack my brain trying to think of something to make some sort of progress, but then fail miserably. It was a really bad place to be mentally. So I changed it. I went through everyone that was there and took about half of them off it. I made sure the ones I left were a wide variety of types, eras, and order of which I purchased them. However I did stress on no repeats. For example I went from three mod Francie dolls, to one. I did however leave Malibu Francie since she's different enough from her mod counterparts. The dolls that I took off the cabinet I carefully box up. They're going to be going away for a little bit. I'm not getting rid of them, just putting them away so they're not wearing on my psyche like they were. It's not like I can't work on them if inspiration strikes, it's just they won't be directly in front of me all the time. I figure that once I get one of the dolls that's still on the sewing cabinet dressed, I can take another one out of the box to fill that space. I already feel a bit better with this new system in place. It's feeling more like fun and less like a chore, which is how it should be in the first place.

And I even made some progress on dressing a doll today, which is awesome. I was looking up 50's sewing patterns online today since that is the biggest group of dolls I need to dress. I found something that I thought with the right tweaks and fabric would work for my Malibu Francie doll even though she's two decades later. I looked through my fabric pile and while I didn't find exactly what I wanted, I found something that would work, but only if I adapted my original design, which I did.
I even started sewing today. I started with the shirt. I was actually using a Skipper pattern, but I knew it was big enough to fit Francie, especially since I didn't want it to be fitted. I decided to line it instead of dealing with hems. I actually got pretty far with it. I also made the headband, and worked on the shorts some. Since I don't have a perfect shorts pattern for Francie I needed to work on it. I had the start of one from a while back, but it still needed perfecting. So I needed to work on that before I could keep going on the outfit. Since Malibu Francie has rubber legs and those are such a pain to get pants on and off of, I grabbed my straight leg Francie to be my fit model, but then I had a problem. As I was working on it, I realized that I really liked the outfit on this Francie. So Malibu Francie lost it. I think she's going to end up wearing this outfit... once it's finished. I still have a lot to do with it. The shirt is the closest thing to being done, but that's still nowhere near finished, and I'm still working on the shorts patterns.

But man, does it feel good to be back to work on dressing someone!

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