Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Better End than the Start

I had a very early morning today, but not by choice. My toothache came back with a vengeance during the night. I was hoping that if I took it easy for a bit it would go away, but I guess I overdid it yesterday. *Sigh* The other day when this happened it kept me awake for a couple hours then it subsided so I could go back to bed, but not this time. It's been a raging pain since 3 am this morning and I've been awake the entire time.

Not fun.

So needless to say I'm not a happy camper today. I've been grumpy from both being tired and from the nagging pain.
Around 11, I ended up going out. I had a couple places I needed to go which was why I went out in the first place, but nothing was more important to me at that time than to go to Walmart to pick up some Orajel for my tooth. I obviously went there first. It felt like it took us forever to get there, and actually buy it. The woman ahead of us paid by check, who does that in this day and age??? Eventually I was able to get it, and put it on my gums. It did help, it took my nagging pain down to a dull ache. Not as good as I hoped, but certainly an improvement. And I would gladly take any improvement. It was awful.
But it was a good thing that it wasn't so bad now, I had plenty of stops to make now that I was out in town. The first one was a totally frivolous one.You may remember a couple days ago when I went out to a store only to find it closed. Well today was the 2nd meaning it was now open, so I headed over there first. The reason I was going over there was a pretty bad one, I wanted to see if they had a doll. The other day I was on Craigslist (again) and I saw another listing from that local antique/thrift store, the one I bought that ponytail Barbie from. They had another doll listed, she wasn't a Barbie doll. She was a Tammy doll. She also came with her original shoes, outfit, and booklet, and just like Barbie looked to be in really good shape. She also cost the same at twenty dollars. Now I must confess, I'm not much of a Tammy collector. She doesn't do much for me. While she's the same size as Barbie I find her large head means she doesn't work well in the same scale as Barbie, but I wanted this doll. Mainly because she was local and a decent price. I just wasn't sure if she was still there, the ad had been posted on the 5th of December. I didn't remember her from the last time I was in the store, but that day I was only there for the Barbie doll and getting her and getting out of the store.
So today we stopped in to see if she was still there. I could tell from the picture online she was in their display case, so I headed their first. She was still there. I asked the woman behind the counter if I could look at her, so she got her out for me. I gave her a quick look over and decided to get her (The doll, not the woman). She wrapped her in some newsprint paper and stuck her in a Victoria's Secret bag (Gee, thanks?). I took her and walked out of the store. I'll go more into detail about her later in the post.
Since I was already out, and hadn't been in a while we also hit up the thrift stores. I would say it was slim pickings, but I managed to get something from each of the remaining two stores. At the Salvation Army I picked up a Myscene guy doll. His joints are really swingy and his lips and cheeks were painted with nail polish, but I think I can clean him up a little. I mainly bought him to try out his black velvet jacket on Joe. I found that he can wear Myscene clothing pretty well. The pants were a total wash (no shock there since they're so thin), but the jacket did fit, sort of. It was in fact too big. But when I do finally bite the bullet and make Joe a suit jacket it will be really helpful to have. I'm planning on selling the doll, depending on how well he cleans up. I think he'll be worth at least the dollar I paid. I also bought a Bratz doll from there. I don't collect them, or have any interest in them, but he looked in decent shape so I got him to resell. He even had feet! (Not the correct ones, but blank feet nonetheless) I asked around and was told he's Sports Something or other Cameron. I also paid a dollar for him. They were both unpriced when I found them, so I was expecting them to be two dollars, but the person working the desk rung them up as a dollar each, so that was nice!
At the Goodwill I didn't find anything... for me. I did however find a Spiderman Christmas ornament that would work for my sister's husband for a Christmas present... in twelve months. I guess the smart thing to do would be to start picking up Christmas presents here and there whenever I see them since I'm already shopping at the thrift stores. I won't go too overboard, but since some people's lists have been pretty constant for what they want I'm confident I can find what they will like. I guess this means I'm going to have to start a new Christmas word document to keep track of Christmas 2013. I don't know why, but it feels like it was just Christmas five days ago! ;)
And that's everything I got while out, but I certainly think I got enough!
All right, back to Tammy. She is my first Tammy doll, although I do have her English counterpart, Sindy (ironically I have the American version of her English counterpart). She's in really great shape, with perfect makeup. She has really heavy blush, in fact one of her ears has a bit of extra blush. I guess her painter was a bit heavy handed with it. I'm having a hard time finding a lot of information about her. She may or may not have had a haircut, I'm not really sure. Her hair is two lengths. It might be factory, or it might be a skilled amateur hairdresser. Does anyone know if that's how she came? Also, you know what's weird? She's not marked with her country of origin. Those Tammy shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago are marked Japan, as is that Tammy Pak dress, but she, nor her shoes have any markings. I thought that was a law? Weird, right?
Like I said earlier Tammy didn't come alone. She came to me wearing her original blue play suit with her white sneakers. Like the ponytail she also came with her original booklet (where they stuck the price sticker). Unlike the Ponytail she came with her original Tammy stand, which I didn't know existed. The booklet is in good shape, and the stand is in okay shape. There's a crack where the post connects to the base, and the post is all corroded. But I think that's actually in decent shape for a plastic doll stand.
I'm not totally sure if Tammy is here to stay, but she is an interesting addition to the collection.

So welcome to the first doll of 2013, hopefully she'll be the last for a while!

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