Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back to Square Ones

So today was another sewing day. I'm still working on those blasted shorts, so that's what I started working on this morning. I made some progress on them, but when I tried them on Francie, I had the same issue in the back as I did with the last pair. So I gave up, I had reached my breaking point. Not just for today, but forever. This outfit is just not going to be happening. I was thinking that Francie was going to be the first dressed doll of the year, but it's just not meant to be.
 And I'm not sure who will be the first dressed doll of the year. After I quit on Francie's outfit I did some thinking for the couple other outfits I've been working on, and decided I didn't care for them that much either. So I took Francie's, Fashion Queen's, and Skipper's outfits, removed them from the doll, bagged them up together, and buried them in the closet. I am so fed up with these outfits I didn't even want to put them into the unfinished project box. I even stuck in the bag with the clothes all of the sketches of possible outfits that I've been working on for the other dolls. I just wiped the slate clean for everyone. I'm sure next sewing day I'll be tearing out my hair when I don't have anything to work on, but maybe that's better than working on something I just don't care for anymore.
Sometimes you have to go back so you can go forward... right?

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  1. Hello from Spain: encouragement with your sewing jobs. Keep in touch