Monday, January 14, 2013

Going Back

So... I went out again today. I've been going through another phase where I'm going out a lot more than normal. But since I decided I wanted that doll from the Antique Mall today was the day to go out and get it. That was the first place I went today. It turns out that today was also the first day of the second round of that window contest, meaning that I managed to get the first one done at the last day, and I could do that one today. My Dad and I managed to get it done somewhat quickly, even though it took forever to find one of the items. They really hid it on us. We went in, added our entries to the box, then I went upstairs to see if the doll I wanted was still there.
She was. I'm not too surprised since I think she's been there for a while, it's only recently I learned who she was. So I bought her, she set me back four dollars. In an ironic note, when I was leaving I saw some vintage Barbie clothes in one of the cases, including something I'm looking for. Since I was already heading out I didn't stop and ask them to open the case. I'm not totally worried they're going to sell (they might be out of my price range), but the next time I go out I'm going to have to look at them, whenever that may be.
After that I headed out of Asheboro. I was going to a pawn shop that my father wanted to go to, the real reason why we went out in the first place. We had actually stopped in the day before and he found something was interested in but held of buying until he did some research (just like what I did with the doll I bought today). He decided he wanted it, so today he headed back there. I went in too to look at the movies and video games they had, but I could have skipped it. I really don't need or want any movies or video games. I looked through them when he was doing his business, but not really expecting to find anything. Shockingly I left without getting anything.
After that we were going to go home, but on a whim I suggested we go to the PTA thrift store in Siler City. I thought it was just a little up the road, but turns out it was much further away that I thought it was, but still we pushed onward. But before we got there, we passed another thrift store and we stopped. And a good thing we did. I managed to find several things I wanted. The first thing I saw when I waked in was a box full of toys for 25 cents each. I eagerly dug through the box and found an assortment of things. One of the first things I found was a Liv doll. She was dirty and played with, but she still had her wig. I figured for a quarter, why not? I also found a 90s' Todd doll. He's the wedding version. For some reason I keep finding Todd dolls, I already own two of the McDonald's version, this is my first wedding doll. He has some play wear. His big toe on each foot has been cut off (do not ask me why), and his hair is a bit matted. He's wearing part of his original outfit, and it looks to be in okay shape, his bow tie is in shreds however. Also in the box were two baby trolls. I may be mistaken, but I believe my sister and I had these exact two when we were younger. Mine was the orange haired one, her's was the blue haired one. And finally from the box I bought a Hasbro My Little Pony-esque dog. He's had some hair cut on him, but I thought he was interesting enough to pick up for a quarter.
I thought that was all I was going to find there, but in another section I found a box of Barbie dolls, for fifty cents each. I looked through all they had and picked out three. I found Jazzie, who looks to be in wonderful shape who just needs some hair help (wearing a mint genuine Barbie outfit). I also found an 80's Skipper in very played with shape. I just liked her outfit (A slightly soiled genuine Barbie outfit) so that's why I got her. And finally I got a Maxie doll, also wearing a Barbie outfit. She's in decent shape, but has some light bites at her ankles. Overall, not that bad group for 4 dollars for all of them. I think I did pretty good for my money.
After that we finally went to the PTA thrift store. I'm really not sure why I keep going back there, their toy section is always pretty dismal. I didn't see anything remotely interesting. I walked around and looked at their measly fabric section, but didn't see anything I needed. I did think about getting a winter coat they had, but I decided against it. It wasn't the right size, and it looked like it had some wear. I guess it just wasn't meant to be mine. I didn't get anything there.
At home I worked on a couple different projects. I did some cleaning, worked on blog stuff, took some pictures, and worked on some of my purchases. I gave the Liv Doll a bath and combed out her hair. She still needs some work, but she looks much better now than she did when I got her earlier today.

I think tomorrow is going to be a sewing day.
And going back to the doll I bought today at the Antique Mall she's a Jem doll, or a friend of Jem. She's a Starlight Girl Doll, Ashley. She's in pretty good shape, and comes with most of her original outfit. She is missing her shoes and socks. She does have some damage, I believe the tip of her nose has lightened, and under her bangs she has an odd gray spot. It looks like there's a darker center in it, so I'm a little concerned there's something embedded in the plastic that might get worse. Has anyone have any experience with these types of dolls? I'm not sure if this will be her forever home, but she'll be hanging around for a bit. I think she was a good buy, and I should at least get my money back if I decide to resell her. But who knows, this may be the start of a massive Jem collection?
(I doubt it, Barbie will always be my first love.)

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