Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going to all the places, ALL THE PLACES!

As I said yesterday, today was the first meeting of the North Carolina Fashion Doll Club for this year. It's typically the first weekend of the month, but this month too few people could make that date, so they pushed it back until today. I said last night I was less nervous about this meeting, but apparently that was a lie. I had a terrible night's sleep, which always happens when I'm anxious about the next day for whatever reason. I tossed and turned, and woke up every few minutes. So I'm pretty tired today. But I still managed to get up and out of the house in the morning, despite being so exhausted. I left the house this morning at 9:45, not too bad except I wanted to leave at 9:30. Luckily I was over estimating the time I'd need to get there so I wasn't really late or anything.
And it's a good thing I had allotted more time because I ended up stopping on the way. There's this thrift store that's in one of the towns on the way to Raleigh. It's kind of tucked away and you don't realize it's coming up until you've passed it and it's too late to turn so I've never been in. Also my mom's not much of a second hand shopper. This time however I was going with my dad, and he's quite the second hand shopper. So we finally stopped in. Good thing we went this time, it's going out of business.
In all honestly, there wasn't a whole lot there, and a lot of what I saw was on the higher end of the price scale. Everything was half off, and I still felt things were still a bit overpriced for a thrift store. I did find something of interest. I found a "World Kids" doll. Apparently distributed by Target. It was still in it's original plastic bubble mounted on a card. I could see from it's hands that it was using a Kelly body, even though it had an anime inspired head. It was only 50 cents, so I decided to get it. I didn't find anything else there. The only other doll I saw was a Bratz boy doll that was literally covered in permanent marker. Oh, and the best part, I stabbed myself with a random needle, fun! I found their small craft section, and was moving bags around to see what was there. I picked up a bag and found a needle... with my left ring finger. Turns out the bag of random thread had a spool with a needle sticking straight out, and it was just perfect to embed itself in my finger. Just awesome! Don't think I'll be stopping in there again, even if it wasn't closing soon.
After that there we no stops until after we got to Raleigh. I was actually there about an hour and a half before the start of the meeting, but this was planned. I had a couple places to go before the meeting. I had a couple stores around town I needed to return some things to and since we don't have any of these stores locally, we figured that we would kill two birds with one stone and return them when we were in the area. Up first was Joanne's Fabric. I had two straw baskets that needed to go back. I figured that since I was there I could use the gift card (I didn't have a receipt) on some fabric. But they actually gave me cash for some reason, which I gladly took. It was only about eight dollars, so it's not like it was that much money. I did look at their white fabric, but it seemed like everything they had was also pretty thin. I'm beginning to think it's me, maybe I'm too critical of white fabric. It's just I don't think I should be able to see the hip joints of a doll when they're wearing pants/shorts. Is that asking too much? So I left there without getting anything, but pretty frustrated since they were my last option. I was hoping that Joanne's would be my saving grace, but I guess I must keep searching.
That wasn't my only stop before the meeting. After that we headed to K-mart. We also had a couple things to return here, and I was hoping to use the return money for some sweet dolly deals. But... when I went to the toy section, they didn't have anything I wanted. They really did not have much of anything. The shelves looked really picked clean, and I wanted nothing to do with anything that was on them. (Were they not restocked after Christmas?) So we ended up going around getting a bunch of random stuff to use the the card. I honestly have no idea where there's a K-mart anywhere near us, so we needed to use all of the card up. We bought things that will be used, but things we could have bought elsewhere. Lots of snack foods, but some other stuff too. Unfortunately I'm trying to be better about what I eat, so I can't eat any of the snack foods! So nothing for me at K-mart.
After that I headed to the meeting. The meeting was at one, and that hour was rapidly approaching. I thought I might end up being late, but I actually got there early, but with just a few minutes to spare. So at 12:58, I picked up my two bags of dolls and the doll case and headed in. I was not the first person there. I was instructed to put what I brought to trade or sell on the folding table at the far end of the room, which I did. I also ended up unpacking P.J.. I wasn't sure if I was going to bring a doll, but I eventually decided to. I didn't have anything new from last month, so I grabbed someone who was already in the collection. And hey, they've never seen P.J. before, so she was new to them. Soon more people arrived, and people began looking through stuff. I actually had a lot of interest in what I brought. During the course of the meeting I sold about seven dolls. Most of them were dolls that were from my Dollpage. I did give people discounts from my online price, but that takes into consideration not having to deal with postage and Paypal fees. I would have liked to trade my stuff, but there really wasn't much there I wanted. The only vintage thing there was a pool playset, and I really don't do playsets. Ask the two of them still boxed up in the closet. I think I did the most business out of everybody. I was given a bag of random Barbie stuff. The woman selling it said it was free with purchase and I was thinking about buying something just to get it, but she saw me admiring it, and said I could have it. Inside there were 20+ hangers, including lots that were pants hangers, which I just had to have. Even though at the rate I'm amassing hangers I'm going to need a third garment rack to use them all. There's also some fun Barbie accessories, including some curlers. I hope I can use these, might be helpful curling doll hair. (I can at least try). I actually ended up making twenty dollars during the meeting from selling stuff, well thirty, but I ended up buying a doll. She's not a vintage doll though. She's a Toys R Us exclusive doll from the 90's, Radiant Red Barbie. I actually thought she was a different doll from my childhood, but I've since learned otherwise. I'm not bummed that I bought her. She was only ten dollars and the person I bought her from hadn't sold anything by the end of the meeting, so I think the sale might have made her feel a little happy. She's very pretty, but I think someone else will appreciate her more than I would. So she's going to be visiting and not living her permanently.   
The meeting wasn't all shopping and selling, there was also some business to talk about, basically upcoming doll stuff and whatnot. I got another push to join the Barbie Collector Fan Club, which I kept shrugging off. It's just not really worth it for 25 dollars for me personally. They reminded me about the 20 dollar bonus per quarter, but I really don't buy anything new from Mattel. After the business talk the meeting basically disbanded. But before I left, Linda asked if someone wanted some random baby shoes she had. Lori said she would be interested in any of them fit Chatty Cathy. So I pulled out my handy dandy Chatty Cathy foot template that has saved me many dollars on shoes that were not the right size. I handed it to her so she could see if the shoes would fit. I also explained what the random piece of cardboard I was handing her was. She ended up tracing it so she could have her own version. Lots of people were impressed with that. I'm not sure if you read this blog Dorrie, but I learned that trick from you so thank you very much for that! After I got my template back the meeting was basically over, so I left.
I met up with my Dad again. I handed him the twenty dollars I borrowed for the meeting (In case I found something I just had to have) and the twenty dollars I had made. I now only owe my parents ten dollars from December. Which is awesome since the March meeting might be at the Swell Doll Shop. Meaning that I need to get my rear in gear and sell some stuff (and forget that I'm trying to stop buying dolls). We didn't head straight home after the meeting. Instead we went to a Flea Market. My father had found it when I was at the meeting, and asked if I wanted to go back. Of course I did. I wandered around for a while. I won't lie, I was hot and exhausted, but still hopeful. I sadly didn't find much. I did find a clone case with some vintage clothing in it, but the woman wouldn't do any less than the 25 dollars she quoted me. She did point out that one of the items on the case was also on E-bay for 50, but I think if she really thought that she could get 50 for one item, that case would be sitting on E-bay instead of on the ground in Raleigh. Also I'm sure the item on E-bay wasn't covered in pretzel dust from the random open snack bag of pretzels that was also in the case, so I passed. I really didn't need any of the clothing in the case. She also had a lot of Barbie's on the ground that she offered to sell me for 30. I was interested in the Ariel doll she had, but not for 30. She also told me that the dolls were from 1966, "which is what collectors like". Yeah, just because a doll is marked 1966 means it's from then. The oldest doll she had was a Tyco Ariel from 1989. She was a fool, and didn't get any of my money.
After that I had one more stop, even though at this point I was tired and had the start of a headache and was more than ready to go home. There was still one more stop in out return-a-thon, Target. Again I headed to the toy section to see what they had. They actually had a lot more than K-mart... but I still didn't want anything. It's weird, out of everything they had... I didn't want ANYTHING. No dolls, no clothes, no accessories. I didn't even want to buy something to just buy something. I guess it's official, I only collect vintage now.
After that I headed back home, finally. I won't lie my headache was getting worse. I was able to keep it from getting too bad, but as the day wore on it kept getting stronger. By the time I went to bed it was pretty bad. Hopefully it goes away during the night and I awake without it and feeling much more rested.

(Spoiler alert, I do)

About the doll I bought at the thrift store. I ended up taking the doll out of it's package. I looked it up online and the don't really sell for much MIB. Apparently they were a line of dolls dressed to represent different countries. I had the England version, which explains it being dressed in an English Guard outfit, and the Union Jack on the cardboard package. I undressed the doll, it does have a Kelly body, with a couple of differences. The legs are a bit wider set, and it's made of a more malleable plastic. Other than that it's a perfect match. The head however is totally different. I have no idea if that is a clone or not. It's kind of cute. I'm thinking about holding onto it for a bit. I'm toying with the idea of re-rooting it. Although, if I know me I'll hold onto it for a year then get rid of it when I realize I'll never do anything with it. The clothes are... okay quality. They're definitely clone quality, but I don't think they'll break on me. But having said that the silver strap for the hat already broke on me when I went to go put it back on the doll. I think I'm going to replace it and hold onto the clothes, Tommy might be a English Guard next Halloween!

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