Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good News!

I didn't go out today, AND I finally did some sewing. Baby steps people, baby steps.
I think I'm going have to start trading off my days. One day I work on the blog, the next day I work on sewing. That way I can be focused and actually get stuff done. And that way I don't feel guilty for neglecting the blog or my sewing since I'll be working on each of those on their own days.
Today was a sewing day. I don't have much slated for the dolls (still having a bit of sewer's block), but I do have that Francie outfit I'm working on. While I still haven't been able to find any white fabric in stores that would work, but I did remember that I had a pair of white pants in my stash that I've used before for outfits. It took me a while to locate it, but I did find it. There's not a whole lot left of it, but there's enough for a pair of shorts and maybe some other clothes depending on how smart I am when placing my pattern pieces. Since I didn't want to waste any fabric and was using a newly adapted pattern, I didn't start right off cutting out the shorts. Instead I made a quick test pair out of my practice material. They seemed okay, so I started to make a pair using the correct material.
These didn't take too long, but when I was finished I just wasn't in love with them. I felt the legs were too long, so I undid part of them and shortened the leg. These were better, but I still wasn't totally in love with them. I was thinking about doing a lot of hand work to get them to a better place, but I think I'm just going to do them over. This way I can change a couple of things I did that ended up not working out, and I can focus on eliminating bulk, especially between the legs. Francie's legs are so close together that she really can't handle too much fabric between her legs. These shorts had too much fabric there and Francie wasn't able to keep her legs closed! Which is the reason why I started sewing in the first place. If I wanted clothes for dolls that couldn't keep their legs closed, I'd buy what Mattel is selling. ;)
So I was going to have to remake the shorts, but I didn't start that today. I just wasn't feeling like dealing with it. I did however feel like giving Francie her bath today. I guess I didn't bother washing her when she first got her because she was filthy and I would hope she didn't pick up that much dirt here. She hasn't been here that long and hasn't done much except hang out on the sewing cabinet. So she got a nice scrub down today, and looks much better for my efforts. After her bath I put part of her hair up in curlers. It's not extremely noticeable, but the right side of her hair has had a trim. Maybe 1/8 of an inch. It's more obvious because the left side has more of a curl at the bottom than the other side. I'm hoping that the curler will help reset the curl so it won't look so different. I can at least try. If it doesn't work out, not that big of a deal, her hair was already wet from the bath and I wanted to try out those curlers I got from the last doll club meeting.
But that's all I did with Francie today. She currently drying with the curlers still in her hair. But I still wanted to work with the dolls, just not with her. I ended up picking up the Fashion Queen again. I had made decent progress on dressing her in December, but gave up when... issues arose. I knew the dress I was making for her needed some work, but I really wasn't feeling like working on it at that time, so we took a break. But I still liked the outfit, and wanted to work on it some more.
But I didn't want to start sewing just yet. Instead I worked with the accessorizing of her outfit. Like I said, I did like it, but always felt like it was missing something. She had a purse, but I felt like she needed something else. I figured that if I could find that missing accessory it would give me greater incentive to work on the outfit some more. I felt she needed a pop of color around her face. I played around with a ribbon in her hair, but never found a look or a style that really worked for the outfit. I was hoping the ribbon would solve my problems, but it didn't. So it was time to go to plan B, a necklace. Plan B was actually a better solution, but I didn't have the right supplies. I knew I didn't have the correct red beads I wanted for the outfit (the purse is red and I wanted to match that). I looked through my already made necklaces and didn't see anything that would fit. I didn't even see anything that I could take apart and reuse for the outfit. I ended up pulling out my Barbie sized bead stash trying to see if I had anything that could sort of work. I found a bag of multicolored seed beads, some of which were red. Using a needle I very carefully picked the red ones out of the bag. After that I strung them, then added a hook and clasp. I thought I had enough beads so that the necklace would hang a bit, but nope it was a choker, which was nice, but didn't work for this outfit. I thought about taking it apart and adding more beads, but I hated that idea since I had already finished it. I also thought about doing another one, but wasn't sure if there were enough red beads still left. Dejected I dug through my bead stash again when I found something... an entire bag of red seed beads, totally unopened. I remember buying it now, but forgot all about it until I found it just now. It's bad when you completely forget what you have. I opened this bag and made another necklace, making sure this one was longer than the first. It certainly longer, it was actually too long. I ended up making a third necklace, making sure it wasn't too long or too short. This third necklace was just right. It should be, I totally Goldilocks and the three bears that nonsense. But it was worth it, I do like the necklace with the outfit.
With that ordeal behind us, I had to admit while I liked the outfit, the skirt was where I was having problems... still. What is with this outfit and the skirt? I've had to tear it out like ten times already. The problem now was the length. I had taken out the hand sewn hem back in December when trying to fix something else, and it had really grown on me. I actually really liked where the skirt length fell when it was not hemmed. But I can't just leave a skirt not hemmed like that. And there's no way I could make the skirt magically longer, so I had to take it off and redo it with a longer skirt. And since I was already doing that, I also adapted the pattern a bit. I changed the back seam so it tapered from the waist to the calf. The skirt was a bit straighter than I wanted it to be, so at least now I was able to fix that. I did test it out before I actually added this new skirt, and the test went well, so I went ahead and added the new skirt. But... annoyingly the skirt is crooked at the waist, and in all honesty, I just don't feel like tearing it out again and starting over.
That skirt is seriously the bane of my existence at the moment.

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