Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am a typing WIZARD

Today was a blog day, and boy was it ever! Including this post I will have gotten eight posts written today. Granted not all of those were written from start to finish today. Several of them were almost ready to publish and just needed a final edit, but there were a couple that didn't have anything written when I started this morning. By getting this publish that means I'm officially all caught up for the year. Which is pretty awesome.  There's still a couple posts I owe you all from over the holiday, but I'm making progress, I even got one of those written today. It still needs pictures, but I'm thrilled I got it written.

Oh, and I had something sell today, right before my February switch to selling and raising funds (heads up doll sewing will be taking a back seat). While I'm glad something sold, this happened right before that massive increase for postage, meaning I'm probably going to be taking a loss when it comes to postage. Which stinks, but sometimes that happens. Also the person paid by E-check, which is weird. I've never had that happen before.

Hopefully that's a sign that I'll be more financially prosperous in February?

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