Sunday, January 13, 2013

I should ban myself from all stores that sell fabric...

It took me a while to fall asleep last night with my headache, but I woke up today headache free, which is awesome. Although I will have to be careful, when I get a bad headache like that, the next couple days after it lingers and I'm prone to getting another headache.
Anyway, even though I should have been working on some doll sewing I ended up going out today. But in my defense I had a reason. The Antique Mall on Sunset is doing a promotion for the next couple of months. Their storefront has these giant widows, and they usually have a varied selection of items from the store displayed in it. For the next couple of months, they also have a little game going on. Posted on the window is a list of ten items you need to find in the display and write down their location on a piece of paper. That piece of paper is your entry form. The list of what you're looking for changes every two weeks, and you can play once each time. At the end of the promotion (In early March), they will pick three entries from all that they get. The winner gets a 50 dollar credit, second place gets 25, and third place gets 10. Each week counts as an entry so you can enter up to five time. The first window's been up for a while and I haven't been there to do it, so I needed to go today or risk not getting the first week's entry. So you can see I needed to go out.
But I didn't head there first. First I went to Walmart. I know I had just been there the other day. But while I didn't find any white fabrics last time I did find some other fabrics I liked. I just wasn't sure if I liked them for actual projects, or if I just didn't want to leave the store empty handed. So I left them there thinking the if I kept thinking about them, that would mean I actually wanted them. And sure enough I kept thinking about them, so I went back. I got a half yard of this white with pink polka dot material (for a Mod doll), and a half yard of this mellow blue fabric with a tulip print (I'm thinking Vintage, but could work for Mod too). The tulip fabric was rather expensive, that half a yard cost me almost four dollars. I better really be committed to whatever I make with it since I don't want to have to go get more. The dotted fabric was only two dollars for that half yard. I also picked up a couple of presents when I was there, a Batman dry erase board, and a Lego car. Yes, I'm shopping for Christmas. I know it's crazy, but they were good deals. I've also already started a new Christmas word document. 
Anyway, after that I headed to the shops on Sunset. I didn't go straight to the Antique Mall, I checked out the Fleamarketeers first. I didn't see much there of interest, then it was off to the Antique Mall. I was wondering if the game would stretch out for the entire length of their store windows (it's a pretty long building), but the game was contained in a small section. My Dad and I first found all the items on the list, then we went inside and each got a paper to fill out. After that we put it in the box inside the store, and wandered around for a bit. I headed upstairs and looked around for a bit. I wasn't expecting to see much since I had just been there a couple of weeks ago, and it did not disappoint. I did see a doll there that I might be interested in, but I wasn't totally sure if it was who I thought it was, so I left it there. I planned on doing research online to see if it was who I thought it was. I'm not worried about it selling before I got back. I didn't get anything there, and I didn't find anything at the third store either. I did however pick up a video game my brother was interested in (I mentioned seeing it the last time I was there to him). He was the only person who got anything from those store.
I didn't do much back at home, another headache was brewing so I wanted to take it easy. All I did was work on the Blog. I am trying to make progress, but I keep getting behind an any progress I do is just getting back to being slightly behind. It's frustrating.
Oh! And I looked up the doll, she is who I thought she is. I'm thinking about going back to get her later, maybe tomorrow.

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