Friday, January 18, 2013


So remember that 2-4 inches of snow we we might get overnight? Turned out to be a gross over exaggeration. We hardly got anything. When I looked outside this morning all we had were a couple of small patches of snow/ice, and I'm sure at the day goes on they will get smaller and smaller. I doubt they'll last too long. The back porch was actually covered in it though, I'm sure that will be around longer since it gets less sunlight, but overall it was an incredibly light "winter storm". Apparently there were places that got much more than we did, some as much as six inches (I've heard), but I'm sure that will be melting rapidly, winter weather doesn't last on the ground long around here.
Today is a blog day, but I had a hard time getting down to business. I did finally sit myself down and start working on a post, but had a difficult time writing what I wanted to say. Eventually I managed to get a decent start written, but then I went out.
Yes, I knew I said that trip had been cancelled, but with the roads being pretty much cleared, the trip was back on, although in hindsight I should have skipped it. But I wanted to go, and so I did. The main reason I was heading out was because today was supposed to be the first day of the reopened Christian Secondhand Store over on Sunset. But when I was there the other day it was pretty clear they were still working on the building, so the odds of them getting it all finished in a couple of days were slim. My dad when he was out in the morning even drove by and saw that they weren't open, so we pretty much knew it wasn't happening today, but I was still going to go out.
We actually were heading back to Sunset, literally next door to the Christian secondhand store. I was stopping into the Antique Mall once again. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the other day when I was there buying that Jem doll right after I bought her I saw a vintage Barbie coat in one of the cases. It was the coat to Evening Splendor, an outfit I've been thinking about collecting. I couldn't see the price or if it was anything else was in the bag, but I decided to leave without asking them to open the case since I had already finished my transaction. Today I headed back and asked to look at it. Turns out, it's just the coat and they want 12 dollars for it. I also looked at the other items in the case, they also had the original Ken swimsuit and coverup for 10, and a bunch of non-Barbie bigger doll clothes. I didn't look too much at the condition of the coat, but I decided to hold off getting it. While I'm sure that's a decent price for the coat I needed to think about it some. I think the next time I'm in the area I'll look at it again, depending on the condition, and if they're willing to do better on the price I might end up buying it. Who knows, but I didn't buy it this trip.
I made another stop while out, to a different antique store. This one was one I've never been to before. It's a funny story. The other day I was over on Etsy doing some window shopping for Midge dolls (don't worry, I'm not buying anything, I have 11 cents in my Paypal). I clicked on a very pretty, very expensive bend leg Midge doll just for curiosity sake. Turns out the Midge was being sold by someone from here, who had a store just off Sunset. Small world huh? So I stopped in today to see her in person. I'm not going to buy her (she's way out of my price range), but it was interesting to see. While I was there I also checked out the couple other dolls they had, and their small assortment of vintage Barbie clothes they had (which while very tempting was more expensive than what I normally buy). I almost got something there, but decided against it since I really didn't need it and was probably just buying it to get something. So I left that store empty handed, but wishing I was rich.
Back home I went back to working on the blog, but my heart wasn't in it. I had a serious case of the "I wants" from what I'd seen today, even though they are much more expensive that what I normally collect. I did work on the blog and managed to get an one of the longer posts halfway finished, but that's it.
I know I should be focusing on the dozens of dolls that are waiting for me to get them dressed before I start on getting more, but it's hard.
I'm so selfish, but I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I don't think that makes you particularly selfish. There is a doll that I would desperately like to acquire although there is a long list of other, more practical and essential things I have to spend money on first. She is still on the fringes of my mind and will try to find a way to get her before she is gone. Wanting a beautiful doll like that just makes you human.