Thursday, January 31, 2013

It'll go by faster than you think...

It was an early morning today. I was out of the house by 8:30. The reason? The local Goodwill was having a one day sale. All their clothing was only a dollar, so I decided to go and wanted to be there when they opened. I was not the only person who felt that way. When I got there at 8:57 there were about 25 people already waiting. I was actually shocked with how civil everyone was. When the doors opened people didn't rush in, and there wasn't some mad dash to get the clothes. People were fast, but for the most part polite. It was incredibly crowded in certain spots. The children's section was mobbed! (But a polite mob). I did end up finding some things I wanted, mainly pants. I found a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of jeans for my father. I also picked up a couple clothing items to use for fabrics for the dolls, although I'm sort of second guessing some of them now. They did not have much in way of toys.
Not much luck on the toy front anywhere else in town either. I didn't find too much elsewhere when out. I did stop into Walmart and pick up some valentines for the upcoming doll meeting. I got the Cinderella ones, the ones that came with the pencils. I hope nobody else gets those, I'd hate to go to the meeting and have someone have the same valentines as me. I purposely avoided the Barbie and Monster High ones because I figured someone in the club would most likely pick those already. (Besides I'm not a big Monster High person, nor am I a modern playline Barbie kind of guy). I also got some cookies while there, I'm not feeling like baking at the moment. I think I will bake something for the March meeting though.
Back at home I did more laundry. I still had some things to wash, plus I wanted to get the stuff I just bought washed. Depending on the weather I might wear something I bought today to the next meeting. I also started prepping some of the stuff I'm planning on posting for sale soon. Yes, that's happening. If you recall February is going to be all about selling stuff in an effort to raise funds for the March club meeting at the Swell Doll Shop. And with today being the last day of January means that it starts in earnest tomorrow. And I've decided something, I'm going to spare you a month full of me talking about what I'm listing for sale since I don't think I should be using the blog to shill my wares (even though sometimes that happens). I think the only thing more boring than listing everything I have to sell, would be having to read about everything I have to sell. And I do not want to bore my readers, even though I'm sure I've done so in the past.
But fear not dear readers, I will be back. I will say that my haitus might last longer than just February, it may be until March 9th. Luckily the March meeting is that date, giving me an extra week to raise the money. I'm hoping to raise 100 dollars between now and then. That means I need to earn 20 dollars a week. Hopefully I'll be able to reach my goal. (Finger's crossed)
So I bid you farewell for a little bit, dear readers. If you need me I can be found here: My Etsy Store and here: My Dollpage
(I told you there's some shilling going on)