Friday, January 25, 2013

Progress! Freezing Cold Progress!

Wow you guys, winter certainly made itself know today. It's been cold, windy, and sleeting all day. The entire yard (and I'm sure the rest of the state is in a similar condition) is a sheet of ice. I would not want to be on the roads today, Good thing I don't need to go out. Staying indoors means I'm avoiding the ice (except for the one time I went outdoors to being the dogs in so they could warm up) but the cold is harder stay away from. My room is freezing! I've been trying to avoid using the electric heater this month, but days like today make it really hard to keep from plugging it back in. We've been using the wood stove in an effort to keep the house warm, but that heat barely reaches my room. I kid you not, I can stand in the hallway in front of my door and it's warmer than in my room itself, granted it's only a couple of degrees, but in this weather every little bit helps. I'm really glad I (nor anyone in my family) needed to go out today, this is not driving weather, especially not in North Carolina. This is bunker down and wait it out weather.
Even though I wanted nothing to do with anything but staying warm under the covers I continued working on Stacey's dress today. Just like yesterday, I started over from what I was doing the day before. What I was working on yesterday just wasn't working, and I needed to cut my losses. Today I started fresh, and a little different from how I normally do things. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, the dress for Stacey is actually going to be a copy of a vintage Mattel dress. It's the Pak dress Sun Shiner from 1969 (a couple other dresses used that pattern too, but I'm using the Pak dress as my basis). Anyway, I found the picture of the dress online. The image I found was just the dress, not on a doll. I opened the image in a paint program, then I meticulously traced around the dress with the line tool. By doing that it gave me the silhouette for the dress. I then took that and used it to draft a new pattern, keeping in mind the shape of the original, and the placement of the dart. This was the "new style" of dart I was talking about back when I started this dress. It's call a French Dart, thank you pattern drafting book since the internet had no idea what I was talking about when I was looking up different types of darts. I was actually even able to add this type of a french dart to the outfit. I sewed up my muslin from this new pattern, and I actually like it. This is the closest to how I think it should look so far... except for some issues. I'm having some really annoying puckers at the hips in the front, and the back... is a mess. The material keeps gathering at the waist, and doesn't seem to want to fit over her backside. I took a picture of the dress to show you what I mean:

Any suggestions to do to help with these problems? I've tried darts in the back and that doesn't help anything. It's always something, isn't it?

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