Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today was my second sewing day under my new system. I knew it was coming and I already was planning what I was going to work on today, but it was hard getting motivated.
I work up this morning to the sounds of rain outside, and hasn't let up since.  It's been cold, windy, and rainy the entire day. And it's only going to get worse! Tomorrow there might even be snow and sleet! I don't know about you, but I didn't move to North Carolina to deal with snow OR sleet. I was actually planning on going out tomorrow, but if tomorrow is worse than today, I'm going to be sticking close to home. I was invited to go out today since tomorrow is looking so bad, but I declined. I just wasn't feeling like going out today.
Even though when it's dark and rainy like that I never want to do anything, eventually I did get around to working on some sewing. I wanted to finish that Francie outfit, all that's missing are the shorts and she's all dressed. And I did make the short today, I even finished them. But after I dressed and styled her, the shorts kept bugging me. They look... okay, but there's some messed up stitching in the back and there's some things inside that aren't perfect. I thought about ripping out that part and redoing just the back, but I think I'm going to remake the shorts.... again. I did tweak the pattern slightly for the next pair, and even started them. I didn't make much progress on them, but they're shaping up.

But they'll have to wait until Saturday since tomorrow is a blog day.

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