Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still Making Progress!

I started this morning working on Francie's outfit. Since it's the only thing I have slated I figured I might as get it finished as soon as possible or else risk having another almost finished outfit... which sadly has started becoming the norm around here.
I started with the headband. I decided to totally redo it. It's just a simple tube of fabric and the first time I made it I wasn't really putting much effort into it, and it looked really sloppy. So I decided to redo it, this time making sure the geometric print didn't look so... off. I finished it entirely, including finishing the edges, and sewing on a snap. Unfortunately in order to get it to look the best it needs to cover Francie's ears. Good thing she doesn't actually need to hear anything! (And that her hair covers up the fact that it's covering her ears!)
After that I started working on the shirt. I had finished most of it yesterday, and unlike the headband I liked how it was coming out. Today I reinforced the seams (all two of them!), sewed down the daisy to the front, hand hemmed the bottom, and sewed two snaps in it. And just like that I was done, one of my easier garments to finish.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but after it moved from Malibu Francie to regular Francie I decided to add a purse to the outfit. Something that used both the check fabric and the daisy decoration. I was planning on making it similar to how I made the purse for my Blonde Number Four. I was even planning on using the same pattern... except I couldn't find it. I must admit, my patterns are really poorly organized. But I looked through the Barbie pattern folder three times and was unable to find it. I even looked through the Francie/Ken/Skipper folder wondering if it had been returned to the wrong folder the last time I had used it. No dice. I spent way too long looking for this incredibly simple pattern.
Eventually I just remade the silly thing. Just a couple swipes of a pencil on a pad and I had something that would work. I did make a quick prototype since it looked like it might be too big, it was so I adjusted it. Then I got to sewing. I made it pretty quickly, but wasn't totally in love with the final product. I was trying a new technique, and while it helped with the final look, it did create it's own type of problems. I did end up finishing the purse, but I don't think that will be the one that ends up with the outfit. The purse is so quick to make that I would rather spend the time making a second one I like better than using one I really didn't care for. 
But that's where I stopped sewing for the day. I didn't feel like doing more work on this outfit right now. Instead I worked some on the blog. I'm still several days behind from where I need to be. I managed to get three posts written, edited, and published. INCLUDING the last one from that stretch when my sister was here. Meaning I'm done with all of 2012 (well December, I know there's other posts from that year I'm missing). All that's left I need to work on are those "I'll do another post with more detail later" posts, and I have been working on those. There's six in total, and I've gotten half of them finished. Still a lot to work on, but at least I'm making progress.
But I think that's enough for today.

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