Sunday, February 24, 2013


This... was not a good week.
I've still been working on getting things listed in an effort to raise the money for the next Swell Doll Shop, but this week I'm sad to say I did not make my goal. I actually had nothing sell this week. I've been working hard listing everything on Etsy, and not a single thing sold. It's funny, several months back I noticed that all my sales were coming from Etsy, and none from the Dollpage, now it's the total opposite. So far everything that's sold was from the Dollpage. I'm not really sure what's up with Etsy. It could be that my prices are too high, or that my listings are getting lost in a sea of similar products. I even went back and started listing patterns, but still no interest. I also noticed that the people favoring my items were down really low, so I'm kind of thinking that Etsy "upgraded" the search features and now my items aren't getting seen by as many people as it used to. It's just a theory, and at least it explains the total lack of interest in what I'm listing. I don't know, all I know is that this week I didn't make my selling goal.

Which, quite frankly, stinks. I won't lie this week has been a really low one. Not only did nothing sell, it seems this week everything could go wrong did. It's been really rough and put me in a pretty low place that I'm still struggling to get over. This pretty much drained all my energy.

But not my energy to shop. It's true, when I'm this down a bit of retail therapy can be what I need to pull me out of my funk, but it's sort of a catch 22. I want to buy something to make me happy, but I feel guilty spending money since I'm trying to save up for March. I ended up finding a couple things on E-bay I wanted. They were all ending at different times. I decided to bid on each of them, and if I was outbid I would move onto the next auction and not let it get me even more down. And wouldn't you know, I won the first auction I bid on. Happened this Thursday, which means not only did I not make my goal this week I'm back to square one with saving money. I'm not upset by this, I've decided it's better to get one doll I really want than wait to possibly get dolls I want later down the road. That just means for the March meeting I'm going to have to run upstairs so I don't see any of the dolls downstairs I don't have any money to buy. I don't I'm going to bother working on selling more now. It feels rather counter productive to give Etsy 20 cents per listing when nothing's selling.

So now I'm waiting for my newest doll, and I'm going to be waiting for a while. She's coming from Australia! Which is crazy when you think about it. She was made in Japan, sold in Australia, then ending up in America. You know what else is crazy? The 14 dollar shipping charge she's costing me. And that's the low shipping charges. I did some rough calculations, and it takes about two weeks to get from Australia to America. The seller already contacted me and the doll will get getting into the mail on Monday (My today), meaning she should get here shortly after the March meeting... which kind of stinks. I was really hoping to bring her to the March meeting to show off, and remind myself not being able to shop was worth it. But even if she gets here early I'm not sure I'll be able to bring her. The poor gal does need some freshening up, and I think that will take more than a couple days before she's ready for the public. And I'm not even including clearing up her green ear in that time, I still need to buy the remove-zit for that endeavor. And I know that's going to take a while to clear up.

I'm going to be a jerk and not share with you the exact doll until she gets here, but if you need a spoiler go check out my Flickr. Some of the auction pictures are posted there already.

So that's all for now Dear Readers. While I'm giving up selling, I'm still on a hiatus from blogging. I'm not doing any sewing right now and this week isn't going to be fun. This week I get to help my sister move for the billionth time. And I recently found out they're planning on staying at the house overnight during the move, which means I get to clean the house for them. Luckily it's still in pretty decent shape from Christmas, but it's still not a fun chore.


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