Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello Dear Readers,

As you know I'm taking the month off from blogging, but you also should know I can never keep the rules I set for myself. I'm not back full time however, I just wanted to stop in and keep you updated on how things have been going.
I have been working on posting all that stuff I've been stockpiling in an effort to raise some funds for the next trip to the Swell Doll Shop. I started with my Dollpage stuff since it's free to list unlike Etsy. I'm almost done with everything that I can post to that site. All that's left are a couple dolls I haven't posted yet (working on those today), and a couple that still need some TLC before I can post them (mostly stain removal with acne cream). Once I run out of those items, I'm going to be focusing on my Etsy store, where I have plenty to list. In fact I have more for there than I did for the Dollpage.
So as my first week of listing is over, I'm pleased to tell you all that I'm on goal. I sold three dolls this week, meaning I have 20 dollars of my 100 dollar goal. Yay! I'm one fifth of the way there. You want to know something ironic? I've been listing dolls all week, and the three that I sold were dolls that I listed a long time ago. I'm glad that they did finally sell, but I would like to see something sell from what I just listed. You know me and my need for positive reinforcement. But I'm glad I got them listed, they were doing me no help when they were just sitting on my dresser, at least now they have the potential to sell. But since it's Sunday that means it's a brand new week and I'm back to square zero for selling. Will I be able to keep up the progress? You'll have to find out next Sunday.
I did have a couple nibbles on some things that I listed this week, but they were both for overseas buyers and didn't end up working out. I didn't realize how expensive overseas shipping has gotten! Both buyers ended up declining to buy the item after getting shipping quotes, not that I blame them. It was going to cost more to just ship the dolls than for the dolls themselves. 
I've also been doing some sewing, don't worry nothing exciting. I'm still having terrible sewers block when it comes to sewing for the actual collection. Which is pretty funny since I'm tearing my hair out in frustration of not making any progress, and here I am saving up money so I can buy more dolls. Anyway, at the upcoming doll meeting (March 9th) we're having a raffle in order to raise the money to pay the dues to be an official club from Mattel, as well as fund some other club things throughout the year. The president asked everyone to bring something to raffle, and that way everyone would be helping raise the money (also to buy tickets to help raise the money). Since I'm trying to save up money and not spend any, I decided to make something. I'm going to be making a dress and hat for the raffle. I'm been working on it slowly since I want it to be perfect. I rarely sell or give away what I make, so I want it to be as close to perfect as I can get it. Right now I'm working on the bodice, I need to tweak it a bit, but I'm making progress. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

See you next Sunday, hopefully with more good news!

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