Sunday, March 10, 2013

And I'm back!

Hello Dear Readers, I am back! We are finished with my month (and a week) long sell-a-thon and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. I am now back to blogging every day. I hope I am able to pick it back up easily, I'd hate to have to retrain myself to do it. As usual after a long break the first week or so will be playing catch up. I have several things that happened over the hiatus that I want to share with you, but failed in doing so at the time, so you can look forward to that. Also included will be the review of the Wizard of Oz doll I bought.
I will say, I both did and didn't miss blogging when I was away. I did miss sharing with you all about what I'm doing, but I won't lie, February was an extremely difficult month for a variety of reasons. It got pretty low there for a while. It was a lot of little things that happened (and some not so little things). And while you can ignore some of them, when it's an annoying onslaught of them, it eventually gets to you. Luckily things have taken a turn for the better and I feel like I'm in a better place right now (although things are still far from perfect).
I want to talk about yesterday in this first post back. It was the big meeting for my doll club (I've been calling it my doll club, I guess I officially consider myself a member). It was the birthday meeting where we celebrated both Barbie's birthday as well as all of the members. It was held at the Swell Doll Shop, which is why I was working so hard to sell stuff beforehand. Unfortunately I spent it all a few weeks before the meeting and hadn't had enough time to recoup any money. So I wasn't shopping this trip, or at least I shouldn't have been.
Anyway, I got there shortly before the meeting started. Since I wasn't planning on shopping I didn't show up any earlier the meeting to do so. But it turns out I didn't have to. The entire meeting was being held downstairs in the store. I knew that would be a possibility since we were having a guest and she had mobility issues and couldn't (and shouldn't if we didn't need her to) handle the stairs. I thought that there might be a second area other than the store that we would gather for the meeting. Nope, it was in the store where I was surrounded by temptation!
I went in, unpacked my food (I made sugar cookies), carefully found room for it on the over packed table, brought my donated doll to the raffle table, unpacked Joe and the Barbie I brought, placed them on the display with the other dolls, and gave Linda my door prize I brought. There was a lot I needed to get done at the start of the meeting and it was somewhat difficult with so many people there. I'm sure most of my readers have never been to the Swell Doll Shop, but it's very small. After I got all that taken care it was time to socialize. I am getting better, but I'm so out of practice with it. I did spend some time talking, but some of it was just sitting on my own. I did look around the shop for a bit so I had something to do and I wasn't just sitting there. Bradley did offer me a shopping bag, but I declined. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't buying anything, but I certainly wanted to! He had so many tempting dolls laying about, including a brunette Midge. I've been wanting to add one of her to the collection for a bit now, just hadn't found one that was a decent price.
I wasn't the last person to get there for the meeting. There were still a couple people that hadn't arrived yet. We were also still missing our guest speaker and her daughter. While we waited for the stragglers we had some more socializing time, and a couple people handed out gifts. They were small favors, mainly candy, but I did get some doll shoes and a pair of doll earrings. That was really cool, and now I know that presents for everyone is something really small. I don't have to go all out. Eventually everyone who was expected to come arrived and we locked the door and the party started. We started with the cake (which is not usually how we start things at the parties I go to). The cake was very good, it was store bought, but not as sweet as they sometimes are. After the cake there was more time to socialize and shop. I ended up sitting down with Lori and Aylene as they looked through a box of vintage clothes. I was only looking and not planning on getting anything. I saw lots that I liked, but held strong. I did see a Fun and Fancy Free dress that was super tempting and I even pulled it out for a while to think about it, but couldn't think of anybody to wear it, so I put it back. I did look for it later, but I think someone else bought it. Which was both good and bad, bad because I couldn't get it, but good since I didn't have to wrestle with getting anymore. I did however end up buying something... I was so good, but I ended up looking through the Ken clothing lots and found something I had to have. Luckily it wasn't too expensive because it came out of my raffle ticket money. I didn't buy it outright, I ended up holding onto it for a while as I thought long and hard about buying it. Eventually the temptation won out.
After everyone was done with their cake we had our speaker. I forget her name but she was a woman who started the Barbie conventions back in the early 80's. She talked about her personal experience with Barbie and with starting the conventions. It was somewhat interesting, but I would imagine it would be more relevant to someone who goes to conventions (I'm still not planning on going). The speaker also brought out some things to pass around. One of them was a vintage Skipper prototype of a Girl Scout uniform. Apparently in 1964 (Don't quote me on that) Mattel was going to make a Girl Scout uniform, but it only got to that stage. So that was really cool. She also brought out something else... and I almost died. She brought her number one Brunette Barbie. Who she passed around! I GOT TO TOUCH HER! This was my first time seeing a number one in person, then I got to touch her! I picked her up, and even saw the holes in her feet! I'm still thrilled about that. After she was done speaking we moved onto the raffle. I ended up buying ten tickets. I must have been on a lucky streak because I kept winning! I ended up winning four times with my tickets. I won a handmade outfit, two Barbie visits ...... outfits, a Holiday doll, and a Barbie blanket. I didn't think I'd win anything, much less so much. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my winnings, but I can always use another blanket. I used it last night when I slept, Sunshine seems to like it.
The doll I donated got some interest, which was nice. I wasn't expecting it to get any. I should mention, I didn't bring that pink dress I was working on. I was finishing it late last week and was having trouble with it. The fit was terrible, and I just hated it. I decided I couldn't bring that. I ended up working on another dress, but ended up messing up on that too. In the end, I found another dress that was mostly finished I made for something else. I wasn't in love with it, but it was mostly finished. I stuck it on one of the spare dolls I had that I was planning on getting rid of. I fixed her hair as best as I could and brought her. I didn't have any shoes for her. I was using the doll as a mannequin for the dress, but I didn't end up mentioning that, so the bidder ended up with the doll and the dress. I was just going to donate the doll anyway. Next year I'll be a little smarter and make a dress earlier and hopefully I'll have less mistakes next time. I just hope the person who got her likes her, and doesn't notice all the problems I see with it.
After the raffle we did the door prizes. I ended up winning one of those too. It was a Barbie and Ken key chain. I originally won a tea set, but the person who won the key chain wanted the tea set so I traded. I didn't need either of them, so it wasn't a big deal to trade especially if it made her happy. After that the meeting was pretty much over. People started paying for their purchases, including myself. Bradley was kind enough to sell me the one I found for a discount, which was very nice of him. I hung around long enough to pack up all my stuff then left. 
Overall it was a really fun day. There were a couple things I'd change to make things slightly easier for a group that big, but I'm not in a position to make decisions like that. Which is really for the best, who knows if I'd go mad with power! The next meeting is in April, and I believe it's another dressing dolls to donate. I'm going to have to look around to see if I have anything to donate.

*A quick update about today. I didn't do much besides clean up the mess the room's become and write this. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post*


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