Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am just as nice as everyone else!

You all already know about my current finances, how I'm in the process of raising up some money in order to pay off a doll I currently have on layaway. I haven't made much progress on it, but last week we had a little setback... a thirteen dollar setback.

In my defense (man do I say that a lot) I was actually not actively looking for this doll, which has happened in the past. This happened when I was signing into the Dollpage in order to list something I wanted to sell. You may not know this (not everyone is a seller on there), but when you sign in, it automatically sends you to the main page. I foolishly let my eyes scan the few ads that had loaded before clicking the "create an ad" button. And that was my downfall. I saw something I had to have. I immediately contacted the seller and quickly bought it. I think the entire experience took ten minutes and I was 13 dollars poorer for it, but I was also one doll richer.

I bought the doll on Thursday of last week. The seller said she would be shipped on Friday, she sort of was. The seller bought shipping for her on Friday (I received tracking info that's how I know this), yet she didn't even get into the mail until the following Monday. Not that big of a deal, but I kind of wish they had been more up front about shipping time. Anyway, she arrived today. She actually arrived ahead of schedule. She was originally slated for tomorrow, but this morning when I looked at the tracking she was "out for delivery". It's pretty cool that once she started moving she really started moving. And she had a long way to go, she came all the way from Washington state.

Would you like to see a picture of my newest doll? Of course you do, here you go:

Do you recognize her? That's a baggie Casey doll. This post is going to include a little bit of a history lesson. She's called a baggie doll because unlike traditional dolls she was sold in a baggie with a cardboard topper stapled on unlike a box. There isn't a really definative source of information, (so don't quote what I say as gospel) but from what I've gleaned over time, in the early to mid 70's Mattel released several dolls in baggie packaging. I know Barbie, P.J., Ken, Skipper, Casey, and Francie all had baggie versions (other dolls might have been released like that too). Traditionally these dolls were leftover dolls, either made up from parts that were in the factory, (you'd find 70's heads on recast vintage SL bodies with modern arms), dolls that were for some reason slightly different than the regular version (talking dolls without their talking mechanisms), or dolls that looked pretty similar to their actual release (Pose and Play Skipper). It was basically a way for Mattel to unload dolls that weren't perfect, or hadn't sold. I assumed this happened when Mattel was having some severe financial straits in the 70's (Including some major legal trouble for Ruth Handler which eventually got her kicked out of Mattel) and needed the money. They weren't produced for very long and in random quantities, so they are somewhat uncommon.
Baggie Casey herself is actually a bit unusual of a baggie doll. I believe she's the only doll that was specifically made to be a Baggie doll. As you can see she has the Francie face mold (I assume revenge for Francie stealing hers when she became Malibu Francie) with blonde hair. There is also a baggie Francie, the only difference between the two dolls is their hair color and the color of their original swimsuits. The dolls also have two other connections, Quick Curl Francie and Busy Francie. They all have the same face paint, but there never was a Quick Curl Casey or Busy Casey, she was phased out long before that. The Baggie Casey/Francie dolls were released in 1975, and I believe that Casey was discontinued in 1972 when she was replaced with Becky who never actually ended up being produced. I have no idea why they bothered bringing back Casey for this line, especially since Francie has been both a brunette and a blonde before. Either way the Baggie Casey and Francie were the last time these two dolls are produced by Mattel for a play line release.
Unlike baggie dolls that were leftovers from produced dolls, Casey and Francie are a bit different than their regular release peers. They are on a straight leg body, with the Mexico style arms (even though she is made in Taiwan). While the torso and legs are the same as the SL dolls, the material they're made of are not. They're a very pink plastic, one that's cheaper feeling and much lighter than the original Japan made dolls. This material is the same kind used for Sweet Sixteen, which is understandable since she's from the same time, and perhaps the same country. And that wraps up our history lesson for the day.

Back to my baggie Casey, the seller actually didn't know who she was. She had her listed as a TLC standard Francie (which actually does not exist), which is why I was able to snag her for only ten dollars, plus three for shipping. I was a little concerned what TLC meant, but she's actually in pretty good shape. Her hair has been cut, it should be about waist length. She also has some scrapes and scratches to her torso and legs (that shiny pink plastic really gets scratched easily), and she has some minor paint loss to both her eyes (really very minor). Other than that she's in really great shape, especially for what I paid for her. I don't think she got much actual play at all. There's not much I can do for the scrapes and paint loss (I've made peace with the fact I'll never be able to do repaints), but I do plan on re-rooting her. I compared her to other dolls in the collection, and it looks like her hair color is a similar shade to the Malibu Dolls. Which also makes sense since they too were being produced at that time. She's one of the dolls I'm planning on buying the hair for in June in order to re-root. She may be one of the first dolls I work on. I won't lie, I really, really like her. She's another one of those "I never thought I'd own" dolls.

Now I just need Francie! (Just kidding, I'm not expecting one of those any time soon!)   

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