Monday, March 11, 2013

Cross her off the list!

I'll start with some good news. I managed to get a doll dressed during the hiatus. Well, sort of. 
In actuality I finished getting a doll dressed during the hiatus. 
You may remember shortly before the hiatus started I took all the outfits I was working on and put them away in a bag in the closet. None of them were working, and I felt they were stifling my creativity. For the most part they ended up staying in the bag, but one of them kept coming back to me, the dress I was working on for Fashion Queen.
One day when I needed a break from posting stuff for sale I took the dress out. I put it on her and still liked it. But in order to fix it, I had to destroy it. I ended up having to take off the skirt, undo the side seams, undo the back seams, took off the beads in front, and remove the bottom snap. I needed to do all that to fix some stitches that had gotten loose when I was removing the skirt the billion times I had to. I then went and redid what I just took out. This time the skirt went in right the first time. I would hope so, I'd added this same skirt twenty times as least, ugh. I should be a pro by now.
I also did some upgrades, I took out the stitching for the skirt, and lined it with tulle. I ended up getting the entire thing redone in a day. But the back wasn't fitting how I wanted it. So I took out the stitching there, and using a hidden stitch sewed it all down, bowing it out slightly so I could add another snap to the top. I sewed the hem, then sewed up the back and the dress was done!
After that I worked on the accessorizing. I had already made a necklace for the dress, so that was all set. I ended up making a bracelet out of matching beads for her. I also took a red purse I made a while ago and took off the pearl bead on it and replaced it with a red crystal bead. And she was done! I do like it a lot. I think it really works for her. Sadly she doesn't have any shoes, she stole Midge's for the picture, but you can't win them all. She's wearing a wig I got at the Swell Doll Shop back in October, it really seems to suit her. She's my first dressed doll of 2013! She's been waiting for a long time to be dressed, but it's finally here!
Hopefully that means there's hope for the other dolls to get dressed.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I love this doll. She is very cool. Keep in touch