Thursday, March 14, 2013

G'Day Mate!

As I talked about on Monday, I managed to get one doll dressed and moved into the collection during the hiatus. You may have noticed I didn't mention that meant there was one less undressed doll around here. I didn't say that because it wouldn't be true. While I did get the Fashion Queen dressed, I also added a new doll to the collection. So while the number of undressed dolls didn't go down, it didn't go up either. At least I broke even.
I mentioned before, February was a really bad month for me. I was in a really low place. I knew that I was saving up for the Swell Doll Shop, but I was at a point where I really didn't care about that. So I decided to do some retail therapy to help raise my spirits. After some annoying false leads (that did nothing to help my emotional state) I ended up on E-bay. I found a couple of auctions that I wanted, that I could afford, and were ending soon. I decided to bid on one, try to win, and if I didn't I would take a deep breath and move on to the next one. I was trying to be logical about it. But I was lucky enough to win the first one I bid on! I was glad I won the auction, even though it took all the money I was saving for the Swell Doll Shop. But I wasn't too upset about that. I had decided to go all out and buy something I really wanted instead of something small that I sort of wanted and would eventually feel guilty about buying. And I really did want what I won.
What did I buy you ask? I'll be nice and won't keep you waiting. I bought a blonde Swirl Barbie doll! My first swirl in fact. Now all I'm missing from the vintage Barbie American issued hairstyles is a Color Magic doll (which I'm not holding out too much hope for). I won her for slightly more than 50 dollars, plus her 13.70 shipping fee. Why was that so expensive? Because she was coming from Australia. Which is another first for the collection. That also meant I was going to have to wait forever for her to get here. I looked through the seller's feedback and found another sold doll to the USA. I calculated the time from the end of the auction to the date the seller left feedback and found out it was two weeks. I was hoping that would be accurate since I really wanted to take the doll with me to the upcoming March meeting. Since I had blown my budget for the meeting on her, I wanted her there to remind me why I wasn't shopping. If my estimate was correct, she could get here on the day before the meeting. It was either that or the following Monday, after the meeting was over and done with. I was really hoping she'd get here in Friday. She could arrive on Saturday just  before I left for the meeting, but even then I couldn't take her, I knew from her listing she needed sprucing up before she had her public debut.
In a shocking turn of events, she arrived well before Friday. She arrived on Wednesday which was awesome. I eagerly took her out of her package and held her in my hands. She came a long way to be here, and I loved her. 
She was in pretty good shape, but she had her issues. Like a lot of the swirls she suffers from a darkened face. I later learned that means she's from 1964, since those are the dolls that have that problem. It's not a big deal, not reversible, but just something that happens to these dolls. I have other dolls with the darkened face, it doesn't bother me. Her face paint is in good shape. She does have rubs to her eyelash ridge (they usually do), she also has a couple of minor spots missing from her eyes, and one tiny rub to her lip paint. They're really very minor. Her lips are a lovely butter cream color (that changed over time from red), she even still has her nose dots! (Also a butter cream color). She does have green ear, the right side is worse than the left. The left isn't green as much as it is brown, which is odd. I'm going to have to invest in some Green Ear treatment cream, I've gotten several dolls recently that need that taken care of. She does have earring holes, but only one at each ear, except her right ear's hole is rather big, it looks almost like a gash. I'm going to have to be careful with her to make sure it doesn't get any worse. When writing this post I noticed she has a small pin prick on the side of her nose. For some reason it's driving me crazy, even though it's so not noticeable. I'm weird like that. Her hair is in pretty good shape. Her bangs had been brushed back into her ponytail (which is common for these dolls), but I was able to pull it all forward. I think her bangs have been trimmed. I noticed that after I fixed her hair the hair for the bangs were shorter than the rest of her ponytail. It makes sense since when they were brushed back they would have been longer than the ponytail, so they might have gotten trimmed. They still have enough length to go into a regular ponytail. I was unable to locate the piece that was supposed to wrap around her ponytail to create the topknot, which further supports my haircut theory.
Her body is in good shape. She does have minor play wear, but it's very minor. She has a great deal of fingernail and toenail polish. Her toes and one hand has pink nail polish, but the paint on her left hand has started to change. It's going from pink to butter cream, just like her lips. I wonder if the rest of her nails will also change color in time?
After she arrived it was time for her bath. She wasn't terribly filthy, but certainly needed some time at the Spa. The dirt came off her body relatively easy, but it really clung to her face. I ended up having to wash her three times to get her face totally clean. She did clean up nicely, several spots that I thought were marks on her face ended up being just dirt and came off. I also ended up taking off her head to clean out the inside of her ears. It was nerve wracking taking off her head since she has the large neck knob and I was worried her neck hole might tear, but with enough time with the heating pad I was able to get it off and back on without any problem!
Since she arrived well before the meeting, that meant I was able to bring her, I just had to find something suitable for her to wear. I was making a dress for her before she arrived, but I ended up not liking it and ended up giving up on it. For a while she was going to borrow the dress my Blonde Number 4 wears, but it felt a little too casual for the event. I ended up giving her the pink lace overlay dress I made for Charlotte a while back. She borrowed a necklace, bracelet, gloves, and shoes (and underwear) from several other people in the collection. People really liked her, everyone I talked about her with kept fawning over her and her dress. I loved it. But she doesn't get to keep the dress, eventually she'll get her own outfit. But for the time being she gets to go live in the box with the other undressed dolls. Even though I did dress Fashion Queen her spot on the sewing cabinet is getting taken by a doll that's been waiting longer to get dressed. If we're anything, we fair here at A Bit of Aubrey's Mind (Unless you're Charlotte, she gets anything she wants).

*Edit* On Friday March 15th, the Swirl in her party dress was featured in the banner over on "In the Pink". It's not my picture, and there's several other dolls in the picture, but my Swirl is front and center for Pink Friday! Awesome!

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