Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gee, that's swell!

All right. Today's post is going to be about the one doll item I bought this past time at the Swell Doll Shop. It's also going to be including the few things I bought last time that I never finished sharing with you. I've always intended to getting around to sharing them, but failed to do so in a timely manner. They've been sitting in a bag hanging from a doorknob since October and I'm tired of looking at them and I want my doorknob back (in my cramped room that's valuable real estate).

Up first I'll share with you what I bought this last weekend. You already know it was a vintage Ken outfit. I won't keep you waiting. What I bought was a partial set of Ken's Skin Diver's outfit from 1964. It was the sweatshirt, the trunks, and the flippers. All that's missing is the snorkel and the mask. They were priced at 8, but Bradley sold it to me for five (which was awesome!). It's in pretty good shape, the only issues I could see with it is the string for the hood of the sweatshirt has started to unravel, and the back of one of the flippers has broken off. I'll eventually replace the flipper. I also need to get a snorkel. I already had the mask for it.
I'm not sure if you all remember it, but the mask I have has a special story. A couple years ago I was up in Connecticut visiting family. My Grandmother asked for my help in cleaning out her crawlspace. Since I'm an awesome Grandson I said I would. When I was doing that, I found the mask on the floor in between two boxes, no doubt lost by my aunts or mother many years ago when they were still children. The dolls that my mother played with as a child are all long since gone, so this mask is the only thing I have that they played with, so it's really special to me, so that's why I wanted the rest of the outfit. I believe they had the Barbie version, but I wanted the Ken version for a special reason. The Barbie dolls my mom played with her all hand my downs from her older sister, she only owned one doll outright, her Ken doll. He's since moved on, but he's a special memory for her. Now that I have this outfit for Ken I can put it on a look alike for her doll and combine the two. Now I just need to get another painted hair brunette Ken, the one wearing it now already has an outfit to wear and I like what he's wearing already.
Moving on from that, let's talk about the stuff I bought back in October. This post will be about the clothes I bought, tomorrow's post will be all about the rest. Most of the clothing I bought came from the 2 dollar bin. I rarely splurge on clothes since I prefer to make my own, unless they're something special like what I talked about earlier in the post. I did end up picking a couple pieces that I thought might work for the collection. You already saw the red shirt that ended up being part of Mod Ken's outfit way back when. It's now time to share the rest of it with you.

Up first we have this yellow Ken shirt. I actually thought it was a Barbie top when I bought it, it wasn't until I was looking at it home that I found out it was a Ken shirt. That's okay, just makes it slightly less likely that I'll use it. It does need some repair, the back snap has come partially undone and the bottom hem has some popped stitching, but those are all very minor and easy repairs. It does have some spots on it, and I haven't bothered washing it yet, but I'm hopeful they'll come out. It's a nice shirt, but just not what I was expecting when I bought it. I believe it is from Mattel (I could be wrong it is untagged), and I believe it's from the 70's, but I think with the right styling could easily work for the 60's.

From there we have another Ken clothing piece. This one I knew was a Ken outfit when I bought it. It's a jacket with a pretty floral pattern. I recognized the pattern, Barbie also had an outfit made from it. I believe it's a best buy outfit from the 70's. I bought this because it looked big enough to fit Joe. He really didn't need it, but for the price I thought I could at least try is. It is actually big enough for Joe, except the sleeves are too short. That's pretty common for him, I guess his arms are longer than normal. Even though I can't use it for Joe, Ken could still use it. It's in pretty good shape, the only issue with it is that the elastics in the sleeves are shot. But that's actually not too big of a deal.

After that we move onto Barbie's clothes. Up first we have the dress to Enchanted Evening. This was a total impulse buy and I really shouldn't have bought it. The reason I bought it was because it's the early version without the flower at the waist. I guess those little details clouded my eyes to how worn the dress is. It's got several holes, and it's just... very used. I'm not sure why I even bought it since I own two reproductions I never use. I'm thinking I might end up using it for fabric if I can think of a use for it. Again, the lessons I must learn when shopping at the Swell Doll Shop. Don't let the Barbie overload let me overlook examining my potential purchases.

And finally we have another Barbie dress. This one is a Mod dress. It's Loop Scoop from 1970. It's mostly in good shape. It's a little dingy, there some popped stitching, and one pull of the yarn trim. When I bought this I was thinking it would work for Christie (who was actually Julia), but I ended up not liking it on her (and not liking her in general). So I don't have plans for it right now, but it's certainly cute enough to keep.

That's all the clothing I bought back in October, stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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