Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guten Tag!

Hello Everyone!

We are in the home stretch. This is my second to last Sunday update before I'm back to blogging full time. I'll start off with the good, I sold something this week. I still have yet to have anything sell from my Etsy store, despite posting more things in it this week. Not sure what's up with that. I'm sort of on the fence about even keeping it running. So far this year I've sold one thing, and the expense of it far outweighs the profit. Anyway, even though I did sell something I'm not planning on taking any money with me to the Swell Doll Shop this Saturday. I have my eyes on a different prize, one that's much more expensive. So wish me luck on that, I will certainly need it. Don't worry, I am planning on getting back to doll sewing stuff when I come back. I am however thinking about keeping it up posting stuff for sale. I think that one day a week should be devoted to posting items I'm trying to sell. I still have several things on my dresser that need to get listed, and like I said I'm trying to save up for something. But I will say, I could see this easily falling by the wayside just like "Finish it up Friday", "Set it Aside Sunday", and "Typewriter Tuesday" did. Theme days do not have much staying power around here. I'm not going to bother giving it a cute name since I'm not planning on forcing myself to stick to one day, once a week will do just fine.

I did do some sewing this week. I finished a pair of pants for Joe. Just a pair of simple, no pocket, khakis. He has a pair similar to that already, but I wanted to have a better quality pair for Saturday. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I'm going to bring him to the meeting. It's a very special year for Joe, he's turning 20. I was originally going to bring just Joe, but have since decided to bring a Barbie with me (I guess it's expected of me). I haven't decided on who yet, I do have several options (I do hope to bring my new one, if she arrives in time). I'm also working on a dress for the party, but work is slow going and I'm not sure if I like it. I may end up not finishing it, or it may end up having to wait until after the meeting to get finished. I still have a ton to do before next Saturday. I haven't touched my raffle dress in the past week, I still need to write down my ideas for the website, I need to back cookies to bring, iron Joe's pants, pick up my door prize at Walmart, and something else I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Really what a perfect time to be getting sick!  (I've started with this annoying sinus thing late last week, fun!)

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