Saturday, March 23, 2013

Has the patient been prepped?

As expected, I didn't end up doing much work on Francie's shorts today. I'm still feeling a little burned out on that project. As I was cleaning off my desk today I counted the test pairs I made yesterday, there were eight of them. Even for a quick sewn together muslin, that's a lot of sewing. Today I didn't feel like doing any sewing for it, instead I did some research. I was hoping to find a resource that helped shed some light as to why I was getting those gathers in the crotch. I figured since these are so similar to people pants, they must have that problem too. I was actually able to find a couple of pages with information about that. Finding out exactly what the issue was, wasn't so easy. I had a couple of choices. Either the groin was too low, or the thighs were too tight. So while it didn't help me immediately, I at least have a couple things to test out the next time I work on it. Whenever that may be.
Instead of working on the shorts pattern some more I switched gears, to socks. Malibu Francie is going to need socks with her outfit because she has a bit of flesh missing from one of her ankles. I've made socks plenty of times before, so when I designed her outfit I included some, now I just had to make them. The last time I tried making Francie socks, it was not that successful. I couldn't find the pattern I used in the past, and when I drafted a new one it didn't work out so well. So I decided to start from scratch... to some extent. I actually started with a Momoko sock pattern, I checked it against Francie's foot, they are pretty similar size wise. Except the Momoko sock pattern was for hand sewing with tiny seam allowances. I ended up drawing on a bigger seam allowance, giving it a quick test and then tweaking it slightly. They actually needed only a minor tweak for me to be happy with the pattern. I cut out two of them, then started sewing. But when I was sewing up the first one my stitches for the top hem got wonky and in the back that seam ended up not matching, (there's only two lines of stitching for socks and I messed up both) so I quit. I think I'm going to start over and cut out a new pair at a later date, and take my time making them perfect, but just like the shorts, not today.
Instead I changed gears yet again, sort of. Remember how I decided for my birthday I was going to buy hair and some repair parts from Even though that's still months in the future I can get started on it now. In the end I'll be buying supplies for ten different dolls, with those dolls most of them will need some prepping before I can start repairing them. In most cases I can start doing the prep work now, and that will save me time since I can just start working on them when the supplies arrive in June. For the majority of them it means that I need to remove their original cut hair and they'll be all set to go. I however didn't work on that today. Instead I started working on those three 70's dolls that I'm buying the repair parts for. One of the three is already all prepped for her surgery. Sweet Sixteen just had one leg pop off and I already filed off all the melted plastic and sealed it with clear nail polish. She's also already clean since I gave her a bath back when she jointed the collection... the other dolls however need some work. Today I started filing off the melted plastic from both Quick Curl Kelley and Growing Pretty Hair Barbie. Nether of them are totally finished with that, but it's a good start. I ended up breaking off Kelley's second leg in order to get at the melting she had going on there, I might end up having to do that to Growing Pretty Hair Barbie too. I just feel bad about that since the body she's on that leg is the only limb still attached. I also started on their cleaning. I started small, I took the two loose arms and leg that eventually will belong to Growing Pretty Hair Barbie and washed them. I don't think I did that originally, they were pretty dirty. I think I'm going to have to wash them again, there's still some ground in dirt I couldn't get off. I also went and took out the broken joint pieces lodged in the arms and leg. I had to boil the arms to get the broken pieces out, but once I figured out how to wedge them out they came out pretty easy. The leg was the hardest part, the plastic was stuck inside the leg joint and it took forever to work it out. I have to do that three more times for the other dolls, so that's going to be fun. And finally for them I also put some acne cream on GPH Barbie's lips (I'm tired of typing out her full name). Someone had painted her lips with something (I assume nail polish) before I got her. I removed it, but it left some staining around her lips. Hopefully the acne cream will help clear that up. It's not a pretty look, either the original lips or the acne cream. It sort of looks like she's got rabies right now!
I also did some work on another doll. You may remember I bought that Barbie body the first time I went to the Swell Doll Shop. I ended up breaking the neck knob off when it fell from my lap to the floor. I put it away because it upset me to see it, but since one of the dolls I'm planning on re-rooting is going to need it, I decided to repair it. So today using nail glue I fixed the neck knob. I was looking at it after I fixed it, and I noticed that the plastic looked really thin at the spot where it broke. I think that the neck wasn't as strong as it should have been, which is why it broke from such a short fall. At least that's what I'm telling myself so I feel better about breaking it. That body also got a bath, it's in okay condition. It has some stains and other play wear, for a five dollar vintage body I can live with that. I think I'm going to replace one of the legs, I think I tried that before, but ran into trouble so I stopped. Either way I'm going to try again, but not tonight. Like the shorts and socks, that will have to wait until later. But at least I started on this project, with the way this year has been going, it'll be June before I know it!

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