Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey North Carolina People! (And NC adjacent if you don't mind a long drive)

Yesterday's post got me thinking, I know of at least two people who read here who are doll owners in North Carolina. I was just wondering if anyone local was interested in visiting the Swell Doll Shop? I know I only talk about the vintage Barbie, but there's literally tons of other dolls for sale there.
Lots of vintage, but there's also some modern dolls, including Takara Jenny plus tons of modern Barbie. Their website is pretty non-existent, but I'd be willing to answer any questions anyone has.

I'd also be willing to make plans to visit when you do in case anyone's interested in that. ;)

Also, is there any interest in joining the North Carolina Central Fashion Doll club? They mainly meet in Raleigh, and there is an online group where people interact. People don't usually go to every meeting, so you don't have to go to every meeting to be a member. And while the main focus is Barbie, people do collect other stuff. I brought Joe the other day and while he didn't get a ton of attention he wasn't shunned or anything.


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