Thursday, March 21, 2013

I can't believe I didn't share this with you.

You may not remember, but I've talked about a doll that belongs to my Grandmother. The doll's name is Ellen Francis. I talked about her first here: Ellen Francis I, and shared actual pictures of her here: Ellen Francis II. The doll herself is named after her original owner, Ellen Francis Luke, who I believe was my Great-Grandmother's cousin? (Don't quote me on that). Ellen Francis didn't have any children, so when she passed away it ended up with my Great-Grandmother, when she passed it ended up with my Grandmother. One of the last times I was in Connecticut I "borrowed" some older pictures from my Grandmother. I brought them back to North Carolina, scanned them, then returned them (she never knew they were gone). One of those pictures was of Ellen Francis as a young girl. It is as follows.

That's her with her brother Archie Luke. I don't know much about him, I don't know much about her, but I know even less about him. I also uploaded the back of the picture. I scanned it to preserve the writing. In case you can't read it, it says; "Ellen Francis, Archie J. taken Oct 16, 1911 The day E.F. was 4 yrs old." I'm not sure if Ellen Francis the doll was around yet. The 370 model of Armand Marseille dolls were in production by this time, they in fact were being produced until the 1920's. I'd say if she didn't have the doll by then, she would have gotten it shortly after.


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