Sunday, March 24, 2013

Off with her head!

So I did absolutely no work on Francie's outfit today. You know what I did do today?


Midge here got her head removed and all her hair cut off them removed. I'm not sure you remember this particular doll. I bought her last year for my birthday off Craigslist. She came in a lot with another Midge, a Bubblecut Barbie, and a BL Midge on a trashed BL Francie body. The other three dolls have all joined the collection, (after BL Midge upgraded to a SL body)  but not her. She's be living in a box in the closet for a while now, due to her unfortunate haircut. Someone had cut off all the curled part of her hair. It's a shame because what hair that was left was in really nice shape, but I could not leave her with that highly unflattering bob. So today it all came out. I'm going to have to be careful when re-rooting her. I forgot how delicate the partlines are, and how they are prone to tearing on you, no matter how careful you are. She's got two spots that I need to be really careful with when re-rooting. Hopefully I'll be able to manage it, I've dealt with some similar tricky hair situations before. She also got a bath today. All four dolls were incredibly filthy when I got them, the rest of them got their baths last year, but since I wasn't planning on dressing Midge any time soon, I neglected to do that. But today I rectified that and now Midge is all squeaky clean. Now all she needs is some new hair and she'll be good to go. But she's going to have to wait until June for that. But she's good at waiting, she's been waiting a long time for me to even get to this point with her.

But I didn't work just on Midge today. This lovely lady also got the same treatment:
In case you can't tell, she's using Midge's body to prop her up for the picture. That's because I don't have a body for her yet. That's the Superstar head I got in that random bag of 70's dolls a while back. When I got her she was on a destroyed Ballerina Barbie body. She too suffered a terrible haircut at the hands of a child. Hers was more of a Bubblecut than a bob though, still just as unflattering. So today it all came out. I'm not looking forward to re-rooting her, like the more modern dolls she has a ton of hair holes to fill. Since she's not as vintage as the majority of my collection (the first Superstar doll is my cutoff for true vintage) normally I'd say forget it and not bother re-rooting her, but I've always been a sucker for the first Superstar dolls. Although at this point she's the only doll out of the seven I'm not sure which color to do her hair in. I want something different than how she originally came, but something somewhat realistic, but works with her skin tone. Unlike the majority of the dolls from that lot she's actually in pretty decent shape. Her face paint is flawless, but she does have this weird indent to the tip of her nose. It's a small line on it, not sure what happened there with it. But either way she's bald just like Midge. She too got a bath today.

So now I have two more dolls ready for their repairs in June than I did at the start of the day. I ended up finding a box to store them in as well. I figured that I might as well start collecting up the ten dolls when they're finished in one spot so they're not scattered about the room like they currently are. So now Midge, her body, the Superstar head, and a Francie head that I already removed the hair from are together. (I also have Francie's body, I'm just using that as my fit model for Malibu Francie's outfit so it stays out). 

I wonder what I will do tomorrow, work on Malibu Francie's outfit, prep another doll, or something totally different...

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