Friday, March 15, 2013

Out-turned Pockets...

So what's it called when you're so broke... you're more than broke? Because that's what I currently am.  You already know about how the Swirl I bought from E-bay drained all the money I had saved up for the Swell Doll Shop. What you didn't know was that after that major setback, I kept posting stuff for sale. But I was no longer working on raising money for the upcoming meeting. I had my sights set on something much bigger.
I believe I mentioned it before, but from the start of the year there's been a specific type of doll that I've had the strongest desire to add to the collection. I already had one like it, but I wanted another. It was going to be a super expensive purchase (it's going to blow the swirl out of the water), but I needed this doll. My first one I had lucked out on to find it for a decent price, but I knew I wasn't going to be so lucky for my second one. I was going to shell out the cash, begrudgingly. I actually found one on Etsy that I liked, except it was in a lot of stuff and well out of my budget. I e-mailed the seller and asked if they'd be willing to split up the lot for the one doll. They were willing, but declined my offer of 70 dollars plus shipping for the one doll. They claimed they had a higher offer, so I had to walk away. I just couldn't afford it.
But I guess their "higher offer" backed out, (or never existed) because the doll was still listed online long after I stopped talking with the seller. I thought it would be snatched up in a short amount of time, but ended up staying listed for a while. This gave me hope, and I decided to save up my money to see if I could afford it. Unfortunately this happened after I bought the swirl so I was starting basically over for saving money. But not totally. Since the doll was still listed after a while and I knew the seller was willing to make deals, I had a thought. I was wondering if the seller would be willing to take multiple payments for the doll. I just needed to raise up a sizable amount for the "down payment". I was hoping to get 100 dollars saved up since that was basically 2/3 of the full price, and I think anyone would be hard pressed to decline 100 dollars, knowing that the remaining 62 would be following shortly.
But it was not meant to be. The longer the dolls sat on the site the more hopeful I felt that they would be remain unsold long enough to make my offer. BUT the seller was sneaky. Instead of re-listing the lot to bump it back to the top of the links, he used the doll I really wanted (and the most desirable) as a size model in a different new listing, noting in that ad she was also for sale. So basically she was back at the top of the page. My heart sunk when I saw that. I checked my Paypal the moment I saw that new ad, due to some massive luck and selling (including selling something I never thought I would), I had 80 dollars. Not the 100 I wanted, but still a decent amount. I contacted the seller with my offer and waited.
I didn't have to wait long. HE SAID YES! The doll was mine... eventually. I sent him my down payment of 80 dollars after we hashed out the rest of the terms of the layaway plan. I have two months to get the remaining 82 dollars to him, which is a huge sum to raise (that's including the 14 dollar shipping price). Luckily my parents offered to underwrite this cost. I'm going to work the hardest to raise the money on my own, but they'd be willing to loan me the rest of the cash if I can't raise the full amount by May 4th. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I'd really love to have it paid off before then (I want it now!), but I hope I can raise it all on my own.
So keep your finger's crossed for me, I'm going to need all the luck I can get. I know this post is super vague, but you can look forward to reading all about my new doll the week after May 4th. (Can you stand the wait, I'm not sure I can!)

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  1. Glad you and the seller worked terms out. Can't wait to see who the newest doll is :-)