Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I continued my streak of not working on Francie's outfit. I'm not really sure what the problem is. I still like the outfit and plan on finishing it eventually, but I'm just so unmotivated to work on it. I'm actually feeling unmotivated for lots of things right now. Here's hoping those feelings pass, the sooner the better.

Today ended up being a pretty similar repeat of yesterday. I didn't work on Francie's outfit, and I ended up going out. I was actually woken up this morning with the offer to go out. I thought about it for a little bit, but ended up going. I ended up rushing through my morning routine quickly to not keep my father waiting. I was so rushed that I went out before I had breakfast. I did however had enough time to sign onto Facebook and contact the antique seller from yesterday to tell him that I was planning on stopping into the store and could he please have the Barbie stuff out. I was praying that the item that I wanted was still there and I could finally be able to buy it.
Even though that was the main reason I was heading out, I didn't go there first off. Since I sent my request right before we went out, and I wasn't sure when the gentleman who ran the Facebook page were going to see it and I wanted to give him time to read my post. Instead the first place I ended up was back at the Christian Second Hand store. My father was there buying a military jacket he saw yesterday but needed to do some research before buying. He decided he wanted it, so we headed back to there today. Luckily it was still there and so he got it. I did wander around the store on my own for a little bit, but everything that was there were things I had passed over yesterday. I did find something however, it was a book written in 1945 with Shirley Temple as the main character. I guess it was produced by the studios looking to cash in on her movie fame. I don't have much interest in it personally, I bought it for resale. Eventually it will find it's way into my Etsy store.

After that was the antique store. I walked there from the Christian Secondhand Store, it's literally down the road from it. The man who runs it had gotten my post and the doll stuff was out. He showed it to me so I started looking through it. He then stood over me and chatted with my father while I was doing it. I kind of wish he hadn't done that, made me feel very uncomfortable. Eventually I found the one I was looking for, it looks like the majority of what I saw that first time was still there, or at least the ones that I found the most tempting were still there. I bought only one though, I can't afford to get anything else right now. That one item was a bit of a splurge. My dad talked with the guy and was able to get him to lower the price some. It was originally 20, but he said he's be willing to sell it for 15, you good sir, have a deal!

Want to know what I got?    

Did you see? It's a pair of vintage American Girl stock issue shoes, or at least I think it is. I know it's American Girl shoes, but it may not be a true pair. It's just that they're both marked Japan, and only one of them should be. I've been looking at them, and it looks like I have a left and right shoe, but I could be mistaken. They're not a true color match (one is lighter than the other), so I'm wondering if I have two of the same shoes instead of a set. I know that the original lot at one time had a BL Midge and an AG Barbie, so I might have gotten one shoe from each of them. It's not that big of a deal since the shoes still fit on Barbie's feet and when she's wearing them you can't tell that they might be on the wrong feet. 

So you know I already paid 15 dollars for this, but I didn't get just the shoes. The shoes also came with an outfit, one that I didn't recognize, so I was pretty sure it was a clone outfit. (Spoiler alert, it was) I thought about asking the seller if he'd be willing to split up the lot, but in the end I decided to just buy the whole set and not even ask. I figured that I could sell the rest of the outfit and try and make some of my money back. I decided to take a picture of my new shoes to share on Flickr, I also took a picture of the outfit that they came with to post on Flickr. I figured might as well share them both. And it's a good thing I did. Let me show you the picture I shared:

You see those pink and red rings? Apparently those are the SUPER RARE bracelets and earrings (missing the posts) from Mod Barbie outfit Floating Gardens. Thank you Matthew Sutton for identifying them for me! Apparently, the bracelets have sold on E-bay for fifteen EACH and the earrings for eighteen (with the posts). I was shocked I thought they were random clone junk and was just going to sell them with the outfit hoping someone would want them. Not anymore, I'm keeping them! I don't think I'll ever get Floating Gardens, but at least I have one of the harder to find items already. He also warned me not to ever put the bracelets on a doll because they'll break. I didn't mention it, but I almost tried them on a doll before I knew what they were but didn't bother since I figured they wouldn't fit. That would have been such a regret if I had. I've already bagged them up and stored away in my Barbie clothes closet. That was a pretty exciting find.

I've got a good Barbie eye even when I don't know what I'm buying. That outfit however has a date with the Dollpage.

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