Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Same Old Song

So....... Francie's outfit? Didn't happen today either.

Instead I went out. I sort of had a bit of a reason, you see there's a Barbie item I've been wanting for weeks now from a local Antique store and due to several issues I've been forced to put off getting it. I actually decided to not get it since money's a bit tight right now and I really didn't need it, I just wanted it. So when asked if I wanted to go out, I originally said no, and explained that I didn't want the item anymore. But then I got pressured into going.... and I cracked, pretty quickly too. Apparently money isn't as tight as I thought, so we could splurge a tiny bit.
So I went out. Up first was the Christian Secondhand Store. I don't know if I mentioned it, but it reopened at the beginning of the month, a little more than a month after the expected to. I won't lie, I did miss them, some of my best finds came from there, especially fabrics. They didn't disappoint today either. In the fabric section I found this pretty white and royal blue tulip seersucker type fabric. It's a little less than a yard with some small scraps from whatever project it was originally used for. I really liked the print and thought it could easily work for either a 50's or 70's style outfit. I also found this interesting geometric print silver fabric. This one looked like it could work nicely for a vintage Ken shirt. I also got about a yard of it, and it looks uncut. However the more I look at it, the more I think it might be a bit too flashy for a Ken shirt. I'm still glad I got it, it's just I'll have to think of another application for it. I paid a dollar for each of them.
That's all I got for fabrics (but really, two is enough). They didn't have much for toys, they had a couple dolls, but I didn't see any that I actually could use or want for the collection. I did however find some interesting Easter decorations I just had to have. Up first I found this adorable little mama bunny and baby figurines. They are so cute, I honestly could not have left them there! They're really tiny and made of plastic. When I showed them to my mom she remembered that there used to be a kind of soap that came with little plastic toys imbedded inside. As you washed your hands and used the soap you revealed the toy inside. Since these toys triggered that memory for her, they might have come from something like that. All I know is that for fifty cents I needed them. They're now living on Charlotte's shelf as Easter decorations.    
That wasn't the only Easter decorations I found. I also found an entire bag full of vintage decorations. I think most of it dates from the 70's, but I think I saw some newer and later things too. Several things ended up on my bookshelf as Easter decorations, but several things did not. You'll get to see the stuff I'm keeping on Easter, but you can see the rest of it now. I offered what I didn't want to one of my Flickr friends. The three fuzzy chicks and the duck with crazy eyes will be eventually headed to Texas. I've already taken that grade school rabbit project down to his parts.

I paid two dollars for all that and more, not a bad shopping trip there at all.

 After that I headed to the Antique store with the Barbie accessories I wanted to look at/buy one. I walked in, went to where they were the last time I was there, and... nothing. It was gone, all of it. I couldn't believe it. I walked around the store hoping it had just been moved, but no dice. I found one of the dolls from the lot, but that's it. None of the accessories were there, which is what I wanted to look at. Dejectedly I left. I was in total shock since I really didn't think that EVERYTHING would sell in such a short period of time. I mean, those dolls at the Antique Mall have been there for years and only a few have sold, I have no idea how all these little things, in a more obscure location would sell like that. I won't lie, it really put a damper on the rest of my trip.
I went to the Goodwill and Salvation Army, but didn't find anything I wanted. I really didn't want to go, at that point I just wanted to go home and deal with my disappointment in private. 


*UPDATE* I contacted the owner of the store on their Facebook asking if the accessories had sold. They got back to me, apparently they had not sold, they just weren't on display at that time. The next time I'm planning on going there they said to contact them and they would bring them out for me. So there's still hope I can get what I want. I'll keep you updated.

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