Monday, March 25, 2013

Ugh, we should have gotten a cart! (Oh wait... we sort of did)

Still no progress on Malibu Francie's outfit. I ended up going out instead of working on it. But this wasn't a usual going into town trip just for fun, I actually needed to go out today. I had to get something into the mail. I had something sell yesterday and I wanted to get it taken care of and out of my hands. It was a small item, so I didn't make a ton of money on the sale, but I am now four dollars richer, but one Ken doll poorer. Which is fine, I didn't really like him. He hasn't done anything other than sit around waiting to be sold. I'd rather have the four dollars. Especially when it gets me closer to my May deadline.
And even though I was just going out to get it into the mail you just know I couldn't do a quick trip like that. I ended up all over town today! Up first was the Christian Second Hand store. I didn't see anything I wanted in both toys or fabric. All I got there was a boring new sheet to use for testing out patterns. I did have to talk myself out of getting this vintage sheet with a really cool 60's pattern. It could have worked for a mod dress, but since I couldn't think of an application for it right then I walked away. I have too many fabrics kicking around that looked good in the store, but have yet to find a use around here. Plus I hate cutting up sheets to use even if they're boring, I image it would be even worse if they were cool and vintage.
I got out of there pretty cheaply, but then I made a rookie move. I went to the Fleamarketeers next door. In one of my doll groups they were talking about some Mego "The Black Hole" dolls. I remembered that that store had one MIB. I went to go find it, photograph it, and share it with the group. I actually couldn't find it in the store. I knew exactly where it had been, but the case it used to be in now had entirely different content in it. I still had my camera out, so I ended up taking several pictures of interesting dolls I found. One of those was a bag that had two modernish dolls in it at one of the booths. They're not my usual interest, but I ended up taking them both out of the bag to look at their markings. I also took their picture. They weren't that expensive, the two of them cost three dollars, but it was still a but much for a total impulse buy when I had no idea what they were. I also found another bag in near them. This one didn't have any dolls. It had a few odds and ends, the only one I was interested in was the My Little Pony looking figure in it. I have no interest in them, but this one was cute. It had an interesting feature, it's eyes opened and closed. I've never seen one like that before. Also in it was Princess of Power figure. This bag was cheaper than the other one, it was only two dollars. It was interesting, but not that tempting at that price. I was leaving that section when I noticed a sign, everything in that booth was half off! It wasn't tempting at five dollars, but at two fifty for both, it sure was. (Keep reading, you'll see pictures of my new finds at the bottom of this post)
I wasn't done looking around yet, so I was walking around with the two bags taking pictures of random dolls that I wanted to remember. I noticed a guy watching me taking pictures, which was super awkward. (I hoped it wasn't his booth I was taking pictures in). A little bit after I noticed him watching me, I ran into him again. He asked me what I was taking pictures of. I said dolls, so I could research them later. He understood and said it was a lucrative collector's market. I said sure was and that was the extent of our conversation. It was weird... but I was willing to admit I was looking at dolls to a total stranger, so that was better than I was a little bit ago. I hope to one day be comfortable in my own skin... eventually. I also ended up getting a knitting accessory there as well. It's a sheet of metal with holes so you can figure out the size of your knitting needles. It also has a ruler to gauge your knitting. I will admit my knitting hasn't progressed very far. I'm just not enjoying it, and there's one technique that I keep messing up on. I however do plan on getting back into doing it... eventually. It only cost a dollar, and I'm sure I will eventually need it. In total I ended up getting out of there for 3.50, which is actually not too bad, especially when before the sale it all would have cost me six.
After that I headed to the Salvation Army. Not a whole lot to see there. I ended up almost leaving empty handed. Instead I found one thing I had to have. It's a little woven straw purse. It's got the cutest image of two female ducklings sharing an umbrella while it's raining. The inside is lined with plastic. Weird, right? I thought it was from the 70's and bought it for resale, but according to a knowledgeable Flickr friend it's from the 50's and it's a child's purse. They also said they saw one for sale for 15 dollars, which is not too bad since I only paid a dollar for mine. This will eventually be listed in my Etsy store. Again, I have that May bill looming.
After that was the Goodwill (and the last place, thank goodness), but that's where I hit the mother load. I found a bunch of wonderfully priced items that will be perfect for me, or for resale. The first thing I found was a bag of random toys. I mainly bought it for the small Alf figure inside, but found out that it also included an early littlest pet shop toy. It also had a newer LPS McDonald's toy and a figure from a Power Ranger's playset, and some other random toys. Not sure what to do with those, don't think they're worth much and I certainly don't want them. I think they might end up being donated to a different store.
I also ended up finding a Fisher Price 70's Miss Piggy toy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this (it's a bit played with), but I've always loved Miss Piggy, so I couldn't leave her there. You all should know by now I have terrible impulse control. I also found the most darling cloth Christmas dog. I believe it's from the 60's. It's unmarked and I can see where there used to be a tag, but it looks like it's from that era. It's a little faded in spots but overall in wonderful condition. I'm planning on keeping this. It would be perfect for Christmas decorating although I'm going to have to be careful about that. I keep amassing all this Christmas stuff, and I don't have that much room to display it all! Eventually I'm going to have to start selling some of it, instead of keeping it all, but not today.
And for our final purchase from the Goodwill, we have this awesome vintage planter. Just like the dog it's
unmarked, but I'd guess it's from the 50's, could be earlier. I think it's from Japan, or less likely Germany. It's a wonderful design of a girl with her donkey cart. It's in amazing shape, I don't think it has any chips or anything! It's is really dirty though, I am going to have to clean it, I'm just going to have to be super careful I do not want to damage this at all! Just like the purse I'm planning on reselling it. In fact I plan on selling most of what I bought today after I clean it up.
Here's a picture of all the little random things I bought: 

Back at home I did some research into what I bought at the Fleamarketeers. The blonde doll from that bag was marked Creata. She's just a random clone doll, I found several dolls just like her, they don't sell for much. The orange haired doll was from the Lady Lovely Locks line from the 80's. She actually has some neck breaking going on, not sure what to do about that. She's actually wearing her original dress in the picture, but when I found her the blonde doll was wearing it, she was wearing a red and white clone dress (I think it's a clone dress, either way it's in rough shape). The pony I found was not a pony, she's a unicorn and an official Hasbro one. I thought she might be a clone, and I was fine with that, she's cool enough as is. But she's marked on her feet as Hasbro. Thanks to some pony identifying websites I found out she is Baby Gusty from 1987 (I think that's when she's from). She has the sleep eyes because her line were babies and you could put them to bed. She's not worth that much, which is fine by me. I just like her. I plan on keeping her for a while, then sending her on her merry way once I tire of her. But after a bath, she's filthy! Right now I'm planning on keeping the dog and the unicorn and send everything else on it's merry way, either on Etsy, the Dollpage, or just re-donated.

I think I did pretty good for myself since I think I spend about ten dollars in total today!

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