Monday, March 18, 2013

Well that didn't go as planned....

So those Francie shorts I was going to get done today? That so didn't happen. In my defense it's been overcast all day. Without the sunlight, it's near impossible to sew dark fabrics since I can't see anything. The shorts are navy, so they're pretty dark. I did make an effort with them today, but for some reason when I fixed one thing, I ended up messing up another. I have no idea how I messed up the inseam since I thought I did it the exact same way I did it originally, but when I tried it on Francie it was much too high and the shorts barely fit! I did tweak it some to fix that problem, but I didn't get any closer to finishing them.

That being said, they're back to belonging to Malibu Francie. I tried the outfit as is on her, and it actually looks pretty cute, so it's hers again. Even though I didn't make much progress on the outfit Francie at least got a bath today. I think I washed her when she arrived, but that was months ago and she needed another one. She still has some dirt on her upper arms I couldn't get off. Does anyone have any recommendations for removing it? I'd love to get her looking ship shape.

And now for something totally random. Today I decided what I was going to get for my birthday from my parents. Don't worry you haven't missed it, it's not until June 9th. I was thinking about visiting the Swell Doll Shop, but I decided against it. Instead I'm going to use my money somewhat differently. I'm going to use the money to add 10 new dolls to the collection, kind of. I already have these dolls, but they all need some restoration in order to add them to the collection. I've decided that instead of adding new dolls to the collection, I'll work on fixing up some of the ones I already have.
One of the things I plan on buying is the repair kit for the 70's dolls. That way I can repair Sweet Sixteen's hip which broke in February, and repair Quick Curl Kelly and Growing Pretty Hair Barbie who both came broken from that bag of random stuff and have never actually been part of the collection. That's going to be about half of my birthday money. The rest of the money is going to be spent at the same place, but on hair. Despite my best efforts I've manged to amass seven dolls who need a re-root (I know crazy, right?). Even though I hate re-rooting it's time to bite the bullet and do it. I don't plan on working on all of them full time, but at least I will have the supplies when I'm done.

For the most part I've decided on the hair colors I want for each doll, but there's still two I'm having trouble with. So I turn to you Dear Readers, if you had the choice, what hair color would you pick for a straight leg Skipper and a Superstar Barbie? I want something usual, but not too outlandish.

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  1. Since you asked I always love seeing Skipper with brown or black hair not sure why :-)
    Superstar I love maybe titian or darker since most I've seen tend to be blonde