Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Laaaaaaaaaaaazy Day

I really didn't feel like doing anything today, so I didn't. Whenever I force myself to do something I don't want to, it usually blows up in my face, so what's the point?

It's still been a weird day though. My Dad came back home after being gone for two days. Nothing (too) bad for why he was gone suddenly like that. On Tuesday my Sister's Husband called. Their car broke down. He was driving it, heard a loud bang, then it just died on him, leaving him stranded and unable to go get my sister from her job, or anywhere for that matter. So my dad got into his car and drove up to him in Raleigh. He was hoping it would be a quick fix and he would only be needed for a little bit. He actually asked if I wanted to go with him, but I declined. Good thing too, turns out it was a belt that went, and to repair it would be very close to the cost of the car, so they're looking into getting a new car, but they needed a car to get around town with. So they were going to borrow my parent's car... BUT they were unable to make the two hour each way trip to bring him back home for a couple days, so he ended up hanging out there for the past two days. Most unusual, but it happens in life. Not too much changed with him being gone, but I did have to pick up some of the household chores he normally did. I took care of the dogs and was on dirty dish duty. Really, nothing I couldn't manage.

Anyway, continuing our introduction posts we have finally reached our final introductions. This is the one that I paid off in two huge payments, which was the most I've ever paid for dolls, ever. And in all honestly, I doubt I'll ever pay that much again. I really can't afford these big ticket items. For everything I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of days, I paid 162 dollars, which is a HUGE sum. I won't lie, I'm not totally in love with my big purchase. I mean, I like it and I'm glad I got it, but nothing I got was really "OMG I got an amazing deal on this!!!!!", and you all should know how much I love getting an awesome deal on things. I think sometimes I like that more than the dolls themselves.
Up first I'll be sharing a case. I'm not a big case collector, but I've managed to collect up several over the course of my collecting, I even have a TLC Skipper case on display so I do like them enough to display
them. The new one is different than the rest of the ones I have. It's a Barbie and Ken case, my first that includes Ken. Since it's designed for both dolls it's huge! It's the red version, with the front and back image being a Bubblecut Barbie and a Blonde Ken. It's weird, both Ken images are blond, but the Barbie is shown as both a redhead and brunette. They're both wearing actually produced Mattel fashions in the images, can't remember the names off hand, but they actually existed (sometimes on the cases the outfits were never produced, or never produced in the colors they're shown in). The outside of the case is in okay shape, it is pretty filthy, everything from this lot is pretty dirty. I'll be doing a lot of washing before I can put anything away. The images are in good shape, with minimal wear, you can see that Ken has some crayon on his face on one side, I'm hoping that will come off pretty easily, I haven't started cleaning that side yet. The other side had some sticky residue all over it. I kind of think it was like tape residue or something. I've been working on getting that off first. I've actually been making some decent progress on it. I'm hopeful that it will clean up nicely.
The inside is in okay shape. You can see that there's a pink (for her) and a blue (for him) side. Both sides have a space for the doll, a clothing bar, and the remains of where the accessory drawers would have been. Both accessory boxes have been removed. There's still some pieces of the Barbie one stuck to the bottom of her side. I've never gotten a case with the drawer totally intact, but I've never had them totally ripped out like that. I guess someone really didn't want them in their case. I'm also missing the straps that snap into place to keep the dolls secure. I mean, I don't ever plan on using this to carry dolls, but it would still be nice to have.  You can see the dividing wall between the Dolls and Clothes section is a little bowed, but not too badly.
Overall the case in in decent shape. It has a couple of splits in the vinyl (much less than some of the others ones I have), and there's some tarnish to a lot of the metal pieces, especially the clasp. I'm not really sure if that will ever clean up. I'm not totally sure about what I'm going to do with this case. I thought about actually replacing the Skipper case I had on display with it, but it's too big to fit in that space. Right now I think that I'll just end up cleaning it up, then storing it in the closet with the rest of the cases I have.
Like I said, I'm not a big case person.

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