Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Not too much to report today. 

I didn't do much with the dolls today. No sewing, but I did work on some repairs that needed to be done. The other day I finally replaced my vinyl glue, so I was able to repair that White Ginger Bubblecut I got recently. She's still curing, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to report that she's fixed. I don't always have the best luck with neck split repairs, sometimes I have to do them a couple times before they stick (no pun intended). And since I had that set up, I decided to work on another doll, my Bend Leg Skipper. She needed some gluing too, but not her neck, her foot. The top of one of her feet had a nasty gash and needed repairing. It was so bad that you could easily move her foot mechanism out through the tear. I've never repaired feet before, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Just like the White Ginger, I'll let you know if it takes tomorrow. Hopefully it works. I have a couple of other dolls that need some repairs to their legs.

And since I had Skipper out already, I decided it was time to work on prepping her for her upcoming re-root. She's one of the eight dolls due for one in June. Just like with the TNT Skipper I had to be super careful about her rooted eyelashes, even though her's aren't as perfect as the TNT's. I managed to remove her hair with minimal damage to her lashes. I ended up pulling out one dark colored hair from inside her head. I'm not sure if it was even still part of her visible eyelashes, that one might have worked itself into her head before I ever got her. Now, I have a question for you all. I was planning on re-rooting her in a shade similar to her original blonde, but now I'm wondering if I should. I don't have a color I like better right now, but I'm just rethinking the blonde. Any suggestions to think about? She is extremely pale, so I'm not sure if she could pull off some of the darker colors. Think about it, I know I will.

And finally let's continue talking about that lot of stuff I bought over a week ago. I really need to be better about sharing it with you all, or else it will never get done. Right now it's cluttering up my work table, and I want that space back! We're still talking about the clothes that came in the case. Today we will be talking about coats and bathrobes. There were several in the case. You can clearly tell that they were made by at least two different people. One of them was a skilled sewer, the other one... not so much. I assume it was a mother and daughter and the daughter was just learning how to sew.
Up first we have the coat that I assume the novice sewer made. It's an a-line coat, made from a a turquoise woven material (nicer than burlap, but that's what came to mind when I first saw it). It's entirely hand sewn, not too badly actually. The biggest issue I have with it is the clunky decorative stitches along the opening, sleeves, and pocket. They're not adding anything to the coat, and make it look incredibly home made. When I first got it, I thought I knew which sewing pattern they used to make it, but now that I'm looking at it, I've never seen this pattern before. It's unusual, the front is all one piece, but the back has inset raglan sleeves. It does need a little bit of repair, the side seam has come undone, but I can't see myself getting around to repairing it. It's not a bad coat, just one that I could never see using so I won't bother repairing it. I've tried making a-line coats before and I just don't like the look on Barbie, and this version is just not what I would dress a doll in.
Moving on from that we have a bathrobe. This is actually very similarly made to the coat, except it doesn't have the raglan sleeves in the back, so it is a different pattern. It's made from a similar turquoise color, but in a corduroy material. It does use a different material for the collar and the front facings (I'm thinking a nylon), and has a cord tacked down to the back so it can be tied closed. Just like the first jacket it's entirely hand sewn, but does not have that tacky "decorative" stitching. As you can see it is stained on the sleeve, and there's a couple of other spots all over. I don't think that spot will end up coming out, I think it's just been there for so long it's set in the material. The material doesn't feel icky where the discoloration is, so it might not even be a stain, maybe it was resting against something for the past 50 years and the dye leeched into it.
 Again, not too concerned about it, I don't plan on using the bathrobe either.
And finally (for today) we have another coat. This one again uses a different pattern. Unlike the first coat both front and back pieces don't include sleeves, it has separate raglan sleeves. While it's a different pattern, it's another a-line coat just like the first one. It's the only jacket made from a print. It's a really lovely red satiny material with a black, gold, and silver floral pattern. It has contrasting red velvet cuffs and collar. This one is also entirely hand sewn, and even has a hand bound buttonhole (and over sized red  plastic button to close it with). This jacket is both the best conditioned piece out of these three, and my personal favorite. I thought about sacrificing it for the fabric and using it for something else, but I can't bear to do that. I'm afraid I'll mess up that lovely fabric. Also I can't think of an application for it at this time, so I'm just going to leave it as is. No need to mess with something when I don't have, want, or need to.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll make more progress in sharing those doll clothes!

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  1. New follower here! I'd love to see pics of your reroots, and also of the Skipper you're going to be rerooting... it would be easier to see her makeup to give an opinion on what color hair to go with.

    It's always so interesting to find handmade items from the past, you always have to wonder who made them and what the experience was like.