Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clothing Wrap-up!

Even though I'm currently on a hiatus from the blog, and in sewing I still want to share everything I've been buying lately. I'm not sure if any of my readers are interested, but I personally like sharing it because it gives me a chance to really analyze my purchases, and it's a handy dandy source to remember where things came from later on. I'm still pretty good a remembering on my own, but sometimes I do forget, so this is a good backup.
Like I said I my last (for now) post, my creative streak is currents at an all time low, but my purchasing streak is at an all time high. I still haven't finished sharing with you all the things that came in that case lot inside the red Barbie and Ken case, and there's another whole lot to share with you right after I finish this one.

So, let's get to it! Up first we have the last of the homemade pieces from the case. Starting at the left we have a pair of... pants? They're either long shorts, or short pants. They're made from a red, black, and gray woven fabric, I'm thinking wool. They have an elasticized waist, and judging by the size of it, probably originally were for Ken. I think these are entirely hand made, just judging by the stitching. I actually really like this material, I just wish there were more of it. It there was, I'd remake them into a pair of Ken pants. Since there isn't, I've been thinking about trying to make a pair of pants for Ricky, but even for a much smaller doll, I don't think there's enough fabric. So I'm not really sure if they'll ever work out being used for anything. Right now they're in a bag in the freezer. There's a tiny hole on one of the pant legs, and I'm concerned that it could be from bugs. I know these pants could be 50 years old at this point and whatever made that hole most likely is long since dead and not a problem, I still wanted to be careful. I looked it up and to kill bugs in wool you could either boil the wool briefly or freeze it for a couple days. Freezing seemed a lot more fool proof and less invasive to the material so I went with that. I'll bring it back to my room in a couple days once I feel safe that anything living in it is dead. Moving on from that to the upper right we have a smock. At least I think it's a smock. It fits Skipper, but is extremely short, so if it's a dress I hope she wore tights and underwear under it, and never on a day when there was any wind. It's made from cotton, in a really cute print. The bottom and neck are bound with bias tape. Unlike the pants, this dress is made from both machine and hand sewing. The bias tape was clearly sewn down by machine, but the bound buttonhole in the back is clearly hand sewn. It's in pretty good shape, except for a few errant threads, and the purple ribbon in front has seen better days. My favorite part of it is again the print. I don't have plans to remake it or anything. There's not enough material for anything else. I plan on holding into it, but really can't ever see me using it. But I could always end up with a doll that's roughtly the same torso size as Skipper, but a lot shorter so it might end up finding a use around here. And finally for this group, we have a Barbie blouse. Made from a hot pink thin almost sheer material (could be nylon) it's entirely hand sewn, and closes in the front with two buttons. The buttons are really pretty, if a bit over sized. They're a champagne colored pealized glass (I think). For such think fabric, it's actually in pretty good shape. The only problem with it is that there's some fraying at the back at the neck hole. I don't plan on repairing it, it won't be easy to repair such delicate material, and I don't really want to put in the effort. I don't ever plan on using this blouse. The material and color aren't my favorites, and I'd prefer to make my own I needed something like it. Also those buttons are huge! It would be like you and I using ping pong ball sized buttons!

And that was the home made clothing from the case! That wasn't too bad was it? After that we have the few
factory made pieces from the case, mostly Mattel. Up first we have a shoe. This is your classic vintage Barbie stiletto. I believe it's the medium blue color, which came with four outfits: Knitting Pretty, Knit Separates, Midnight Blue, and Firelights. I have the right unmarked shoe. It's in pretty good shape. The strap is a little warped, but it's not broken. When I saw the pictures of this lot, I thought this was a turquoise shoe, but it's not. Add another shoe to my vintage singles pile!
Next we have the factory made clothing. Starting at the left, we first have the terrycloth top to Ken's original outfit. I have a ton of these, and just like with this one, the terrycloth top has lasted longer than the doll. Ken was not
part of the lot. This one is in really great shape, lots of times they have popped stitching or all dingy. The one is neither of those things. This one looks pretty good, I'm sure it could be a little whiter, but overall it's in nice shape. I can add it to the pile with the other ones I have. To the right of that we have a dress, one that originally came with Tressy. Just like with Ken, Tressy did not survive in this lot. I just have her dress. I actually have a Tressy doll, so it's nice to finally have her dress. It's actually in really great shape. It's got a tiny black spot at the hem, but other than that it's in wonderful shape. I don't think Tressy wore this for very long. To the upper right of that we have a vintage Mattel purse. It's made of red velvet and lined with white satin. On the front it closes with a rhinestone. That means this originally came with the classic coat Red Flair. It needs a bit of work. The satin lining is a little dingy, the rhinestone on front is coming off, and the loop at the top has come undone. I'm not sure how to fix that, but I am planning on it. Unlike most of the handmade items, I do like this, and I do plan on using it. And finally below that we have the swimsuit that came with American Girl Barbie. This is mostly in good shape. The top part is nice with bright colors and no popped stitching. The bottom part has a run however (Grrr), just one, and it's practically dead center so it's pretty obvious. This would be a really nice example of that swimsuit if it wasn't for that run. Oh well.

And that's all the clothes from that lot! Stay tuned for the most exciting part... the dolls!

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