Sunday, April 21, 2013

Even Sadder Charlotte!

I texted that woman again this morning, hoping that maybe yesterday was just some miscommunication or something... and nothing. Total silence from them. So I gave up. I'm not going to stalk this woman over these two dolls, but I am extremely annoyed by her actions. I keep flip flopping between rage and sadness. 
>:(    :'(
But I tried not getting myself too down. I ended up over on Craigslist again trying to find a replacement to fill the void those two dolls left. I ended up finding a case lot, one with a doll, some clothes, and some accessories. The only problem is, no pictures just text. I e-mailed the person and they kindly texted me some pictures. The case was Mod, the doll however was not. It was a Quick Curl doll, and the clothes were all 70's outfits. I ended up asking a couple questions, and getting a couple more pictures. In the end, I decided to get the lot, even though it was further away, more expensive, one of the doll's legs were broken, and less of my total interest. I asked if the seller could meet today, but they said they'd have to get back to me sometime after three.
No response. I texted them in the late evening, and still nothing. Unless there's a miracle, I guess I won't be getting that either.
I am seriously 0 for 2 this weekend, and I have NO idea why this keeps happening!!!!

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