Friday, April 19, 2013

Good, yet bad

I spent my morning cleaning my craft/miscellaneous closet. I didn't get the entire thing cleaned, but at least all the stuff on the floor is a lot more organized. I dusted, swept, moved stuff around, gave a couple things away, and even threw some stuff out! It really needed to be done and does look a lot better for my efforts. If only I was able to keep it looking that clean. It always ends up a mess. Eventually I will go back to it and work on the rest of the closet, but I was done with it for today. Instead I went out, and really that's for the best, I work best at cleaning when I do short bursts. Otherwise I get bored and end up quitting when everything still a mess and I end up having more of a mess then when I started.
I actually had a reason for going out, I needed to go to Hobby Lobby. I haven't talked much about going there this year because I've taken a conscientious effort to stay away from there. Last year I noticed that I was going there way too often and buying lots of stuff that I never ended up using. This trip will be my fourth time in the store this year, so I'm being good. And I'm sure my sewers block helps me with that, no need to go buy supplies when you're not sewing anything anyways.
But you just know I can't go out without stopping into the local thrift stores. I actually haven't stopped in for a bit, well a bit for me at least. And I actually didn't find much when I was out. Neither my father or I did. We both left the Salvation Army and the Goodwill empty handed, which doesn't happen a lot. At least one of us finds something in one of the stores, but today, nothing. The best buy of the day wasn't even for us. I ended up finding a big bag full of name brand, recent Lego pieces. I saw lots of interesting pieces that I knew my brother would love. It was rather expensive at six dollars (for thrift store shopping that is), but I know that you can't even get a small Lego kit for that price, so we got it. It had an added benefit since it gave me something to play with in the car when waiting for my father at certain stores I didn't want to bother going in to.
We found that at the United Christian Outreach store, but that wasn't the only thing I found there. The toy section was pretty abysmal. They still have the same few Barbie dolls there from when they opened. The fabric section however had several new things. I saw a couple Christmas fabrics I was kind of interested in, but ended up putting them back. They were either too similar to what I already had, or were so thin I could see through them and couldn't use them. It's only April, I have plenty of time to find more Christmas fabrics. I did however end up leaving with two new fabric bundles. The first one was a total impulse buy. I really can't use it for Barbie sewing, but I knew I'd be kicking myself if I left it there. It's around two yards of an adorable
printed cotton fabric.  It has the most darling images of a little girl and boy doing sweet things together, playing with a ball and hoop, sitting holding hands, and sitting on a boat together. If I had to guess I'd say it's from the 70's. I have no plans for this, but I had to have it. It only cost 50 cents. The second one I found is another unusual fabric. Just like the last one, I can't use it for doll sewing... well not all of it. This fabric was supposed to be used to make some pillows... some cat pillows. I really do not understand it. I have eight panels of two cats standing face to face of each other, and
several smaller panels of cats alone. I just bought it because I really liked the pink and red floral trim around the edges. That I plan on using for doll sewing. I didn't have plans for the cat panels, but my mom actually liked them, so they might end up getting used. But now that I'm thinking about it, they might be hideous enough for resale. Hipsters like cats and ugly things, they might sell.
And finally from the UCOC, I found a children's card game. It's called "Noah's Animals", and plays like memory. You're trying to match the tops and bottoms of the cards to make up the animals on the boat. The artwork is really cute. Check out that darling little mouse!
According to the instructions it was made in 1958. It does have some issues. I noticed several bent cards, some major box wear, and I'm missing two cards. But for a vintage game made from card stock, it could be in worse shape. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with it. I think it's adorable and might keep it, or I could list it for sale online. I think I'm going to hold onto it for a bit before I decide what I'm going to do with them. Once it's newness wears off, I'll be more likely to make a decision that I'll be fine with. 
And finally I headed over to Hobby Lobby. Like I said I was getting supplies, but not for myself, for my Grandmother. When she was here I noticed that her sunglasses holder (which I did not make) was looking really shabby. The gold material was really flaking off and just didn't look nice. So I decided to make her a new one, she deserves nice things. I would have done that quickly when she was here, but didn't have any material that would work for her, so I had to buy something. I wanted to get her some golfing related material, but Hobby Lobby didn't have anything like that. I wandered around the store trying to find something I liked, but it was hard. I did look at some coffee print fabric, but it wasn't really coffee, it said things like "Java" and "Espresso", which she doesn't drink so I couldn't get that. I almost left fabric without getting anything, but in the clearance section they had this really lovely canvas material. It's green with white and pink flowers on it. I thought it was lovely and perfect for sunglasses. And since the material's strong, it should last a while. Now I just need to buy some cording for the strap. I was going to buy it when I was there today, but I wasn't in love with any of it, and it wasn't on sale so I decided to hold off on it. It'll be either on sale next week, or just as not on sale. I was hoping to find black, but they didn't have any. That was before I found this fabric, so they might have a better match now. It was on clearance for five dollars a yard, but I only got a half yard of it. I do like it, but doubt I'll find a use for it for the dolls. I also bought a package of little silver beads when I was there today for a project I'm planning, but more about that when I'm actually working on it. I ended up holding off getting a couple things today so instead of the 15 dollars I had budgeted, I ended up spending less than five. Another good thing about this limited Hobby Lobby shopping, when I do go there I'm a bit more rational in my purchases instead of buying everything in sight. Now I just have to use them to be truely able to brag about my thrifty ways. I'm not saving any money if what I buy just ends up sitting around in a drawer forever.
Back at home I didn't end up doing much, we had a severe weather warning, so I just laid low. We brought all the cats in, and I brought the dogs in when it started thundering. Poor Pach hates thunder so I try to bring him in when I hear it.
I did end up over on Craigslist looking for dolls. I've had a couple false leads on there lately, but for some reason I've been compelled to keep checking. Today in Siler City I found someone selling a vintage Midge and Ken doll. I made plans to meet with them tomorrow to see if I want to buy them. So that's exciting, there will be more about that tomorrow though, and I know what you're all thinking. I don't really need more dolls, but I want them!

And now to talk about that doll lot some more. Just a quick few items today since I've blathered on long enough as is. Yesterday you saw the case, so let's start talking about what was inside it. Up first we have two pairs of underwear. They're totally hand sewn, no machine sewing at all. They're both made from the same pattern. Bloomers style that has elastic at the waist and is trimmed with the same antique lace at the legs. The only difference between the two are the material they're made of. The pair on the right is made from a nearly sheer white cotton, and the pair on the right is made from a thin yellow silk like material. I like them, they're pretty cute. They look a little dingy, so I kind of want to see if they'll lighten up any, but am not sure what to wash them with. Any suggestions? I may end up using them in the collection. I do like keeping my doll's modest.  

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  1. cute stuff. the canvas screams mod to me. the pattern is probably too large for barbie, but cut on an angle it could just look abstracty. might be too thick for doll clothes.

    for washing, you could try woolite. i've heard of people using it before, but i don't have any vintage stuff to test it on.