Monday, April 1, 2013

I have returned!

Hello Dear Readers, now that Easter is over I have returned from by brief cleaning hiatus. 

It was a good day yesterday. We had my sister and her Husband over to celebrate. Like most of our holidays it was pretty low key. We got together, had dinner together, chatted, and ended up playing a game together (well most of us, my father sat it out). It was fun, the house wasn't as clean as it could have, but it was at least presentable. It will however need a more in depth cleaning soon, but more on that later.

I also listed an E-bay auction yesterday. I didn't mention it, but during my last hiatus I ended up with the extremely rare Happy Family New Neighbor doll. I had him listed on one site, and when that didn't get any interest he ended up on the Dollpage. He didn't get a whole lot of interest there, so he's now on E-bay. I'm hoping he goes for a lot since I still owe 82 dollars that's due in early May. If he doesn't sell high I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Etsy being pretty slow and the Dollpage shutting down (seriously, what's up with that???). If you want to see him, you can find him on E-bay right now. He's the one with the black background, which you should be very familiar since it's the only background I have so lots of blog pictures use it.

Not too much to report about today itself. I went out for a bit, and stopped into a variety of stores, but didn't end up buying anything. There just wasn't anything I wanted or thought I could sell. I'm not too upset since the past couple of trips have been very successful. I need to get back to listing stuff, all the progress I made during my last selling frenzy has been overtaken by new things.

I want my bureau back!

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  1. I've been looking for the new neighbors to round out my happy family collection, so I'm watching the auction. I'm expecting it to end up out of my budget, but that's ok. good luck on your auction!