Monday, April 22, 2013

In which I am Sneaky...

So the weekends major disappointments had me wondering. Was I being ignored because the sellers were flakes, or was it because they were jerks?
It had been several days since they stopped talking to me, but at this time, both ads were still listed on Craigslist. So I decided to contact them again.... BUT I pretend to be a brand new buyer. I mean, they didn't know anything about me, and since it would be a cash only transaction, they never really needed to know much about me, period. The first person was easy, that one I had only talked to the seller through text. So they didn't even have my e-mail address. So I emailed them, I wasn't sure if they were going to respond to it since in their ad they left their phone number so they might not bother checking their e-mail. But still I tried, I even went and changed how I phrased things so my written voice would be a little different than the first time.
The second person was a bit more difficult. I had both texted and e-mailed with them, so they had those bits of information already. However I have an e-mail address that's totally unrelated to my normal one, so I used that. Again I changed my wording a bit. With both traps set, I got to sit back and see if I snared me a seller.
I did not hear from the second seller, I guess they're just a flake. However I did hear back from the first seller, I guess they're a jerk.
I'm paraphrasing here, but; "Why yes, the dolls are still availible (jerk), but the Ken doll is now double the price (bigger jerk)." She asked me which dolls I was interested in. Like before I mentioned the Ken and the midge (purpose lowercase). Unlike last time I also said I was interested in the (80's Holiday) Barbie in pink. I didn't want the Barbie, but she was a red herring to throw the woman off. See, I'm a totally different person, I even want a different doll than that first guy. In that same e-mail I asked if she was free to meet that evening. I sent it off and waited for a reply, if one would ever come... this is where our transaction stalled last time. After several hours she got back to me, she was free, we made plans to meet at 7:30, she gave me her address, and we were all set to go. I didn't want to meet at her house, but I figured that the less waves I made, the less likely she'd flake out on me again.
After driving 50 minutes, I got to her house (my father went with me just so I had someone else there just in case). She was outside working on the yard with her husband. I said hello, we went into her house, went into the dinning room, and there were the dolls on the table. The three I was interested in were pulled aside for me. I looked them over and did look quickly over the rest of them (in her ad she said she had some other 60's dolls, but other than Midge and Ken they were all 80's dolls). Shockingly, I decided against the Barbie in pink, (Bwahahahaha!) and only got the Midge and Ken! I paid her 20 dollars, and then got out of there. I think I interacted with her for 2 minutes tops. Not sure what she thought of me, but in all honestly, I don't really care.
And after all that they were mine, all mine! All it cost was twenty dollars, and a fair bit of my sanity. Was it worth it? I certainly think so.
Let me share with you my newest dolls. Up first let's talk about Midge. Midge is your standard straight leg titan. They must have churned out a million of these dolls since she's the most common. Midge is in
wonderful shape, I don't think she got played with much, if at all. Her hair is wonderful, her face paint is perfect, and her body is amazing. She is easily the best Midge in my collection. There's only two things wrong with her, her bangs have parted in the center showing off a little bald spot, and her right arm is bent inwards. The hair is a factory issue, and I believe the arm is from her leaning on in the past 50 years in storage and with some heat it "relaxed" like that. I've already fixed it by letting it soak briefly in some boiling water. It easily went back to it's original position. And speaking of a factory issue, she has an unusual bit of quality control issues. On her left foot, she's missing some nail polish. Her three middle toes are perfect, but the two on the end don't have the polish where they should be. The tops are totally bare, but the sides each have a tiny little dot of polish. I guess she wasn't placed correctly when they did her toes and that's what happened. It's kind of interesting. Like I said she was in pretty good shape when I got her, but she still needed a bath. Even with light play wear she managed to pick up some dirt. Her pictures are from after her bath where she has some clear thread holding her hair curl down. Midge actually did come dressed, in a horrible homemade turquoise blue top (with ragged real fur trim), and an 90's Native inspired Mattel made skirt. She even came wearing a pair of panties! I didn't bother taking a picture of the clothes since I don't plan on using them. That top is a mess, the snaps were so corroded that I ended up breaking one in order to get the top off her!
Moving onto Ken, he was a really great purchase. You know why? He ended up being a Bend Leg Ken! It's so awesome, in the course of several months, I managed to get both a Bend Leg Ken and Allen. I never thought I'd own one of these dolls, much less both of them. I had an inkling that Ken was a BL doll from the picture in the ad. The person took the pictures using a flash. The flash reflected off his hard plastic torso, but not his legs. That could have meant they were the rubber (and not as reflective) BL kind. After I realized that I noticed that his feet looked a little thicker, like how the BL dolls do. I wasn't totally sure since the seller's picture wasn't that big or clear, and I didn't want to ask in case the seller decided to research him and find out he was worth so much more than a SL doll. I was hopeful, but was trying to not get too excited over him being a BL doll, but he was, so I am!
Just like Midge he's in wonderful shape. The only issues with him is that one of his arms was bent at the wrist, and his head was a little off-skewed. I think just like Midge he was leaning on it for too long and it bent like that. I've already worked on him with some boiling water. His arm straightened right out, but his head is still slightly off just a tiny bit. I have no problem dealing with that issue since otherwise he's in such wonderful shape. Really, he (and her) was an amazing buy. An absolute jewel of a collection.

*Update* I should mention that sometimes jewels need some work. I failed to say in the original post, that both dolls had an aroma when I got them. Nothing like cigarette or a basement smell, but an overwhelming floral scent. I thought that I'd be able to live with them as is, but when I found it clinging to me after I touched them I just had to do something. Right now Ken, Midge, and her clothes are hanging out in a box in the closet with some baking soda. Their baths did help get rid of it some, but they still need some time to "air" out. Luckily I have so many other dolls to dress right now I'm sure it will give them plenty of time to de-stink before I even think about dressing them.

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