Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Poor Thumb :(

I spent my morning working on that TNT Skipper I shared with you yesterday. She already had her hair cut down to the scalp before I got her, but needed to have the rest of it removed. So I popped of her head and pulled out the tweezers and got to work. I had to be really careful since I didn't want to accidentally pull out her eyelashes. That has happened before. Her's are near perfect, and it would kill me if I damaged any. I was super cautious, and I'm pleased to say they're all still in place. I'm going to have to be just as careful when adding the new hair, but don't have to worry about that right now. That's June's problem, or later. I have a TON of dolls to re-root, and I doubt I'll do them back to back to preserve what little sanity I have left. I hate re-rooting and only do it because it's a necessity.

After lunch I actually went back and got another doll all prepped for their re-root. I have about eight dolls (with this new Skipper included) that I'll be re-rooting in total. Right now I have five of that eight all set to go. There's still three dolls that need their hair removed, but that's going to have to wait. My thumb is killing me after wielding the tweezers for long enough to get the hair out of both dolls. Don't want to give myself a repetitive stress injury, I'll save that for June as well. Can I just say that I'm oddly looking forward to it, even though I know I'll be going crazy when it's actually here. I'm weird like that.

I even did some sewing today, but I wasn't that successful. First I messed up a dress I was working on, so I gave up on that. I ended up turning my attention to Malibu Francie. I took another stab at making her socks. The last time I tried I ended up overcompensating the back hem at the top and the socks were huge on her. I made a pattern that was smaller than the last time, but bigger than the first one (that one ended up being small enough to only fit Skipper). This one ended up being too big at the top, less big but still too big. I'm going to have to take more off the pattern. I have no idea why Francie's socks are giving me such trouble, they're socks. In my opinion they're one of the easiest things to make. Yet here we are. I didn't bother working on them any more beyond that first attempt. I started pretty late in the evening, and after the dress issue, I'm not in the mood to do any more sewing tonight. 

But now it is time to introduce another new doll I got last week. This one is different because it's not a complete doll, but just a doll head. This was the second thing I bought during my massive buying glut. It was shortly after I finished paying off that big ticket item I had on layaway. I had already heard from the seller and was just waiting for confirmation of it shipping. I was so excited to be finally getting it (and no longer having that massive debt over my head), but I also had another feeling. This one was a bad feeling, one of greed! After denying myself buying new dolls for a while (even thought it wasn't very long and I had just bought that Baggy Casey), I wanted more! I wanted instant gratification and something "new" now! So I headed off to E-bay, hoping to find something to satisfy that urge. Even though, finding something on E-bay wouldn't be instant, I'd still have to wait for it to ship, just like the big ticket item. Again, I'm weird.
I did several searches, and didn't find anything that I wanted. That can be a good thing, sometimes just the search is enough to satisfy that itch. I was about ready to call it quits, when I found something of interest. Like I said it was a doll head. It was a Bubblecut head with some issues. It had some paint loss, a neck split, and some green ear. Now I already have several Bubblecuts, so I really don't need another one, much less one in such need of repair. This one however was different than the others in my collection. I believed that she was actually a White Ginger, one of the rarest Bubblecut variations. I believe the only one more uncommon is the Brownette Bubblecut. Anyway, a little history about White Ginger's stolen from the internet:

"In 1961 Mattel made a bubblecut that was named 'White Ginger' (hair color name on box as well).  This doll came on a hollow 'Barbie' body, with red finger and toenail polish. What is special about her is that while the other bubblecuts from this year (as well as the 1961 #5 Ponytails) have red lips, the white gingers have a bubblegum pink lip color.  But just like the other Barbies® from 1961, white gingers have the thin faces, green-blue eyeliner, and deep turquoise eye-color. Most white gingers have hair that has oxidized to a blonde color over the years -- but the original hair color was very light."

Even though my gut reaction was that the doll head was a White Ginger, I wasn't totally sure. I have been fooled before. I used the example pictures from the website that I swiped the text from and compared them to the doll in the auction. She seemed to match up to the coloring, so I quickly bought her. Then I had to wait for her to arrive in the mail to see if I had spent my money wisely.
She arrived on Monday, and I was thrilled with her. She has a beautiful face, even with the lip paint loss. I was flip flopping if she was a White Ginger until a Flickr friend confirmed that she was. Her coloring matched a White Ginger, but I was having trouble with her hair. They're supposed to have small bubbles, and to me her's looked rather big. But now I realize that's such a subjective term, and that her bubble is a lot smaller than my Titan dolls, so while it may not feel like it to me, that is a small bubble. After she arrived, she got a quick wash where I cleaned out the green gunk from inside her head. I was hoping her hair would get lighter (like most her hair oxidized to a darker blonde), but no luck. It's still pretty though.
I stuck her on a spare Barbie body that I had (that actually belongs to someone else) as soon as she arrived. I wanted to fix her neck split, but the glue I normally used went to pot on me. I threw it out and will have to get a new tube the next time I'm out. For now I'm just being very careful I don't make it any worse. I won't lie, I really like her. She might be my favorite Bubblecut, just don't tell my Lemon Bubblecut, I'm sure she won't like being dethroned!
While I'm thrilled to have gotten her, I'm a little confused why I was able to get her for such a great price. I was able to get her, including shipping for about 20 dollars. I was able to bring down her costs a bit with my E-bay bucks. I had a whopping 1.60 saved up from all the spending I did last quarter. I'm glad I found something to spend it on, I'd really hate for that to go to waste when it expires at the end of the month. It was weird, the seller didn't have her listed as a White Ginger. She was listed just as a regular Bubblecut, thus the low buy it now price. I checked the sellers other auctions, and they were all vintage Barbie auctions, so they're definitely a collector, so I'm not sure why she wasn't listed correctly. I'm not complaining over that fact, I think if she was listed as a White Ginger, her price would have been much higher, and I doubt she would still have been listed for sale. I'm sure she would have been snatched up pretty quickly. 
Luckily, she wasn't and she's all mine! Now I need to get another Barbie only body since I still have a doll in need of one. What is with these dolls where I buy one and it just makes me buy more and more???

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