Monday, April 8, 2013

New Clothes, that I didn't make!!!!

Like I said the other day, at the last doll meeting I traded a bunch of stuff I brought for some of the stuff that was there. I wanted to share it with you, but felt that Saturday's post was way too long already so I decided to split it off into it's own post. That's what this one is.
I broke down everything I traded for into groups. Up first we have Barbie clothes that are fine as is.
First the picture:
Going from the top row left from right, we have the intentionally distressed peasant dress from a Snow White doll. I ended up getting rid of my Snow White doll, but I did keep her formal dress. I'm not sure if I'll ever get another one, but at least if I do I'll have her second dress already. And even if I don't sometimes Charlotte likes to dress up as the poor put upon heroine. To the right of that we have a Mattel made Disney night gown. This was the last thing I swapped for, and a bit of an impulse one. It's cute, but not sure if I'll ever use it. It's a little dirty at one shoulder, I'll have to wash it. To the right of that we have the outfit that came from the Baby Phat S.I.S. doll. It may look like a suit, but it's all one piece. I've always like this Chanel inspired suit, but wasn't willing to buy an entire doll just to get it, especially since it's not separates. I was really glad I was able to find this one to swap for it. Charlotte does look really cute in it. Moving down to the bottom row and starting on the left we have I assume is a mid 90's Barbie skirt. I got it because I really liked the pattern it uses. I don't plan on changing anything with it, but I think it would look amazing on a Mod doll. Maybe with a long sleeved yellow button up shirt? I couldn't pass that up. And finally we have another Disney nightgown. This one's an over sized night shirt. I already tried it on Joe, it doesn't fit. It's cute on Charlotte, even though it has no front closure and gapes open. It's in good shape, except the Goofy decal is a little worn.

Moving on from there we have some Barbie clothes that are in need of repair that I couldn't pass up for one reason or another.
Here's that picture:

Again, starting from the top row at the left. The first thing is a vintage Barbie pak skirt. This is in wonderful shape, except that the back had either been cut or ripped (and it was missing a snap). We couldn't use it on a doll as it, so I didn't feel bad about swapping it. I don't really like mending, but it looked like something I could repair somewhat decently. To the left of that we have a shirt. I'm not in love with it, but people thought that I could repair it, and insisted I take it. I ended up swapping something for it, even though I doubt I'll find a use for it. All it really needs is some snaps added to it. Right now all it has is one half of one at the top. That's a pretty simple fix. Moving onto the bottom row to the left we have TNT P.J.'s original swimsuit. This was an impulse swap, and easily the most in need of repair of what I got. It's got a ton of popped stitching, and a couple of earlier amateur repairs. I'm not really sure what I can do with it. It might end up needing more work than what I can offer it. It may end up being taken apart for reuse. And finally moving to the right we have a Barbie red furry body suit. I thought this was interesting, but am not sure if I'll find a use for it. I tried it on Charlotte and it really makes her neck look stumpy. It only needs a minor repair, at the hip one side has come undone, I think that will be a quick and easy repair.

But Barbie was not the only person who got clothes from this swap. Someone you wouldn't expect got some new clothes that day as well, Dusty.
That picture:

Yes, I found two tagged Dusty shirts in the pile. I don't collect Dusty, but have acquired two of her heads that are in dire need of a re-root. Both shirts look to be in decent shape, so I just couldn't pass them up. The red jacket doesn't need any work, but the green shirt needs the 3 in front glued down. Luckily I have some fabric glue that should easily do the trick. Other than that, these two tops are in wonderful shape. I don't think they got much play at all. I know they haven't been on a Dusty doll recently since they don't suffer from any melt marks. Does anyone know  good resource for identifying Dusty's clothes? I'm not sure how much of an internet presence she has.

After that we have shoes and other accessories! You know me and my shoe addiction! I brought several pairs that I didn't like hoping to swap them for something I did like, and I sure did. Here's that picture:

Starting at the top row on the right. We have a pair of white 90's sandals. I like these because they're nice and neutral and able to fit the vintage feet. They're not my favorite mold, but I do have a titan Bubblecut wearing a pair of sea foam green ones. They certainly work in a pinch. I swapped them since I've been having a really hard time finding decent shoes for the vintage dolls lately. Lots more people have been ending up shoeless than I care for. After that we have a pair of red sneakers. I've been needing a pair of red sneakers for a while now. I wanted to see if they would work for Malibu Francie's outfit. The only problem is, that at home I noticed that they're not a true match. The molds aren't exactly the same and there's a color difference. I can live with it, but eventually I would like to find a better matching pair. To the right of that we have a pair of those platform Mary Janes. I have a couple pairs of these, but not any pink ones. I used to like them a lot, but have since cooled on them. I still use several in the collection though. I have black, white, purple, and burgundy. I like how they fit Barbie, Francie, Momoko, and Takara Jenny. Not sure if anyone will end up with them, but I thought I should snag them. Moving onto the bottom row starting on the left we have a pair of gold modern style shoes. I actually already have this same style in gold, but I quickly snatched them again. This is one of my favorite modern styles of shoes. They are just perfect in both fit and style for the vintage dolls. If I found a place that sold them in lots, I'd buy them. They just work perfectly with my outfits, but they're a bit hard to come by. Gold is a little bit harder to use around here, but I love the style so much I'm willing to deal with it. To the right of that we have a pair of white 80's Skipper flats. These are slightly too big for Francie dolls, (but could work in a pinch) but I find they are amazing for the Flat footed dolls like Living Barbie and the Live Action dolls. I don't have any of those to dress right now, but you'll never know when I might find one. So I swapped for it, just to have it. And to the right of that we have a pair of 80's Barbie shoes. These are gray with mixed in silver glitter. I don't have any 80's dolls, but again I really like this style of shoe. It's very reminiscent of earlier styles. I wouldn't put this on a vintage straight leg doll, but it could end up on a bend leg doll, or Charlotte. I tried it on her, and it looks amazing on her, but it's not like she needs anymore shoes. And finally, you'll notice that at the thing at the top of the picture is something that's not a shoe, it's a hat. It's a motorcycle hat, that I fell in love with when I saw it. I quickly swapped for it, thinking it would be perfect for Joe. It looked like it was originally for an action figure so I was hopeful it would fit. It does, it's actually too big. He can still wear it, but it slides around his head. I made a way for it to stay on better. I have a circle of elastic that fits around Joe's head, with that on, the hat, while still a bit big, fits much better. I will say he looks pretty handsome in it.
And continuing with Joe, he actually got several things from what I swapped. Last time it was all about the fancy dresses, this one was more about Joe. The only problem with him is that he's an unconventional size, so I had to gauge it from memory what might fit him. I actually did pretty well. Out of what I got for him, only one thing ended up not fitting. It was a white Arctic coat that I ended up giving to my brother to put with his G.I. Joe stuff.
Up first is the things that fit without any problems. Here's that picture:

As usual, starting from the top row, upper left. Up first we have a very impractical shirt. It's an undershirt styled shirt made from a blue (broadcloth feeling) material with a black netting at the upper torso. This fit him wonderfully, except that since Joe has that nontraditional neck set up, he really can't wear it. If he did you'd see the the plastic canvas that makes up his neck and the elastic holding it on. I couldn't pass it up, even though I knew even if it fit, he wouldn't be able to wear it, but I really liked it. Eventually I'm hoping to find a way to fix his neck, but I still haven't been able to find a connector piece that will work without having to cut up his head (which I will NOT do). To the right of that we have a shirt. I'm not in love with it, but I got it because it looked like it was a nice large shirt with a collar that might fit him. I don't care for the material, but it looked like it could be used for a pattern. It actually fits him amazingly well. It's a little big at the sides than I care for, but if I didn't know better I'd assume it was made for a doll of his size. It's home made, so I'm not sure who it was made for, but if it was for Ken, he must have been swimming in it. Moving onto the bottom row on the left we have a pair of red shorts. Now, these almost fit Joe. I can get them up his legs and backside, but you have to really force them together to close in the back, and it causes some pulling to the crotch seam. I thought about taking them apart and trying to make them wider in the back, but I don't think there's enough seam allowance to add any extra length. Besides, it might be easier to make my own from scratch that dealing with taking these apart. I think they'd fit Ken, even though I don't think he really needs any red shorts. And finally we have a furry vest. It's marked Mego on a tag inside, which is why I got it. Although at home I found it it fits Joe really well. I think it's from the Sonny Bono doll? I think it's supposed to have two of the buckles on it, and it has a stain, but otherwise it's in good shape. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it, but I figured since it was vintage I should save it. Also I didn't feel as bad taking male doll clothes since we only had like two Kens to dress the entire day.

And finally (Finally!) we have some more Joe clothes, but these didn't fit. But instead of being too small, these were too big, which I don't think has ever happened before. Here's a picture of them:

We only had two things that didn't fit. For the most part everything did. On the right we have this blue button up shirt. It's untagged, but obviously factory made. For the most part it fits, the sleeves fall where they should, it closes in the front, and it's not too tight anywhere. The only problem is that the neck hole is way too wide for Joe. I'm not sure who it was made for, but they had a really wide neck. It looks really off when he wears it. I think that in order to fix it, I'd have to take it almost completely apart, so it's really not worth it. I can however use it for a pattern since the sleeves and such fit pretty well. And to the right of that we have a pair of pants. I was thinking that they since they looked big in the thighs they might fit him, turns out they are huge on him. I was thinking about taking them apart and making them over for him (and adding a snap instead of the elastic). Again, might not since it might be too much work and I don't love the fabric that much. However pants are easier to redo than shirts, so it could happen. I just wouldn't hold my breath over it.

So that's everything, and it's a good thing too. I'm about to give myself carpel tunnel from this post alone!

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