Saturday, April 6, 2013

Out of bed, sleepy/exhausted head!

I was up shortly before seven this morning. My alarm was set to go off at seven, but I was up well before it went off. I had another very sleepless night. I know I've talked about it before, but lately I've been having the worst time falling asleep. No matter how tired I am, no matter what I've done during the day to tire myself out, I'll be exhausted and have to drag myself to get ready for bed, but the moment my head hits the pillow I'm just not sleepy anymore. Tired yes, but not sleepy. It then takes me at least an hour to fall asleep, and when I do I wake up a lot during the night, including times where I'm up for a least a half an hour tossing and turning trying to fall back asleep. And even on mornings when I can sleep in to make up for the lost nighttime hours, I can't. Quite frankly it sucks.
But no time to sleep in today, even though I doubt I would have if I had that option, I needed to get up and go, go, go. I had done most of the prep work for today yesterday, so I wasn't rushed. All I needed to do was get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, and I was all set to go. I was planning on getting onto the road by 8:15, and easily was ready to go by then. That was a little earlier than I needed to go for the meeting, but I needed/wanted to make a couple stops before then.
Up first was the post office. I got that Liv doll into the mail and on it's way to her new owner. I'm glad that's all taken care of, and that it sold. My May deadline is coming up, and the longer I go without a sale the more it starts to wear on me. I really hate having the debt hanging over my head, but now I'm seven dollars closer to the amount I need. With that taken care of it was time to hit up the more fun portions of our stops! The thrift stores! Not the local ones, the ones on the way to Raleigh, so they're different. I only get to visit these once a month if I'm lucky. The first one is another one with a Christian affiliation. I forget it's name, so I dubbed it the Wolf Thrift store, since one of the first things my father bought there was a book on wolves. (Don't ask me why he bought it, he just wanted it. And don't ask me why I dubbed it that, I just did.) I found several interesting things there today. A couple things for me, and a couple for resale, even though I haven't listed anything in my shops in a couple of weeks. (I've been bad). For me I found some fabrics. Lots of places don't even
stock fabrics, but this place does have a couple bins with random odds and ends of fabrics. I found this 60's bit of mustard colored cotton, I got a decent amount of it. I paid 50 cents for it. I think this would look really great on a Mod Ken doll, I only have one Mod Ken that needs dressing (but he's in dire need of repair first), but I'm sure eventually I'll get more. Last year I had a surge in Mod Kens, and I wouldn't be too shocked if more came later. I also got this bit of light blue cotton. Looking at it at home, I think it's broadcloth. I try to not use broadcloth in my sewing, but I'm sure I can find a use for it, even if it's just for practice material. I paid a quarter for that. And my final fabric was a bit of pink and white gingham. This one is basically two small left over scrap pieces from a project. Kind of wish I knew that before I bought it. I can still use it, but probably will only get one project out of it. I paid a quarter for that one too.
Like I said, I also found a couple things for my Etsy store. Up first I found this rustic horse figurine. It's
marked on the bottom with Japan, which is usually all I buy unless I really love something. It's white with painted in gold. It's a bit ... stylized for my tastes, but I think it has it's charm. No chips, breaks, or marks. I think I paid 50 cents for it. And finally I got this cute weaving loom. It's geared to children, but I'm sure children of all ages. I just got it because it was cute, and looked like everything was there including the box. It's got a bit 25 cents written on the box, but the woman couldn't find it and only charged me
10 cents for it, which I gladly took. It's got the start of a potholder already on it, but the rings are all stretched out. I wouldn't be shocked if they've been like that for decades by now. Now I have to get my rear in gear and start listing this stuff. That was all I got when out. I did stop at another thrift store, but didn't find a single thing of interest. I'm not too shocked, I never find anything good there. Yet, I keep stopping in. I guess it's that whole, "Hope springs eternal" thing.
After that it was time for the meeting. I arrived a few minutes early, but when I got there... there were absolutely no cars out front. I wasn't sure why I was the only car there, so I waited. I was hoping that someone would show up, when nobody did I began to wonder if I had gotten the location wrong, or maybe the meeting had been cancelled at the last minute after I left the house. I ended up waiting a little bit and deciding if nobody else showed up by 11:05 I was going to leave. I was all set to go when at 11:04 Theresa showed up. I guess the meeting wasn't late I was just ahead of everyone. I bid my father goodbye and reminded him I was going to leave at 3:30, and I went in with Theresa. Linda and Joyce were already there, as was Liz, but she lives there so that's to be expected. Linda and Joyce had been dropped off, so that's why I didn't see any car there. They had already started setting up the stations for our doll project. This meeting was another work meeting where we got together to wash, style, and dress all those dolls that we donate to children in need. We did this at the November meeting as well. They already had the doll clothes out. Of course I ended up sorting through them. Linda has a deal where you can swap out items. You can take something from the general pile, but only if you replace it with a like item. I brought a bunch of stuff, and I ended up trading a lot of it. I really should be better about that. I don't want people thinking I'm only doing this project so I can get something out of it, but it's hard passing up some of the stuff. I'm just so greedy.
I think I'll share what I traded for in a later post. Eventually more people trickled in. I believe in total we had nine people at this meeting, compared to the five from the November one.
We were working on washing all the dolls that were dirty. At the November meeting we just worked on the dolls that were already clean. The dirty ones were pulled aside for later, which was today. We had two sections, people washing dolls, and people dressing dolls. I started over at the dressing table, but since most of the dolls needed to be washed first I quickly ran out of work there and wandered over to the washing section. I sort of started doing my own thing by taking down any doll's hair that had anything in it. I had a pile of ratty elastics when I was done. After that I worked on the washings with several other people. I'm still having a hard time being social in the group, but I actually opened up and had a long conversation with Liz and Aylene. They both collect vintage, so we had a good topic to talk about.
We managed to get the entire paper box that was full of dolls washed before it was time for lunch. We ordered pizza from Papa John's, and had it delivered. Must be nice living in a place that's close enough to somewhere to get stuff delivered. I've never had that luxury. When it arrived we all gathered in the sun room to eat and have the sit down portion of our meeting. We had lots to talk about, including sharing that the majority of the upcoming year's meetings were planned out with location, date, and themes. I might end up missing the upcoming meeting due to a prior commitment, but didn't say anything today. They also talked about a toy show that's coming up at the end of the month. Again I'll be missing it (since I have plans and can't afford it), but didn't mention that. It was a good meeting, both casual and light, but also sharing some important information.
After that it was back to work. The dolls that had been washed had been drying when we had lunch and now needed to be styled and dressed. I stuck with the dressing and let the expert (Sal) do the hair work. I can only do like five hairstyles, and several of these beauties needed more work than my skills could handle. I ended up doing a couple more swaps too, good thing I brought plenty of stuff with me! We managed to make pretty decent headway when I was there. We were still working at 3:30 when I excused myself to leave. I stuck around for the clothing drawing. I think Linda offered a drawing to bribe people into going. I didn't end up winning, but that's fine by me. I didn't need to be bribed into going, and in all honestly the clothes you could have won were all similar to ones I've made before. If I really wanted one I could make my own.
Going home was a bit of a hassle. I was exhausted and starving, and of course we ended up lost. My father had heard of a thrift store that had Barbie stuff from my Brother in law, and when we tried to find it, we could not. We found the thrift store, but there were no Barbie things to be found whatsoever. And in going there, we managed to get off  the main road and couldn't find our way back. It was just annoying as all get out. But we did manage to get home. I didn't do much for the rest of the day, except play with my new things, trying them on dolls and looking up close at the ones that need repair (I picked up some TLC items).

I'm so exhausted I hope I can sleep tonight, but somehow I doubt it.  
(P.S. I heard from Linda after the meeting, we all dressed like 56 doll. I knew we made progress, but didn't think it would be that much!)

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