Friday, April 5, 2013

Prepping and Progressing!

I did some sewing today, but not for Kelley OR Malibu Francie. Instead I worked on something totally different. There is a certain bodice type I like, but have not been able to figure out. Several month ago (may be closer to a year now), I found a pattern for it online and I eagerly tried it. I found out that the pattern needed some major adapting, the fit was just terrible. I think I made six or seven versions of this bodice before I ultimately gave up on it. I just couldn't fix the fit issues. Last night I was thinking about a dress I wanted to make that could use that pattern, when I had a revelation. I already had a pattern that could work, all I would need to do was change the shoulders and neckline a bit.
I waited until the morning to start working on it. My first attempt was pretty good, but needed some minor tweaking. My second version was much better, but still needed some tweaks. My third version seems to the best, although I think I need to adapt the bust darts placement. For some reason they're now ending up a lot higher than they should be, even though I didn't change the bodice from the original design and I've never had a problem with the bust dart placement before, weird.
But that's going to have to wait until later, I don't have time to work on it anymore today. I had to change gears and get ready for tomorrow. It's the April Doll Club meeting, and since it's a lunch meeting I'm going to leave the house two hours earlier than normal. And since I live quite a distance away, it's going to be an early morning for me, so I wanted to get as much done tonight as possible.
I didn't want to cook for this meeting, so I bought some cookies earlier. Today I packed them, my notes for the website (I volunteered to help with it), the clothes and shoes I'm donating to the group (this is a meeting where we're going to be working on our doll donation project), and a package. I had someone contact me yesterday about one of my Dollpage items, we've been e-mailing back and forth a couple times and they bought it! It's a Liv Doll with it's dress and wig. I'm hoping to get it into the mail tomorrow morning before the meeting, so I wanted to get it all packed up tonight. It's now sitting in the canvas bag I always bring along with the rest of the stuff I need to remember for tomorrow.

I should mention, with that doll selling I'm a little bit closer to my goal! (And hopefully my E-bay auction will get me even closer, even though right now he's stuck around 25 dollars.)

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