Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday is... Tuesday

I continued my cleaning today. This time I focused on Charlotte's shelf. I pulled everyone off, dusted, then focused on giving some dolls some attention.

Here's a photo with everyone back in place, again it's blurry.

As you can see, several dolls are still wearing their Christmas dresses. I can't help it, I just like those outfits more than their usual clothes. But I did change Kelly and Tommy's clothes, they're now wearing more seasonal friendly outfits instead of their Christmas formals. I also changed Charlotte's chair. I've been using that wooden Ginny clone chair that I bought a while back, and I really didn't want to change it, but Charlotte has so many chairs that I've bought that I really should use something else from time to time. I also really should make a cover for that cigar box I use to prop her chair up with, it looks pretty terrible as is. Not much really changed on that shelf. You can see that Joe is not in his usual place, poor guy's been forced out. I stuck the Fashion Queen I dressed last in his spot a while ago and she's been refusing to leave. And today I ended up sticking my Lemon Bubblecut next to her. She had been standing randomly on the vintage shelf, but with the clean up yesterday she needed a new place to go. You can't see it, but her hat is tucked behind her. Adding her further pushed Joe out of his rightful place. I tried sticking him in Charlotte's chair, but he was too tall, so he ended up sitting on the cigar box. Not really sure what I'm going to do about that. We're really running out of room, and I keep adding more dolls! You don't even want to look at Vintage Shelf 2, they're practically stacked like cord wood in there.

And speaking of new dolls, I have some new ones to share with you, several in fact. I'll be sharing them over the next week. I'm not doing it in order of purchase, but in order of importance. The dolls I'm sharing with you today, I actually bought last.

Up first we have a doll who will not be staying, eventually she will be listed for sale. The only reason I have her in the first place is because she came with a doll that I wanted. She's a Malibu Skipper, from Korea. I already have a Malibu Skipper, so I wasn't really keen on adding another one to the collection. I was thinking about keeping her after I bought her, but once she arrived I knew she wasn't going to be sticking around here. She's in pretty good shape, but does have a couple of issues. For the most part her body is in great shape, except one of her arms is incredibly swingy. It won't hold any pose. Other than that she has a nice body, knees click and hold position, no bites or marks. The other issue she has is her head.... it's really big. It's the usual Skipper head mold, but it physically bigger. It looks more Francie sized than Skipper. It's a really nice head though, wonderful hair and beautiful face paint (including some lovely butter cream lips). If she didn't have those issues, I probably would have kept her, even if she breaks my "Japan Only" Malibu doll rule. Hopefully someone will want her and I can get back some of what I spent on her.

Like I said, I only bought her to get who she came with. That doll was another Skipper, but an earlier one.
She's a TNT Skipper. I have a couple of those already, but unlike Malibu Skipper I do want to add more to the collection. This one also has some issues. She has some dents to one hand (looks like she slammed her fingers in a car door), some small green spots to one leg, and her hair's been all cut off. Luckily I'm planning on doing those re-roots in June. It wasn't until after I bought her that I remembered this was the doll with the partline that goes all the way down the back of her head! Ugh! I'll still do it. I'm thinking about maybe red for her. She does have beautiful eyelashes. I'm going to have to be careful about those when removing the last bits of her hair. I've taken some out by accident before. I wish I could tell you where she's from, but while she's in really nice shape, her markings are very worn down. I can't read them. I don't think she's from Hong Kong, so that leaves Japan or Taiwan. She's still a little dirty since I haven't washed her yet, but I think she will clean up wonderfully. She has the most beautiful face paint, including dark rose colored lips. I think with hair, she'll be a real stunner.
But my poor fingers for having to do all that re-rooting!

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