Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zapped Enthusiasm

Today was a super icky day. It has been cloudy, rainy, and cold the entire day. Not a day for sewing (or sunshine). Since my room is so drafty the weather inside is similar to the weather outside and I didn't want to deal with it. So Kelley will have to wait another day to get her dress worked on. Didn't we just go through this will Malibu Francie's outfit? I really should stop talking about when I'm not working on something and just talk about what I am doing. Will save me lots of typing time.
Instead I went out. I actually had a reason for going out. I had something sell! It happened quite by accident. This morning is checked my mail to find out something in my Etsy store had sold, which was awesome. Lately it's been pretty dead over there. I was able to package it up rather quickly (helps when you've been hoarding packing material), so I was able to go out and get it into the mail today. And now it's over and done with, and the seller should appreciate my amazing turnaround time. Less than five hours.
And since I was already out and about in town, you know I stopped into the local thrift stores. I am a creature of habit, bad ones mostly. Up first was the Christian Second Hand store. We've been going there pretty constantly since they reopened, so I wasn't expecting to see much that I hadn't seen before. I was correct in that assumption, there really wasn't many new things there. I'm not shocked, their turnaround isn't that quick. I didn't end up getting anything there.
After that was the Salvation Army. Again I wasn't expecting to find much since I had just been there. I didn't find much, but I did find somethings. I picked up several vintage sewing patterns that will eventually be listed in my Etsy store (mostly 50's dresses with beat up envelopes), and Transformer's car for my brother (which I found out was missing it's feet, but it was only 49 cents), and a primitive art doll (which was super ugly and really poorly made, but the dress it was wearing had interesting material, so I bought it to re-purpose that). Overall I think I spent about three dollars for everything, maybe three fifty. I'm sure I can recoup my losses when I finally get around to listing those patterns on my Etsy site. And if I manage to get a doll dressed from that fabric I'm reclaiming, it will be well worth the entire cost. I think I have enough for one dress if I'm careful and don't use a full skirt. I'll just have to make sure I won't mess it up, since there's no spare fabric for do overs.
After that it was the final thrift store, the Salvation Army. I managed to find a couple things there too. I actually found some military things for my father first. It was an Army canteen, suspenders, and belt. Three things, but when I found them they were a tangled mess. Funny thing is, it was in the toy section where I found them. So it's a good thing I collect dolls, otherwise he never would have gotten them! They didn't have anything I wanted in toys, but I found stuff elsewhere. I found a partially used set of Hallmark Christmas cards for two dollars. Out of the 20 that were originally there, I got 14. I thought that was a pretty good deal. I've already tucked them away in the holiday closet for Christmas time. I'm probably going to end up giving them to my mother so she can use them. These are nice quality cards, so I think it would look better coming from her to our family than me. And I can still use some... just for the few people who aren't on both of our Christmas card lists. And finally I found some magnets! These are not ordinary magnets. They're from a company called Acme and they're made to look like household appliances. My aunt actually has one she uses that I remember from childhood. It's a coffee machine. It is wonderfully 1:6 scaled, and now I have my own! I also have a coffee grinder (that one's slightly broken), a meat grinder, a toaster, a cappuccino machine, a scale, and an oven. The oven's too small, that one looks to be dollhouse sized, but the rest all work for Barbie. I think my favorite on is the scale, it's big enough for Joe...but it's not like he'll ever need it. He's perfectly trim. I got all those for only two dollars, I don't think I could have gotten a single one of them for that price when they were new!
That's all I got when I was out, but I think I had a pretty decent haul. I ended up sticking the magnets with the rest of the Barbie furniture stuff. I'm not sure if I'll end up keeping all of them, I keep collecting up furniture and like items, but right now don't have the space or patience for a dollhouse. Oh well, I can decide that later. I also worked on taking that dress apart. The stitching was so terrible in places I was afraid it was going to tear on me. But at least I managed to get it finished. Now I just have to find a dress to make with it!

I wonder if tomorrow will be a sewing day?

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