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I feel like I just did this...

Even though we are talking about a brand new lot, the basic discussion break down will be the same as the last one. Meaning that up first are the hand made clothes. Unlike that last lot, this one actually has a couple of hand made pieces I like and plan on using in some aspect or another. However, like usual, a couple pieces are a bit, shall we say, odd? And those I have no intention of using in the collection.
Up first we have a dress. It's a simple dress made from a really interesting fabric. Sadly the fabric is the best thing it has going for it. And even though I like the fabric, I wouldn't have used it for a dress. This fabric looks like it would have been perfect for a Ken shirt. I don't know about any of you, dear readers, but that fabric just screams men's shirt to me. I actually wouldn't be too shocked to find out that this fabric was actually a leftover piece from making a men's shirt. The dress itself is in pretty good shape for it's age, it looks like the fabric is holding up pretty well, and I didn't see any popped stitching. But it has the weirdest fit. It's huge on Barbie! There's easily an entire inch of extra fabric at the waist. For the most part the fit is off for the majority of the dress, the only place that seems to match up decently is the bust darts. I'm beginning to think, maybe this is for a doll other than Barbie. A doll with an adult body but not as skinny as Barbie. Someone a couple years older than Barbie, someone like... Jill (Just to throw out a name). This dress could have belonged to an older doll, but since it sort of fit Barbie she ended up with it. Just a theory. A weird design thing about this dress, the back is totally open. Unlike most dresses that have a back seam on the skirt, this one closes with four snaps down the back. I mean there's nothing wrong with doing it that way, just different. It does make redressing easier. I really don't have any uses for this dress. I like the fabric, but the weird fit just kills it for me. I don't have anyone who can wear it. Everyone is either too small or way too big.

Moving on, from that we have another handmade Barbie outfit. At least I think it's for Barbie. Unlike the first
outfit, this one does fit her decently, but I'm still not totally sold that it's for Barbie. First off, it looks more like something Skipper would wear, but I already checked and it does not fit Skipper. It's a matching blouse and skirt set. The skirt is made out of "cheater" cloth used mainly for quilting. The shirt is made out of white cotton, but uses bias tape made from the skirt material at the neck and sleeves. It also has some lace at neck. Another reason why I'm not sure if it's for Barbie is because the shirt isn't fitted. Instead of any darts, it gets gathered into the skirt waistband. So while it could be for Barbie, it could fit any doll with similar proportions. It's mostly in good shape, I did see one hole in the back of the shirt, would be an easy fix, but I don't really plan on bothering. I honestly do not have any intention of using this outfit. The white fabric is a little dingy, not too soiled, but a little discolored from play.

After that we move on to something (a little) different. It's home made Ken clothes! At least I think they're for Ken. They too suffer from the too big to fit the vintage dolls they came with. So now I'm thinking that maybe they belong to a male doll that predates Ken, perhaps the boyfriend of the doll that owned that first dress I talked about (wasn't Jeff Jill's boyfriend?). Either way whoever it belonged to, they got an entire suit made for them, including a jacket. I still haven't bit the bullet to make a jacket (although I did try once). It's actually really nice, the jacket is even partially lined. Unfortunately, like I said it's a bit too big for vintage Ken. I had it on an Allen doll, and the poor guy was drowning in it. You want to know how big it was on him? These clothes almost fit Joe... yeah, they're that big. They're a little short on Joe at the sleeves and pant legs, but fit pretty nicely in the torso. I was able to snap the shirt with only a little pulling at the snaps, and almost get the pants to fit. I already have a decent pants pattern for Joe, but this shirt might be helpful in finally making him a button up shirt. I haven't been able to find the pattern that this could have been made from, but is it possible to reverse engineer it to make my own pattern from it. It would be easier to find the original pattern and tweak it that way, but I'll do what I have to in order to get a usable pattern. The jacket is very unusual, the front piece instead of being made from one piece of fabric, is actually made from two pieces. The inside piece (with the button) is actually an overlay that gets top stitched down. I'm probably not explaining it the best, but I've never seen a jacket constructed like that. Has anyone else ever seen it done like that? I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this outfit, it's the nicest of the handmade bunch, but I'm not sure who can wear it. It's too small for Joe, but too big for vintage dolls. I still haven't tried it on the few mod and newer Ken dolls I have, so it might be able to fit them. Not sure if any of them will wear it, but it will at least be nice to have kicking around.

And that was the last of the handmade clothing. Now it's time to talk about the Mattel made clothing. This lot actually had more Mattel made pieces than homemade pieces, which is unusual. Usually when someone was willing to make the clothes for their child, they usually made more than purchased the Mattel produced items.
Up first we have something for Ken. It's the bathrobe that belongs to "Terry Togs". I just have the bathrobe, nothing else from that outfit survived to be included in this lot. I don't even have the waistband for the bathrobe, just the bathrobe itself. The bathrobe is in okay shape. It's free from holes and tears, so that's nice. It is a bit dirty, and the colors have faded extremely. It's supposed to be robin's egg blue, but instead it's like a tan...ish color. The more that I look at it the more stains I see on it. It's got a bunch of orange stains in the front, not sure if those will come out. I'm going to have to wash it and see. I'm curious to know what color it ends up as after I wash it. I wonder if this material would take to dye well? I'd love to have it be a nice blue again. It still has the "K" for Ken "monogrammed" onto the pocket, so I'll have to be careful I don't take any of that off as I wash it. As is, it will end up in the TLC Barbie clothes box I have.

After that we have another Ken clothing item. This is a corduroy Pak jacket, the tan version. I actually own
the green version of this jacket, so I now have both that Mattel sold. The seems to be in pretty good shape, I do see some slight loose stitching at one of the front darts, but that's the only real issue I see with this jacket. I guess either the corduroy stands up really well, or suit jackets aren't that popular with kids. Either way this one will be added to the vintage clothing dresser beside my other one. I'm going to have to invest in a new closet, I keep adding more and more vintage clothes to my collection!

Those were the only Mattel made Ken clothing items from the lot. I usually only find Barbie clothes in lots like these, so getting Ken stuff was a nce change, but Ken wasn't the only Non-Barbie doll to have some clothing in this lot. Believe it or not, Skipper also had a couple things as well. Up first we have the swimsuit for Living Skipper. Living Skipper did not survive childhood to end up in this lot. I hope wherever she is, she's at peace. The swimsuit is in okay shape, some fraying at the unhemmed spots, and a
few places with popped stitching. It's missing the plastic ring that holds the two ties together, but those
usually end up getting lost. My Living Skipper actually came with her swimsuit that still had the plastic ring, so I have at least one. I can't remember exactly, but I think that swimsuit is a little TLC, so I might be able to take that ring for this suit and
have a nice condition, complete one. But wait, there's more! Living Skipper's swimsuit wasn't the only thing in there for Skipper. We also have a skirt, the pink and red tulip skirt from "Dog Show". Like with Ken's bathrobe, only one piece survived from the entire outfit. The skirt is in okay shape, the fabric is a little dingy, and the pleats have flattened out, but nothing too extreme. Those both should be an easy fix. I actully like this outfit, so if I manage to find the top I'd get it. I'm not sure who would end up with it, but I know I'd make some knee socks to go with it, that outfit just screams for knee socks! (But really, most outfits I think could use knee socks, I love them!)

Moving on from Skipper, we get to Barbie. (Not) Shockingly she had the most clothing pieces in the lot. Ken and Skipper had four combined, Barbie had four in total. Up first we have the dress to Loop Scoop from 1970. Somebody really liked this dress. It's got several spots of popped stitching, with a couple places that have been repaired. Most of the problems are in the bodice, in the front so they're highly visible. Again,
like with the jacket and Living Skipper swimsuit, I have this outfit already. The one I have, while in need of repair, is actually in better condition than this new one. I mean, this new one isn't in terrible shape, but just needs some work. I think it will end up in the TLC vintage clothing box until I decide what to do with it. After that we have another Barbie dress. It's the dress to "Silver Sparkle". This dress also got lots of play. Both the silver skirt and silver knit top show some major wear. It's still has the bow however. It's a little stretched out (especially in the back), but still looks okay on a doll. There's some silver thread loss to the top, but it's minor. I do like this dress, but never realized how short it was, that skirt does not cover much! Not sure what to do with this dress, but I am glad to have it.
And finally we have the final two clothing items from the lot, I saved the best for last. Here we have a the top
and skirt that belongs to Color Magic outfit Mix n' Matchers, from 1967. I'm missing the pants, the hat, and I'm not sure if it came with shoes or not. They're both in good shape (maybe the colors are slightly faded). I did notice a small spot on the shirt at one of the underarms that have come undone, but it's very minor. This outfit was one of the reasons why I wanted this lot. These pieces can sell for slightly under ten each, and when you break down this lot each doll cost ten dollars and the clothes were freebies. I'm not totally in love with the silhouette of these two pieces together (I think the pants and top look nicer together), so I'm not planning on using this on a doll. Still plan on keeping it, and am glad I have it though.

Stay tuned for the dolls, they're next!

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