Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just call me "The Greedy"

If anyone knows what movie the title is in reference to, let me know in the comments. 
I'll be most impressed.

As you may remember, I am currently going through an obsession with Craigslist. One that consists of me checking the entire state of North Carolina in the hopes of finding more dolls, because apparently I need more dolls to not sew for around here.
You already heard all about my previous exploits with Craigslist, how I had to be a real sneak in order to get those Ken and Midge dolls, and how I'm still mourning the loss of that other doll (every day it gets a little easier). But despite all my trails and tribulations there, I keep finding myself over there and searching for new Barbie doll listings. For the most part they aren't anything decent, either overpriced collector dolls or mis-categorized modern play line dolls, but sometimes you manage to find something worthwhile. The other day after getting my Midge and Ken I found a very interesting listing, or more accurately re-found it.
Back when I started checking Craigslist, I found this ad. It was a small lot of dolls with some clothes. It was a bit expensive, but if you broke it down for what you're getting it could be a decent buy. The only problem is the ad had been listed days ago, so who knows if it was still available. I contacted the seller, asked them if it was still available, and also asked if they'd be willing to accept an offer of ten dollars less than what they had it listed for. I sent the e-mail from my main account and waited. I never ended up hearing back from them, so I assumed the dolls had been sold and they never took the ad down.

Then they re-listed the ad.

Now the dolls were at the top of the page and taunting me, and I had to have them! The only problem is that I had already contacted them, and since I never heard back from them, I could only assume they had rejected my offer. And I figured that if I contacted them again, they would continue to ignore me, despite the fact that I'd now be willing to pay them the full price they were asking for. So I decided I couldn't use that e-mail again, and one of my other spare e-mails uses practically the same name, so that one was out too. So I ended up using my totally different spare e-mail address to contact them. I sent it (again changing how I typed out things), and waited... and waited... and waited. I waited 24 hours for a reply and got nothing. It was really starting to annoy me how little curtsey I was getting from people on there. I always try to be respectful when contacting people, why where they not even bothering to e-mail me back? Even a simple, "Sorry the dolls have been sold." would have been suffice. But nothing, and the dolls were still listed online.

In a last ditch attempt to hear from them, I contacted them again... from a brand new created for just this purpose e-mail. I've already told you I was crazy, so now I'm just giving you the proof. And this time they e-mailed me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took several hours, but I was shocked to hear anything. The dolls were still available and they would be willing to meet the next day (Saturday) in a parking lot in Raleigh so I could look at them. They actually picked a place that was right off the highway for me which was nice of them, not always are people so considerate.

I was up bright and early the next day and headed out with my father. We found the parking lot they suggested we meet in, but it was a bit of a challenge. It turns out the store that was there, had moved. So the store sign we were looking for to identify the parking lot, just wasn't there anymore. With some on the fly sleuthing, we were able to determine that we were in the right location, so we decided to wait, the problem was that we were there a bit earlier than expected. So we ended up leaving and driving around for a little. After wandering around briefly (and finding nothing of interest) we headed back. This time there was a car waiting for us. We parked, I got out, and briefly chatted with the woman and man who were in the car. They were the people we were meeting, I manly talked with the woman. Apparently I was looking at her childhood dolls. I looked over them briefly, and then decided I wanted them (I had already decided that since I wasn't going to drive 2 hours if I was on the fence). I then paid her the fifty dollars she was asking for them, then we both went on out merry ways.
And then they were mine, five new dolls, and several new pieces of clothing, some Mattel, some hand made. They're in okay shape, most of the dolls have some damage, some I can repair, some I cannot, but when the price breaks down to ten dollars per doll, they ultimately were a good buy.

And now that you've heard all about how they came to live here, in the next couple of posts you'll get to see what my newest lot consists of.

Yay, more dolls to not sew for!

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